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Head Boy. Chapter 59

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 59


Rose, Mama Any and I were sitted at the backyard of the house, It was around 8PM in the evening and I was suppose to be receiving some fresh breeze at my flowers but I need to have some conversations with both Mama Any and Rose.

“You mean he hugged you?” Mama Any asked Rose.

“I was stunned.” Rose answered.

“Okay, we need to create more scenarios where it would look like you helped him, he would probably like you if you keep helping him and feel like he owes you care.” Mama Any said.

“Alright.” Rose answered.

“And…are you preparing for your beauty contest? You must win as always.”

“I will definitely win but I’m hearing rumors about Raymond being one of the judge at the beauty contest!” Rose said.

“If he is , good for you.” Mama Any chuckled happily.

“He would definitely choose you even if you did not do well.” Mama Any added.

“Raymond and Alice’s love seems to be growing and its making me sad and depressed. Just speak to dad to get this Alice fired.” I said to Mama Any.

“Not so soon, do you realize we will be destroying her career if we get her expelled from school, since Rose had said he hugged her, let us keep watching and make sure you keep monitoring them closely.”Mama Any said.

” Yes mama.”


Hum! If I win this beauty contest, my family’s story is changing for good and I’ll be so glad.

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I will be able to pay for my mom’s permanent cure and give my dad a lot of money.

I pray my wish come to pass.

I was about stepping out of my house, in a bit to go to Raymond’s house so he would teach me some topics.

Pearl appeared before me.

“From your house, again?” I shouted.

“I had to, I was shocked when I saw this. ” She said and handed over a magazine to me.

I collected the magazine and saw the names of judges at the beauty contest. I was stunned to see Raymond’s name there.

“What! Raymond is among the judge?” I asked in shock.

“That’s not all.” Pearl said and snatched the magazine from me.

She flipped open a page and revealed it to me.

I read it and my mood changed on seeing what was in it.

I looked at Pearl with a dropped mouth.

“I never knew Rose is a model too.” I said.

“Read the second page and see the little biography of all contestants, most of them had won many beauty awards, especially Rose, she is the most popular among them and had won over 15 beauty awards.” Pearl said.

“My days! Do you think I will win this or I should just give up?” I asked.

“Give up so you can keep being in poverty.” She hissed and looked away angriily.

“I was only asking.” I held her wrist and made her face me.

“Since Raymond is among the judge, aren’t you supposed to be happy? he would surely favour you.” Pearl said.

“That is If Rose was not there. He might not want to dissapont his family members who would surely want him to pick Rose.” I said.

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“Raymond likes you, I believe strongly that he would vote you. Dad told me I must not come late….bye.” Pearl said and hugged me.

She ran away.

I should be happy that Raymond is among the judge but knowing that Rose is among the contestants makes me sad.


Is this a dream? No, it can not be.

Alice? In a contest?

When did this poor girl become a model?

I ran to Mama Any’s room but couldn’t find her there, I then ran to the kitchen to show her what I just saw.

“What! where did she see the money to even apply?” Mama Any barked angrily?

“Get me my phone, I’m terminating her application immediately.” Mama Any ordered and I quickly ran to get her phone.