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High School Crush. Episode 20

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???? MR C.E.O ????

????His highschool crush ????

✍️Writen by Lois ✍️

???? Episode 20 ????

????Authoress Lois POV ????

Kim ended up changing almost five dresses before damien asked her to wear the original

“What the hell did you just wasted all my efforts” Kim yelled angrily

“Those dresses are more worse than this initial one* damien said with a shrug

After further argument Kim enventually did Damien’s bidding and wore the original dress

Meanwhile they were already extremely late for the dinner and the others are getting impatient of the Damien’s lateness

Whereas Martin main concern in the whole issue was “Kim” Damien’s secretary

He was looking forward to seeing her pretty face once again

Even after Damien’s warning for him to stay away from Kim

He still doesn’t, not yet he needs to have a taste of her honey pot

After the two bickering friends (Damien and Kim) was done they hopped in to the car and headed for the venue of the dinner

Throughout the ride, Damien kept stealing glances at Kim

Her whole look was tempting him and he wasn’t sure if he could keep his d**k in his pants

Her face turned to a frown when he remembers Martin was going to be there

More reason he has to hawk over Kim cause he can’t risk the douchebag getting any closer to his dearest

They finally arrived at restaurant where the dinner was taking place

As they came out of the car they could hear soft blues playing as they walked in

The whole restaurant was booked to them alone that night but so they were free to do anything they wanted

As they were about entering Damien snaked his hands round Kim’s waist and Drew her closer

Kim just rolled her eyes over his protective attitude

Finally they entered and the whole Atmosphere stopped

Something Damien was avoiding, all eyes were on Kim’s elegant but georgeous body

The whole the men sitted there was lust filled seeing Kim and their female secretaries shifted in jealousy

Martin felt his little man sprang up by just the mere glance of Kim’s smiley face and he knew there and then he must have her that night

He wants to know how it would feel of she was moaning his name while he drills her madly

Damien was getting infuriated but managed to keep his cool as he walked to the vacant sit directly opposite him and he beckon Kim to sit beside him

It was later he realise she was sitting in between him and Martin

Martin had a charming smile on and Kim shifted comfortably

Soon the dinner started and the waitresses came to collect the variously orders

Damien made sure to order the Same thing Kim ordered and so did Martin

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That aggravated him and he clenched his fist that his knuckles were almost turning White

Mr lawerance, the oldest of the CEOs broke the silence and brought up the their former discussion on business

Kim just sat there and ate in silence with her gazes constantly meeting Damien who didn’t fail to make it obvious he was staring at her

Martin then suddenly brought ea discussion a funny one at that .
In a matter of seconds Kim and the rest was already laughing out well except Damien

He was angry at eye fact that he was making her laugh get should be the one doing that

Just the kehlani’s song good thing was already blasting through the speakers as earlier requested by Martin wanting to spice up the atmosphere

The song being Kim’s favorite she began to Grove to the beats of the music

????I book myself table’s and all the best restaurant in need alone????

????I buy myself task cause just so I can drive real fúckin slow????

????I like my own company company ion need it????

????Am not always cold am just good on my own so good on my own????

????I’ve always been told one day I’d find somebody who changes my mind????

????They come alone I won’t think twice cause I already gat a good thing with me????

????Yeah I already gat everything I need????

????The best things in life already mine don’t tell me that you got a good thing for me????

????Cause I already got a good thing with me????

????Yeah I already done I everything I dreamed????

????Am good by myself don’t need no one else????

????Don’t tell me that you got a good thing for me????

????Cause I already good thing….????

She stood up and began to dance etastically to the music

All eyes again fell on her as few others also Began to dance facing their partners

Martin on the other hand stood there staring at Kim as she danced lost in the beauty of the song

His face was filled with nothing but total lust and wants

He made to go meet her so they could dance together when Damien who’s being watching his lust full gazes

Stood up in a flight and went over to where kim was

And without thinking he grabbed her hands and dragged her out of the restaurant causing the rest to at him in a funny way but he cared less

“What the hell was that for” kim yelled as soon as they were outside of the restaurant

“They were staring and lusting after you body” Damien yelled back

“Soo Soo what happens when they stare at my body, it’s mine not yours and I get to do what I want with it” she yelled

