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High School Crush. Episode 39

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???? MR C.E.O ????

????His highschool crush ????

✍️Writen by Lois ✍️

???? Episode 39 ????

In a flash the paramedics was around and Jayden was carried into the ambulance

The gun fell off Claire’s hands and heavy tears stream down her face

After they had rescued Kim’s baby she made sure she was taken back to the hospital and adequate care was administer

She was coming back to the hideout when she saw Martin’s almost dead and breathing hard

Having heard of what he had done to damien and Kim she wanted to leave him to die there but she couldn’t

She wasn’t a monster, even if he had hurt people that mattered in her life she wouldn’t allow him die so cheaply

She called the guys she went with and two off them came few minutes after to take his body

As she was going “stop take This” Martin said with pains evident in his voice as be stretched the gun to her

Claire was confused about the reason why he was giving her a gun

“Did perhaps want her to kill him” she thought

“Go in fast! She will kill them all! Please save them” he said breathlessly before he fell unconscious

Claire getting the message he had passed picked race with a heavy heart

Even if he was a bad person, he had show a sign that he wanted to help

She halted when she got the entrance, she heard familiar voices and decided to peep first before knowing to do

She climbed by the foot stool and strained her eyes to see what’s going on

Her eyes caught Jayden with a smirk and a gun in his hands

Her heart dropped and bled in pain hurt and betrayal

Jayden? The same person he fell in love with, her boyfriend was the reason for all this troubles and still pretended to be a friend

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He was a frenemy

Tears fell off her eyes, she vowed to deal with the idiot behind all this an it turned out to her very own boyfriend

She felt hurt, dejected and pained

She was about to Pull the trigger when she saw someone rush in

An eye old looking lady with an evil feature

As she entered the Began to talk
Tears stream down my eyes as they reveal secerts

I saw her about to shoot damien but Jayden was fast enough to run to his front

I watched as he got shot by the woman, I was shocked and my body refused to move

But I was triggered when I saw her aim at Kim

That got me Bolling that I aimed at her but it met her by the leg

Just then the cops came in and raided the woman

The ambulance came as well and all the injured was carried out

Kim ran to hug me as soon as she saw me with tears falling off she was visibly shaken by all that happened

Damien on the other hand was lost, so lost his eyes had become thin

We enter the car parked outside by the agency and drove the hospital in silence

Tears flowed freely from my eyes and Kim sniffed quitely

Damien was looking angry at himself, trying so hard not to break down in front of us

We finally arrived at the hospital and I rushed toward the ward Jayden was taken into

Someone brushed past me and I look up to see Jenny running towards another ward

That was when I remembered that Martin was here

I stopped going to Jayden’s ward and turned to her direction

Damien didn’t allow her arrest since she was his cousin and technically his sister

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According to him the only person deserved to be punished is that physcopathic woman that mislead them and cause this family pain

I stopped by the entrance when I heard her sniff

She wasn’t actually a bad person but circumstances made her who she is

I can’t ever imagine finding out the whole thing I have believe for years was a lie

I had found out years ago that I wasn’t a real member of the Scott’s family but I felt warm because they didn’t discard me and I am grateful of that

“Martin please wake up” I heard Jenny soft sobs as she lay her head on the bed beside him

I watch in rapt attention

“Martin just wake up you know I really love you

Yes I was obsessed with damien who now turns out to be my own brother” she chuckled as she said that but tears and pain was something so obvious

“I wanted to keep it till tomorrow but I am pregnant, I am carrying a junior you in me so please don’t go” she cried out and I gasp

She is pregnant?
“Stay alive for I and your baby please” she cried again

I was close to tears watching he so I left

I walked into Jayden ward and met the doctor standing with damien and Kim

It was like he just checked on him and was downloading the report to him

I walked in and stood Admist them

“The injury isn’t that deep and he will be awake in few hours” the doctor said before leaving

“Hey” Damien and Kim said simultaneously

I sense that the were feeling awkward and probably short of words

“You don’t have to feel guilty or sorry for what happened, it’s all for s reason” I smiled

“Okay, thanks Claire it mean a lot we’d leave you two alone now” damein said

“Your baby is in the ward next to this place” I said and Kim’s face lit up

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They had even forgotten about their baby catering for Jayden here

“Hmm” I signed deeply. And sat beside Jayden

Staring at his ever handsome face, i have always thought that he looked more of Damien but had always waved it off

I held his hands and laid my head on it
I wanted to say a lot of things but my emotions is getting quite wide enough

In a short while I drifted to sleep still thinking about how things suddenly turn in the space of few hours

I began to feel a hand stroking my hair and my hand all together

I jolted out of my slumber

“I can’t believe I slept that quickly” I mutter to myself

“Yes because you didn’t have enough rest” I heard Jayden’s voice and I look up

He was sitted smiling at me widely and j frowned

Without thinking I slapped him real hard by the face

“I was expecting something much more” he muttered rubbing his bruised face

“You should be thankful that you are my heartrob I’d have given you a beating that will render you in this bed for a year but I can’t unfortunately because in no time I will crave for you madly” I said still maintaining the frown on my face and be chuckled

“I am sorry” he said soberly

“You knew” I asked and he nodded

“I have been keeping tabs on the family for years and I knew you were adopted” he said softly

“Yeah right” I rolled my eyes

He drew my face to himself and placed his lips on mine

I wanted to resist because I was still angry at him but I couldn’t, I was craving for him and had missed his touch

After a kiss I pulled out and threw him an haughty glare

“I haven’t forgiven you just yet lover boy”