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High School Crush. Episode 14

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???? MR C.E.O ????

????His highschool crush ????

✍️Writen by Lois ✍️

???? Episode 14 ????

The next day

???? Kimberly ????

The hot soup I made for damien made him a lot better and he’s good now

I woke as early as I could so that I can get to work early

Coupled with the fact that I missed work yesterday and Claire will not let me hear the end of it

I went to the kitchen to make breakfast for damien

I prepared Mac and cheese with milk

By the time I was done he was all dressed and ready

I served him and he began eating I took that opportunity to go prepare myself for work

When I was done he was also done eating so I packed the plates and to my bag before heading to work

I did not even bother to bid him goodbye

I was just few miles from the house when his car pulled up beside me

“Get in the car” damien shouted

I looked around to be sure if he was actually referring to me

“Kim. Just get in to the car” he Said again

“The last time I checked you made it clear that you weren’t going to allow me drive with you to work so what’s the change” I asked amused

“Well I changed my mind now get into the car you are running late” he said

“No am not getting in unless you are going to carry me in” I said with an eye roll and continue walking

“Kim” he said as he drive to me my pace but I didn’t answer

“Okay that does it” I heard him mutter

He drove in full speed and went to pack few miles in front before he got down and began walking towards me

I had this smirk on my face thinking I had fustrated him

But he did something very funny

When he got to my front he crouch and carried me a bridal style towards his car

“What the hell are you doing damien” I yelled trying to break free

“What does it look like? Carrying you of course” he said with a grim smirk

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“Damien lavender Scott!!???” I yelled but he ignored me and dropped me in the front sit, did the sit belt and dropped his briefcase on my laps

He went to his own side of the car and strode in

After locking the car he began driving towards the company

Throughout the drive u kept cursing him and glaring hard but all he did was smile and make mockery of me

When we got to the company he came to an halt and faced me

“Today you’re going to do your work as my assistant” he said

“I have been doing my work as your assistant duh” I argued

“You have never done this” he said getting out of car and came to open door

He undid tell sit belt and I came out grumpily

I could see Claire from afar with a smile giggling like a kid while I just scoff

Damien gave me his briefcase and hang his suit on my shoulder

“Dam….” I was saying but he cut me short

” If you don’t do as I said I will kiss you here and right now” he said huskily to my ear and my throat ran dry as I gulp down nothing in particular

“Oh gosh” in muttered under my breathe and I began to follow him into the company

No doubt all eyes was on us as we passed

When we got to the hallway that leads to my office, Damien’s office and Jenny’s, Claire came out if my office blocking the way with a death glare

“Finally the two you decided to show up at work” she said

“Claire not now” I said even before Damien could talk

“Well am leaving this road until you talk to me” she said admantly

*Okay fine, I had somewhere to go and she went to represent me somewhere” Damien lied

“Can we go now” I said but she only nodded and made way for damien

“I need the full loaded gist when you come back” she whispered in to my ears and I just smile and walked behind Damien

I met Jenny on the way and she gave me a stink eye but I ignored her

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I don’t have her time this morning

I entered Damien’s office and dropped his briefcase on his desk I placed his suit on tht arm rest of his chair

While he just stood there looking at me

I turned to go but he dragged me back causing me to fall on his chest

I look up to him to find him staring at me intensely

I bit my lower lip in nervousness but I guess that triggered something in him

He crashed his lips on mine Immediately and that came as a shock that I just stood there and did not respond seeing that he bit my lower lip and I gasp that gave him more entrance and I began to respond

We were enjoying the kiss when the door open and Claire’s head popped up

We disentangle immediately and Damien was scratching the back of his head nervously while Claire held triumphant look

I glared at her playfully

“Once you guys are done with your whole business Kim see me in my office” she said with a grimance

After she left I turned to Damien and gave him the “what the hell was that for look”

“What??” He asked as if it was nothing

“You kissed me without my permission” I said folding my arms under my b**bs

“It’s not like it’s the first time I’d be..” he was saying

“Wait what?? You have kissed me without my permission before?” I asked angrily

“Those lips are just so irresistible” she said with a shrug

“Argggggh” I yelled giving him a hard knock

“As if you didn’t enjoy the kiss” my subconscious mind said

“Ouch! Kim am still your boss” he grouse

I just shake my head and left his office because I don’t know what to do anymore

I went back to my office even though I had to meet that bîtchy Jenny on my way

I sat down comfortably and began my work and that of the previous day I missed when Claire barge in to my office

“Ohhhh” I groaned

“Didn’t I asked you to see me in my office” she growled

“Oh I forget” I lied

“Really? Or you weren’t gonna come” she said

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“Well you are seeing me now what do you want” I asked

“The download of everything that happened” she will a grin

“No-no Claire am busy” I said trying to escape my explanation

“And am not Going to leave this place”


“My gist”

“C’mon Claire”

“Am listening”

“Okay fine” I succumb after several persuasion

“Good all hears” she clapped her hands together and I just signed

“I fell into the swimming pool almost got drowned he saved me and I woke with him cuddling me end of story” I said

“That was all” she Said with slight disappointment


“Are you sure you told me all…no s*x and all you Know” she was saying

“Claire you are so dirty minded” I yelled

“Well you are getting some where” she said

“Now go” I said

“Not so fast about the kiss in the office right now” she said with a smile

“Thank you, you can go now” I said closing that chapter

“Kim please please just this one and I will leave” she pleaded

“No no way” I deadpan

I had succeeded in pushing her to the door

“Did you hear about the new employee we’d be having” she suddenly said

“No? When was that”

” He’d be resuming today and I heard he’s hot though weird” she said with a glow in her eyes

“Okay no problem”

“He’s staying in your office”

“What no why will he stay in my office” I asked

“I don’t know he’s staying” she said

“What ever now go” I said

I breathe out as soon as she’s gone and went to continue my work

About half and hour later a knock came to my door

“Who’s there” I asked but got to response

The knock came again

“Claire I don’t have your…..” I was saying as I opened the door

It wasn’t Claire but familiar figure standing in front of me

“Jayden?” I muttered lowly

“Oh my Kim ber ly” he yelled happily

“What are you doing here” I asked

“I just got empolyed here and I was told this is my office” he said happily pulling me to a hug

Oh my gosh

Another problem ????