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Head Boy. Chapter 53

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 53


It’s three weeks to my examination and all that is on my mind is to exel in my studies, I had thought I would be able to study for the rest of the day but my mind kept drifting to Marie, I really don’t think about him when I read but I can’t help it now.

I closed my book and stood from the bed that I had laïd. I walked out of the dormitory and went into Marie’s mansion.

On entering, I can’t find Marie in the living room or at the dinning, I quickly went into other rooms that I suspected he could be but couldn’t find him.

Before I start to think weird, I went to the backyard and I saw Marie there, he laid on a little beautiful rock there and pouted his tongue.

He was obviously receiving fresh air.

“Marie!” I called and he turned.

As soon as he saw me, he ran to me and started wiggling his tail.

I squatted before him and played with his head.

“How have you been?” I asked and he jumped a few times telling me he was happy and fine.

“Hum! I want to tell you that Alice and I are getting together.” I said and he turned his @ss at me, he moved his @ss to the left and the right like he was dancing and I smiled faintly.

“You really like Alice, hum!” I said and he turned to me, he licked my arms with his tongue, meaning; ‘Yes’

I smiled and stood.

“Let’s go inside.” We both walked inside and instead of going to the living room, my eyes caught a pizza on the dinning table.

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“Pizza! ” I mumbled and went to the table.

I sat at the table and turned to Marie who had been following me and was with me.

“Who brought you Pizza?” I asked and he screamed like he wanted to talk but I didn’t get that.

“Donald?”I asked and he shook his head.

” Leonard?”I asked and he nodded.

But his face turnd dark immediately like he was angry.

Leonard is probably trying to get Marie to like him too.

Pizza is one of the few food that I loved so I took it and Marie flew at me and it made the pizza I was about to eat fall to the floor.

“What is wrong, Marie? Don’t you want me to eat?” I asked but he barked angrily.

“So because Leonard bought it, we can not eat it.” I said but he continued barking.

“Why did you hate Leonard that much?”I asked and heard a knock on the door.

I took my attention to whoever was at the door and stood.

I walked towards the door and saw Donald.

” Donald?” I called gently.

“See!” He said and made me see those behind him, they were Pearl James and Alice Anderson.

Alice looked sweet in her beautiful dress, it wasn’t an expensive one but it fits her.

I love it. I love ladies that are good in dressing.

Her sanders were smart too, and the color of her skin were as though, the cream she was using was gold.

She blushed on seeing me but I hurriedly took my face away from her like I didn’t notice how sweet she was dressing.

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“They had come to see you?” Donald said.

“No, I came see Raymond, Pearl came to see you?” Alice said and Donald turned at Pearl.

“Did you bring another ice cream for me?” He asked and Pearl shyly lowered her head and shook it in response.

“Okay, little girl, I will keep your company?” Donald said to Pearl and they both walked away.

“Good evening?” Alice greeted and I walked back inside without saying a word.

I was expecting her to follow me and she did.

“Erm…I need to see you!” She said, still standing.

Marie saw her and flew to hug her.

“As you stand now, aren’t you seeing me? ” I asked.

“Erm… Raymond, I need your help.” She said and I went to sit.

She came to sit before me.

“I need $3,000 for…”

I interrupted before she could speak.

“You need $3,000?” I asked and stood and walked inside.

I leaned to the wall in one of Marie’s room and smiled.

Everything about her is sweet.

I walked back to her with an indifferent look and said; “You poor people beg a lot, come and start leaving?”

She furrowed her brow and stood

“I’m sorry, I won’t beg anymore.” She said and turned to start leaving

“Can’t you wait for few more minutes before leaving?” I asked and she paused.

She didn’t know what to say and I knew it.

“I’m not angry.” I said and sat.

“I won’t be able to stay longer, I’m sad.” She said and I stood.

“Don’t go.” I said. I really want her around.

I walked to her and said; “Come and sit?”

She looked at me gently and lowered her head back.

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She stood still.

“I want to go and find the money from someone else.” She said and turned to leave.

I wanted to give her the money but I didn’t know how to say it.

“Wait!” I said but she only turned her head to me and left.

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