“I care I can’t just let them stare at you that way” Damien said

“What is your problem Damien huh why are you acting like and over protective jealous boyfriend?? Answer me you are not even my boyfriend” she said and started walking to the car

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Damien just stood for a minute and pondered on she said

He ran after her and before she could her the car he grabbed her making her face him and clAimed her lips

First it was slow and deep but as he went deeper the kiss changed to aggressive and a possessive kiss

He broke from the kiss and faced Kim
“It’s because I LOVE YOU and you are mine”

Kim stood there dumbfounded and shock, surprised and confused at the same time

He opened the car and she entered still mute

Damien chuckled and went to the other side of the car before igniting the car

Kim was surprised Bec never in her whole life has she ever though damien will love her

She has always loved him but she never knew he could love her Back

She was in thoughts that she didn’t Kno when they got home

She snapped out of her thoughts when Damien opened the door and carried her out in a bridal style

He went towards the house and dropped her immediately they got in

He make sure to lock the door then he face Kim

In a blink of an eye his lips found it way to Kim’s mouth

Devouring her feverishly, Kim in return reciprocated the the kiss and her hands found it way to the deep root of Damien’s hair

Damien snaked his hands to her waist and Drew get much more closer to himself and he kissed her the more

“Oh” she moaned in his mouth when she felt his hands going down to her thighs

He raised her legs up and wrapped it round himself and he began to move towards his room not breaking the kiss

As soon as he entered the room he dropped her gently on the bed and dimmed the light

He can over her kissing her once more before undressing her of her gown and Kim did the same by unbuttoning his shirt

His hands travelled to her back as he unhook her bra and Kim shivered when she felt his hands come in contact with her bare back

She was uncladed and the only thing on her body was her pant

Damien did well by getting rid of his clothes and flinging them to wherever he dim fit

He used his hands to cup her breasts and she let out a soft moan

He then brought forward his head and took he right breast in to his mouth before giving the other a light squeeze

*Dam* was all that came out of Kim’s mouth as her hands traced his back

Damien stopped sucking after a while and went back kissing her

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He began tracing his kisses to her ear lobes down to her neck giving her hickeys before tracing it down to her stomach and stopped when he got the lower abdomen

He Gently remove the light piece of clothing blocking his view from her plum pink p***y

He bent down inhaling her scent before bending further to give her a head

“Oh my” Kim moaned out and Damien’s tongue strode in and out of her honey out

She couldn’t control the moan, Damien then decided to tease the top of her clît as he tongue f**k her

*Ohhh” Kim moaned out in ectasy

Damien brought out his head and kissed her making her have a taste of herself

He then further removed his boxers revealing his hard member which came dangling in the air

Kim gasp at the size and wondered how it as gonna fit into her

He climbed back over her and slid a finger into her wet cûnt and she let out another moan

He began going in and out of her before he decided to add another finger to it

He continued that for another minute before he started teasing her with the tip of his c**k

Kim gasp at the new feeling and all she wanted at that time was for him to drill her real bad

“It’s gonna hurt a little” he said and with that he pushed himself into her and she gasp and her hands held his back tightly

Damien couldn’t go further because of he her hymen and he decided to push and added extral force before he finally pushed in.

Kim felt something ripped within her as he finally entered her

He began to thrust slowly keeping his pace as Kim moaned heartily in great ectasy

The pains she was feeling was reducing and gradually replace with pleasure

She began to gyrate her hips to meet with his thrusts as he was going faster and none stop

She felt her p**y pulsating as he drill her and went deeper to her hole

Her p**y was already familiar with damien 12inches d**k as he made sweet passionate love to her

Soon she felt his d***k expanding and she knew she was close to cumming

“Am cumming” Damien groaned as he spilled his seeds into her before falling flat beside her

“I love you” he whispered to her and she smile

She just gave him her virginity and she doesn’t regret it one bit

“Kim” Damien called softly and she turned to look at him

“Will you be my girlfriend” Damien finally asked

“Yes” Kim replied blushing and damien once more pulled her to himself

Sleep took over and they both cuddle all night

????????????This is hot oo????
I covered my eyes all through ????

Damien has finally claimed his girl ????????