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High School Crush. Episode 40- Finale.

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???? MR C.E.O ????

????His highschool crush ????

✍️Writen by Lois ✍️

???? Episode 40 ????

Finale ????????

A week later…

Martin regained consiouness two days after and Jenny couldn’t be more happy

Turns out he found out ma’am Sandra had been lying to them and she caught him

He tried to escape but she was sort of faster than he is so she shot him on the spot

Jenny informed him about her pregnancy and he couldn’t be more than happy

“You know we could top it” Martin smirked looking at Jenny’s eyes in admiration

“Of course love, my baby would want to feel his father” she said and Martin frowned

“She is a girl so she might want to feel her father” he argued and Jenny who wasn’t in the mood for unnecessary arguments rolled her eyes

He traced his hands to her plump bøøbs and unhooked her bra

Her beautiful tits sprang out and Martin felt his junior twitch

Jenny smiled as his hard on press on her naked things and he rubbed her body gently

Sliding her panties he plunged into her..

Jayden for the past week because he was discharged that same day since he wasn’t that injured much has been trying to get Claire to forgive him

Both Kim and Damien knew Claire was just putting up an act because she loves him dearly

Damien decided to put all grudges apart and accept his Lil bro though Jayden dislike been refer to as little

Mr and Mrs Scott joy knew no bounds realising the son they thought lost was alive Hale and hearty

Though they were sad learning the ordeal that happened between them

Kim’s father was just marveled by the turn of events that all he does was smile rocking his chair and staring at Kira

Kira, Kim’s little angle and apple of Damien’s eyes

Ever since the day of her birth and the whole problems the faced

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Damien made up his mind to made sure she was strong and able to stand for her self

Even though the baby was a week old she was plump and pretty and can be mistaken to be six months

Ethan was someone that seem scarce during this whole time

Claire was wondering to if she would be able to tell Jayden

She missed him badly and wanted his touch

But she doesn’t want to let down her ego

It is not as if they are fighting though, because they seem inseparable

That moment she was on his laps but she wanted him buried in her wet hole

She started to grind him and he groaned out

Those séxual urges he’s been keeping for the past minutes and she’s here tempting him

“Just forgive already and let me fùck the hell of you” Jayden whispered huskily sending cool shivers down her spine

“I never said I was mad at you” she said her voice all slutty and lust filled

In a flash their clothes was on the ground and Clair’s was bent forward with her hands at the edge of a table

They were in a Doggy style postion and Jayden teased her entrance

“Ahhh” she moaned at the feeling

“Hump hump” he groans as he went in her out of her, her soft moans was heard as she savoured every bit of it

On a Saturday morning two weeks after , the whole family was sitted at Damien’s sitting room getting together I’m merry

Damien tie the knot just two days ago and little Kira kept on being her adorable self

The door opened and Ethan walked in holding hands with Sandra

Kim was surprised because it seen there was more to the entwined hands

“Hi everyone” the two said in the most cheerful voice ever but Kim was sure to notice the nervousness from the both of them

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“I have something to tell you sis” Ethan called when he noticed every one was in pairs except their parents who were giggling together Kim

“I am dating Sandra” he said staring at Sandra who was talking with Jenny and Claire behind Kim

“Wait what?” Kim found herself screaming and Sandra turned alarmed

She was shocked and speechless,
I mean she was a year older than Ethan and it’s so absurd

“Is it true” she said after a brief silence facing Sandra who nodded shyly

“Wow! Just wow!” She muttered

“It’s no big deal besides age is just a number, so far as you love each other you have my blessings” Kim’s dad said walking in the scene

“You knew”

“I figured it out myself your brother is one hell of a secretive human being” je said and Ethan chuckled

“You have my blessings too” Damien spoke and I glared at him

“And mine” Jayden chirped in

“Me too” Claire said

“All the oh brah” Jenny said grinning

“Your opinion doesn’t count he still needs my blessings” I said proudly

“Nah I don’t think so” Ethan pouted and everyone bursted into a hearty laughter

Even Kira who doesn’t know anything joined in

At the end it a result to happiness

Ma’am Sandra was dragged to court, every one cane out to testify against her

She Yelled and disagree she wasn’t guilty as charged but it was because she was mentally unstable.

The jugde adjourned the case and the doctor demand for a doctor’s report

A test was carried out on her to see if she was truly physcopathic but the results proved otherwise.
She did those things intentionally

She was sentenced to life imprisionmet with hard labor

In the bid to exscape she was short by the firing squad and died on spot

What a relief to the whole economy

One thing was sure she was out of their lives completely

THE END!!????????????


Two years later.

Little Kira was running round the house in her cute little bicycle while Kim was worried she might fall

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She was just two years but extraordinary smart and defensive

I guess she was born a fighter and a diva because her parents beautiful we’re evident on her body.

Jenny gave birth to a baby and he’s a year and few months old

Kira likes to play the role of a elder sister whenever they are around

Claire was heavily pregnant and almost due to deliver

These past few years has been telling best

Ethan and Sandra continue their love without stress with Sandra making to pluck those eyes that admire her man

“You look so beautiful” damien cooed behind Kim at the front if her standing mirror

“Am always beautiful” she replied rather sacarstically and damien smirked

He was only in his night robe and stark naked underneath

Kim was already wet by his little touch and bit her lip earnestly so she wouldn’t moan

But the mirror gave her away

Damien put out their clothes and set to action

He carried her to the bed and bent her knee forward that it touch her stomach he came in between her legs and began to thrust in and out of her

“Ahh” Kim moaned in ectasy and Damien groan enjoying her

Even after series of séx between each other he can’t seem to get enough of

After minutes of intense banging he pulled out and took her lips in

“I love you Kim, my ever green highschool crush” Damien said

“I love you too Mr CEO” Kim replied and they bursted into laughter

The end!!!

A special thanks to the almighty God for the completion of this novel

A big shout out to you my humble fans who likes and comment on my story

I wanna say a big thank you

While writing this story a lot if things happen but I am glad it ended well

Expect another story tommorow ????????


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