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High School Crush. Episode 37

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???? MR C.E.O ????

????His highschool crush ????

✍️Writen by Lois ✍️

???? Episode 37 ????

“Jayden” Kim said softly

She was shocked, confused, bittered and felt betray

The Jayden she has known for years, the same guy he consider family after her younger brother Kim

Damien was just speechless and utterly confused

Jenny had a satisfied expression and Jayden sat down confidently with a wide smirk on his face

Martin had walked out earlier, this was too much for Kim

She could have passed out but she help herself from doing so

“Hey there Damien or should I say brother” Jayden finally spoke up his voice cold and void of emotions

“Brother??” Damien asked confused

“Hum playing innocent nice” Jayden said

“Where is my baby” Kim said shakily

“Not so fast I haven’t gotten what I want from you have I” he hushed crossing his legs where he sat


Behind the building, Claire who was unaware of all that’s happening had successfully gotten inside the room they found there

“The signal is coming from over there” one of the team said point to a closed down

Sincerely to Claire this place though hideous from appearance is quite beautiful and okay the live in

She walked stealthily to the door side and she saw that there was a camera there

“Psst! What should we do about this camera” she whispered

“James pass me my bag pack is create an illusion then you guys go get the baby” he said

He began to work on the little tablet on his hand and drove the little chip to the top of the camera

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As he pressed something the little chip started to create a fog which he could manipulate to the normal scene there before

As soon he was done Claire and the other guy had pushed the door open and the walked in

The room was pinkish a Total girls color

By the left hand side the little sound of music to lure a baby that sleep was playing gently

There was a baby cot there as well, she walked closer to the place and she found her little baby girl there

She scoped her into her hands and a little tear of joy slide out her eyes

What a kidnap indeed

“Who kidnaps a baby and leave her ungaurd” James scoffed

“I totally wonder” claire seconded

“You guys should hurry up the illusion is fading” the guy out spoke through the ear plug

They both scrambled out of the place with a happy expression

At the front of the building…

Damien face lit to a smile when the message popped on his wrist watch that they had successfully gotten the baby

He would have look for a way out for him and Kim of the perpetrator was a person that’s not Jayden

He wants to know the reason behind his actions

“What exactly do you want” Damien asked

“I want you to hand over all your properties to me and wealth” he said with a small laugh

Is he delusional, his whole life work, his family legacy to him no way

“There is no way am doing that”

“You mother and father or should I say our father chased my mom out and I didn’t get any part of his wealth life isn’t fair” he said with a pained Expression

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“What are you talking about how did my father know your mother from Adam” damein said

Kim just stood there watching the drama her thoughts was her daughter that is held captive

“My mom was your father’s mistress and because of that your mom tried to kill her and me and sent us far away” he said

“My father never had a mistress”

“Does the name Sandra ring a bell” he said

Sandra? Ma’am Sandra his mother’s best friend

He had seethed and hated to hear that name ever since what she did to his family

So what’s Jayden saying

Ma’am Sandra never was his father mistress though she tried to

But his father loves his mom dearly that he won’t want to hurt her

Though ma’am Sandra according to what he heard was his father’s first Love

Your first love isn’t a must to be your forever love, all that matters is true Love

She broke his father’s heart and that was when he fell in love with his mother

Because she was the one who stood by him

So what in the hell is Jayden talking about

“Ma’am Sandra was my mom’s best friend and was never my dad’s mistress” damein yelled

“That is what she told me and stop telling stupid lies” Jayden yelled

“Did she bother to tell you she’s a betrayal that killed my little brother and made my mom confirmed to a wheel chair? Did she tell you that in the cause to be with someone who wasn’t for her she recked my family.

Even after years I and my family still morn my brothers death! All because of the whøre you call a mom” damein yelled as tears rolled down his eyes

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“Don’t you ever refer my mother as a whøre” Jenny who had been quite yelled

Jayden was shocked and didn’t know what to believe

Who should I believe?

Jayden stood utterly speechless