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High School Crush. Episode 38

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???? MR C.E.O ????

????His highschool crush ????

✍️Writen by Lois ✍️

???? Episode 38 ????

Jayden was utterly confused, he doesn’t know who to believe

That was when Damien decided to talk

“Do you want to hear the whole story” damien asked

“After my parents had given birth to me ma’am Sandra still didn’t back off the plan to marry my dad

She tried all sorts of things, causing havocs and at a time tried to rape my dad” Damien was saying when Jenny cut in

“Lies lies, why would she try to rape him, he’s the man and she’s a lady with little strength”

“Will you shut it and let me speak”

“We got her arrested, they took her to the hospital to confirm if she was okay because her acts were out of proportion but they discovered that she wasn’t only obsessed but a physcopath

She was admitted and dad fuel the bills and all

She was confirmed okay after some months but mom was already pregnant with another baby

My dad’s joy knew no bounds as he worked and cheered happily

I was trilled because having a little brother or sister is a thing I have long for

Even though I was very young I was smart enough to understand all that was going on

After some months mom give birth my little brother, all those times ma’am Sandra was out and we never heard anything from her
One day my one month old brother was kidnapped

It threw mom of guard that she collapsed

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It got worse when ma’am Sandra all of a sudden sent of my brother she murdered heartlessly

That was what broke the last straw, my mom loss consiouness out of shock

As a result she had stroke and was confirmed to a wheelchair

Now tell me how the hell you are my brother” Damien yelled with tears already streaming down his eyes

“I don’t believe you” Jayden said lowly his voice betraying him

“Just let my daughter go” Kim whimpered

“Well well well! I see you still remember what I did isn’t it” a voice came in

That voice, the voice damien had dreaded for years now

It was ma’am Sandra walking in with ab evil smirk

“Hey Mom” both jay and Jenny greeted with a smile

“Mom? I am no mother” she said and their jaws dropped

“What are you saying mom, we fufilled your wish, we got Damien and Kim here and we are about to get his company a d wealth too” Jenny said

“Well you guys are fools, because I only used you” .

“Huh. What are you saying” Jayden asked

“Damien here is your brother but ain’t your mother” she said

“What how is that even possible”

” You see those pictures I went to your family was the pictures of another baby I killed not Jayden,.I had a feeling he’s gonna be useful so I kept him and see now he’s useful

I never killed Jayden, your mom got stroke on nothingess

My main aim was get the family torn from within and it did happen” she said with an electronic laugh

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Jayden stood there speechless, tears was running down his face

Damien was right after all he was the one at fault

“He’s my brother? The one you kidnapped” Damien asked shakily

“You lied to me” Jayden yelled out in pain and anger

“Yes I did and I am happy I did” ma’am Sandra said

“Mom” Jenny called weakly

“Oh don’t mom me ain’t your mother either” she rolled her eyes

“Then who’s her mother” Kim who had been silent asked

“She is Maggie’s daughter whom you all thought was dead, all I did was wipe the memories of her mother simple as ABC” she grinned

“Maggie as my mom’s sister, Clair’s Mom” damien asked

“Yeah I dealt with her when she poke nose into my business and beside Claire isn’t her daughter she was just adopted to keep her from being lonely” ma’am Sandra said again

This time every one was in different pull of tears

“Now I don’t have time to waste sign the Damm papers” she commanded and damien scoffed.

“Damien I am sorry” Jayden and Jenny said simultaneously ignoring the physco there

This act got ma’am Sandra highly infuriated

And she didn’t hesitate to bring the gun she was hiding

“Awwn it’s so good seeing you guys reconcile but you’ll go finish it in hell” she said burning in anger

She raise the gun and aimed at Damien’s direction

“Ma’am please don’t do that” Damien pleaded

“Not happening” she laughed

In a flash she released the bullet and in a slow motion it went straight towards Damien’s chest

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Damien whose eyes was close was expecting himself to fall to the ground when the gun shot sounded

But he didn’t feel anything

He opened his eyes to see Jayden in front of him

“I love you brother and Kim am Sorry” he said weakly falling into Damien’s hands

“Noooooo!” Kim and Jenny wailed while tears flew freely from Damien’s eyes

“Awwn so sad time to go join him” she pointed the gun to Kim

But a gun shot was heard right before she could shot and she went down

She was shit by the leg, Kim looked up to see Claire by the door with a gun in her hands with tears streaming Down her face and the rest of the rescue team rushed in

“Jayden stay with me” Damien cooed Jayden who was coughing out blood

“Am sorry” it came out as a whisper and his eyes closed shut

To be continued…….