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Head Boy. Chapter 58

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Head Boy

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 58


I sat before my mom and dad, they had been scolding.

I just got quiet and kept wondering how they knew, who even knows that Raymond and I went out.

“I’ll adjust, I promise?” I assured my mom and dad.

“You are our only hope, we can’t stand the pain of you being expelled from the prestigious Kochi college.” My dad said.

“Trust me dad!” I said and as I stood to walk to my room, a knock came through.

I stood and opened the door, I was stunned to see Albert.

Dad and mum knew I was close with Albert, he had come to our house few times when I was sick to check up on me.

It was the times we were in a relationship

He came in and greeted my parents, they were happy to see him.

“Let’s see.” He whispered into my ear and we both walked out.

“Someone sent me a picture of you and Raymond , it was acclaimed that you both went out during school hours.” He said

“Can’t I do what I want with my life?” I questioned calmly.

“When I said I broke up with you, do you think I meant it?” He asked and I furrowed my brow.

“Albert!” I called and fully turned to him.

“What are you talking about?” I questioned further.

“I meant that I never stopped loving you, I just said that then so I can have a space for myself, it’s barely two months that we broke up and you had already grown so close to Raymond, that’s not fair.” He said.

“You were being serious when you broke up with me, you said you did not love me again and do not want to have anything to a with me again, how can I believe now that you were only joking?” I asked.

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“Are you in love with Raymond already?” He questioned.

“Of course not but I like him.” I answered.

“Good, now I’m ready to have you back as my girlfriend, stay away from Raymond. Are we cleared?” He asked.

“I…” I shuttered not knowing what to say.

“Alice, I know you still love me, you do not have to pretend, I love you too now.” He said and held me by my two hands.

I couldn’t even utter a word, he dragged me close to him and hugged me but I didn’t lift my hands to hug him.

“Just stay away from Raymond, now we will continue our sweet relationship, I love you, Nancy?” He said and left my hands.

“Bye.” He walked to his car and waved before driving away.

I just stood like a statue.

Why does everyone suddenly want me to stay away from Raymond?

And for Albert, did he think I’m a shīT that he can easily dispose and get anytime he likes?

Did I even like him anymore? I doubt it.


“Marie! Marie!” I cried as I watched Marie fōaming on the floor.

I do not know what he took, seems he is poisoined and now , it looks like he would die

Who could have poisoned Marie?

I shook it and kept pleading to him not to die.

I had already sent Donald to get his doctor.

Few minutes later, Marie’s doctor arrived.

She was a beautiful vertinary doctor, she collected Marie from me and placed him well on the floor.

She began to treat him while I leaned on the wall sadly.

God! Please, don’t let Marie die.

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The door opened and I saw Rose walked in.

She ran to where the doctor squatted and saw Marie.

“My days! What happened to him?” She shouted like she cared.

Maybe she does.

“He was poisoned.” I declared

“Poisoned? how? ” Rose asked and stood.

She thought for a while and ran outside,she came back few minutes later with a solution.

“Excuse me doctor, My elder brother is the head of the vertinary in Miami, Doctor Xavier?” Rose said.

“You are doctor Xavier’s sister! My days!” The beautiful female doctor exclaims in shock and excused Rose.

Rose injected Marie with the solution and did some veterinary treatment on Marie.

Marie came back to life fully

Marie stood by itself like it had never been sick, he walked to me and I hugged it tightly.

“I’m glad you are back, son?” I said to Marie and kissed him on his head.

Rose stood and watched the both of us

“I’m happy I saved him.” She said and turned to leave.

“Wait!” I said to Rose and stood to meet her.

“Thanks for saving Marie.” I hugged her.