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High School Crush. Episode 10

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???? MR C.E.O ????

????His highschool crush ????

✍️Writen by Lois ✍️

???? Episode 10 ????

???? Kimberly ????

I finally agreed to stay in his house at least I’d be paying him back

That way he won’t reference to it in the future

Plus it’s an additional opportunity to see his handsome face everyday before anyone else’s

I informed Dad and Ethan about it but they were kinda against me paying him back but they are happy I’d be staying with him

It was like they were trying to push me outta the house

I was done packing and I went downstairs to find dad in deep thoughts staring at Mom’s picture

Then I remembered today marks five years since her departure

The wound os still fresh and we all still miss her even though we pretend to be happy

I missed her I really do
I went to sit beside and I smiled wearily at him

“You Miss her” I said and he nodded simply

“You know your mother is very hard-working just like you” he said and I chuckled

“Yeah yeah so hard working” I sighed sadly

“This restaurant use to book during her presence and everyone ordering lots of food at the same time but she serves them all” he said

“Yeah I know right”

“Even till the last day she died” he said

I flashed through everything that happened that day

We had served everyone that day and she left on the bid to get something two stores away

Before she left she gave me a heart warming hug and smile at me genuinely

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As if she knew that was her last day in Earth

It wasn’t long after she left someone came to call us she slumped on her way and before she was rushed to the hospital she had given up

I cry profusely that day and it seems I had no hope any longer

I cried even more when I discovered she had a heart problem which she knew and decided to keep it from us

She knew she had few days left for her to live but she lived happily and generously

A lone tear slid out of my eyes as those memories refreshed it self

“It’s for the best” I heard dad say and I nodded

We were still getting Into the father and daughter moment when. I heard a car honk

Damien was already around

He walked in smiling and looking handsome as always and I almost drool forgetting I was morning my mother

“Let’s go” he beamed

We both went to my room and carried all my luggage to his car

It was almost like I was going to my husband’s house but the difference in this situation was that he wasn’t my husband


We finally arrived at his house I gasp at the gigantic building in front of me

It was not as I hadn’t come here before it was just that I was in a hurry and I didn’t have a proper look at the House

It smelled of riches and abundant wealth

I beamed happily

“Bring in your luggage” he said walking off and I frowned

What’s with the bossy attitude but I let go because i was happy

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I walked into his sitting room and gasp again it was Marvelous

Its sure a good thing to be Rich, I sighed as I packed my things in to the room opposite his

And I began to set to work

“What would you like for lunch” I asked immediately I saw him

He looked at me before answering “rice stew and lots of beef”

“Okay” I said and moved to the kitchen

I put on the apron on the cabinet and started bring out the ingredients I needed but I remained salt

The salt was on the cabinet place above

It was taller than me and I can’t reach it but Damien was near by but I didn’t call him because he’d make mockery of my height

I was still jumping and struggling to get it when damien walked in all shirtless and I gulp down nothing in particular

He shook his head and came to where I was

He was standing behind me with my back touching his broad chest and that send cold shivers down my spine

I felt that spark and I guess he felt it too cos he moved back immediately I flinched and gave me the salt before walking out without saying anything

Okay that was weird

I was done cooking so I served him and went straight to my room because of what happened earlier

I just went to my room and couldn’t help but blush

First day on the maid job wasn’t as bad as I thought