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High School Crush. Episode 35

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???? MR C.E.O ????

????His highschool crush ????

✍️Writen by Lois ✍️

???? Episode 35 ????

???? Damien ????

The doctors were able to revive Kim, at least I can’t lose her

I groaned in frustration and anger, for sure it was Jenny and Martin’s hand work

I feel so angry and frustrated I couldn’t protect my family from their claws

Since I couldn’t find then after their first attempt I thought the ran for good but it’s obvious they have more on their sleeves

I was able to convince Ethan to get our parents home and stay with them

While Claire volunteer to stay till we find the baby

Kim had been speaking gibberish since she woke up demanding for her child

And I an here helpless and clueless of what to do

I already informed a special search team to trace the tracking device on her clothes

I had doubts though so I installed tracking device on all her baby clothes including the one she was changed into before her disappearance

“How is it going” I asked Claire who ran Inside

“Same old same old” she replied

“Where’s Jayden” I asked

“He’s out of town, his mom collapsed this morning and his attention was needed” she replied sadly

“Poor Jayden” I muttered

“How’s Kim”

“She’s been stable for the past hour”

“Damien” I heard Kim’s shaky voice and we both turned to her side

“Baby you’re awake” I cooed

“My baby? We’d find her right” she asked tearing up

“Of course we would and we will make the bastard pay okay” Claire said hugging her

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Just then my phone beeped, it was a message from the search team

“We found the location of the baby” it says and my heart leap

“It’s in a old melburg mill 500miles from here” it says again

“They found her location” i spoke up and Kim and Claire looked at me

“Really” the asked at the Same time

“But to catch them we need a great plan” Kim said

“Yeah that’s true” Claire added

“I think I might have a plan” I said smiling mischievously

“Am coming with” Kim said suddenly and I snapped at her

“You are not, am not going to lose you so you have to rest here” I said

“No am coming with you and you can’t stop me” she said admantly and I sighed

????Ethan ????

“For how long are we going to keep doing this” she asked and I signed

“Till it’s the right time okay chill” I replied

“But am sure she’d be mad, so pretty mad at me” she said

“Well I hope not” I shrug

“What about your dad” she asked

“He’s at home in a bad shape with the Scott family” I replied

“Ohh” she said putting her head on my shoulder

“I have to go before they notice am gone, you know I might not have an explanation” I said and she nodded

” No goodbye kisses” I pouted

After a little smooching I got in the car and drove off

I don’t know how dad or even Kim will take this, i just hope they understand


“We fúckin did it” Martin yelled in happiness

“But damn Claire was an hawk eye” I said

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“But you were a badass” he smirked licking his lips

“They thought a nurse took the baby not knowing by baby here did it” I said

“Am smart I know” Martin replied

“So what are we doing to this thing of a baby” I said with disgust

“She’s pretty” Martin said looking at the baby

“What do you expect, her parents are beautiful as well” I said

“Just feed her and putt her to sleep so we can have our Alone time” Martin said

I’d be lying if i say I wasn’t attracted to Martin

Over the months we spent here, I find myself loving him the more

Now after we get this over with we can go enjoy our lives and Damien will be nothing but a pauper by then

I stared at the baby and felt a pang of guilt, but I have to do it

There’s no going back anymore

“Am home” I heard a cold muscular voice

“Brother?” I called surprised

“Hey” he said coldly as usual and stared at the baby i was holding

“Hi” I waved nervously

Even though we are siblings there’s this distance between us and we have never had a good conversation before

If not that this is a revenge plan on the Scott’s family for what they did to us we won’t be here

“It’s a pity you’d be the bait to lute your parents here” he said to the baby and the baby started crying again

“I just finished putting a stop to her cries” I mumbled

“Martin” he called instead ignoring me

“Bring the phone and lets put a call to damien and his adorable wife” he said with a cocky smile

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