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High School Crush. Episode 33

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???? MR C.E.O ????

????His highschool crush ????

✍️Writen by Lois ✍️

???? Episode 33 ????

Six months later ????????


“Yes” I answered sleepily feeling a tap on my thighs

“Damien you aren’t standing up” I heard Kim’s soft voice closed to cracking so I stood up hurriedly

“What’s wrong” I asked as soon as I turned on the lamp light

“I am hungry and I want fried yam and fried potatoes with eggs” she pouted and I sighed

“C’mon Kim it’s past two in the morning I need my beauty sleep” I tried saying but she already bursted into tears

“Arrrhgggg” I groaned inwardly and stood up going to the kitchen to get her what she needs

I had finished peeling the yam and potatoes in two different dishes when I felt someone’s presence

“Damien” I heard her voice

“Yes honey”

“I want you to fry the yam differently from the potatoes” she said and I raise a brow

“Why, I making use of the same oil” I stated

“No, I mean after you fry the yam finish you will pour the oil away and wash it before you put a fresh oil for frying the potato same goes to the egg” she explained and my eyes widen in shock

Are you kidding me!!

In a matter of minutes I was done cooking so I served the food and went to give her in the room

“Am done baby” I cooed walking in with the tray in my hands

“Am not eating again” she said

You say what” I asked pretending not to hear her

“I don’t want to eat again” she said seriously and face fell

All the rushing and and stress wasted

“But this is what you requested for”I said almost breaking down

” You weren’t done in fifteen minutes and now the urge to eat it is gone, what I feel like eating right now is an ice cream from Maggie’s shop Down town” she squealed and I just fell flat on the floor

Someone should please remind me bit to get her pregnant again

“Your dîck won’t staying in place” my subconscious mind said


Since the past months Damien has been a definition of the best finacee ever

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Oh I forgot to inform you, he proposed two months ago

It was the most romantic thing I have ever seen, though I was kinda embarrassed at his playfulness and possesivity but he’s still the best

Can’t believe he made a rule if guys staying five foot away from me just because am his

Damn! But my pregnancy urges are crazy, they drive me crazy and Damien is the one who get to fall victim of it

Especially the crazy mood swings and yelling

Though I act childish at times to get what I need

I looked back at Damien who pretended to faint and back at my eight months plus potruding belly and smile

He has drifted into sleep already

Its his baby after all, I picked one of the fries and began to stuff them into my mouth


Two days after


“Everything is set it’s only remaining for you guys to get married nothing else” Claire giggle happily

We had fixed a date for the wedding two weeks after he proposed

His mom was brought here because she insisted she wanted to see me

Even on her wheel chair she looks more beautiful and radiant

And Claire and Jayden has been the best, they both chose to plan the whole event themselves though I do catch then Making out on duty in few occasions

“How’s my little niece Down there” Jayden patted my Tommy smiling cutely

“He’s fine, and he’s my nephew” Ethan’s jealous voice boomed and he glared at jay

These two have been at loggerheads just. Because they wanted to be the baby’s godfather

How childish

“Easy there would ya it’s my baby her” I said glaring at the two idiots standing at my front

Claire came to dragged me causing me to almost lose balance

“Do you wanna kill her” damien shouted rushing to the scene

“The make up artiste are here and I want her hair styled” Claire said

“Nayla is here” I asked excitedly

“Yeah baby” she replied

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Nayla was one of our friends in highschool who dropped out after highschool to focus on hair dressing and make ups and now she’s a world known

“Am here girls” Damien folded his arms

*You shouldn’t tommorow is our wedding you should be at your suite with those two guys arguing about who’s fathering my baby” I snapped

” But I missed you and can’t stay far From you” he said about to kiss me when Jayden cane from no where and dragged him out

“Save that for tomorrow” he said winking at Claire who was blushing really hard.

“Let’s go prop up best”


“Reduce the shadow”

“No it’s too bright”

“Add a little glamour”

“I need some glitters”

“I’d fixed her liners”

Everyone kept chattering as they dressed me up

“Argg” I squeeze my eye out when I felt a liquid slip into my eye

“You girls should watch it” I scream

“Sorry” they said simultaneously

The continued with the decorations and in few minutes *wow* escape my mouth as I stare at my reflection

I looked like a freaking goddess with the Make up

“Damien is gonna fall in love with you over again” nayla beamed and Claire supported

I was dressed in my wedding gown and my big belly was slightly evident

Standing by the mirror, I stared once more at my self and I was satisfied with my look

“I think am ready”

???? Authoress POV ????

The wedding procession was already on going and Damien was by the alter beside the priest anxiously awaiting his bride

Everything they were saying wasn’t going through his head as he kept checking the door to see when Kim will walk in

“Chillax bro she’s gonna be yours after all” Jayden reassured and paused

Just then the bridal bells rang and Kim walked in all glory holding hands with her ageing father

Across the hall different chattering were heard seeing how beautiful she looked and Damien’s mouth went agape

To avoid embarrassment Ethan walked close to him and closed his mouth for him

To Damien what he was seeing beautiful, even beautiful was an understatement near what Kim was right now

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He didn’t realize she was closer to him until the priest cleared his throat

“On this day we are here to witness the joining of these two in holy matrimony” the priest started

The ring bearer brought the ring forward and they exchanged rings

“Do you have any special vows” the priest asked and they nodded

Damien: since that very day i set my eyes on you at cafeteria in highschool I knew you were the one for me , even though when I approach you to be my best friend when my initial request was a life time lover, I knew there was a day you will be mine enventually, through our darkest moments and crazy adventures I don’t have any mind of losing you, I love you so much

Damien said his vows, Kim said hers too

“Do you Kimberly Beatrice Darwin take Damien Lucas Scott as your lawfully wedded husband in wealth sickness poverty health troubles tribulations happiness and in joy?”

“I do”

“Do you damien Lucas Scott take Kimberly Beatrice Darwin as your lawfully wedded wife in health wealth sickness poverty trials happiness and joy?”

“I do” Damien replied staring lovingly at Kim

“By the power vested in me I pronouce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride”

Damien didn’t allow the priest to finish before diving his mouth into Kim’s

“I have been dying to do this since yesterday” he moaned in her mouth

“You can continue at night” Claire yelled from the crowd and everyone bursted into laughter

“Shall we” Damien request with a stretched forth hands

“We shall” Kim place her hands on his as they walked down the aisle

“Arggh” Kim yelled all of a sudden causing damien to stop and the people in front of them

” I felt water stroll down my thighs” she said painfully

“Did water pour on you” Damien asked

“No am not a kid, my water just broke”

“Arrrggghh” Kim screamed

“My car keys” Damien screamed at Ethan


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