January 17, 2022

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High School Crush. Episode 21

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???? MR C.E.O ????

????His highschool crush ????

✍️Writen by Lois ✍️

???? Episode 21 ????


I woke up to the smell of a great aroma of something delicious

I was even wondering if it was a day dream but It wasn’t

I tried to sit up but felt intense pains in between my legs

Then the memories of yesterday night came flashing and I couldn’t help but blush

I turned to my side to see Damien with a tray containing food and a smile on his face

So this is where the aroma was coming from

“Good morning beautiful” he beamed taking his sit beside me

“Morning” I said softly staring at his lovely eyes

Knowing that I have this hunk to myself was something that got me smiling unnecessarily and I felt greatful for that

The tray was containing bread and tea with omelette

I blushed hardly as he began to feed me

It feels good to be loved

After I had finished eating I tried to get of the bed but the pains held me back
I struggled again and this got Damien’s attention

“You should have called me” he said cutely

“As if you aren’t the one who caused the damage” I glared playfully

“But I didn’t regret it cause you enjoyed it” he rolled his eyes at me and crouch to Carry me in a bridal style to the bathroom

Since I was naked already it was easy so I wanted to start bathing when he entered the bathtub with me

“What are you doing” I asked

“What does it look like, bathing”

“With me? Like right now” I scoffed

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“Yes and Even more” he said huskily tracing his kisses to my neck

My body shruddered

The shower started running and I felt my body cool down but there was heat burning within

He was placing gentle kisses at my back as he fondled my bøøbs

“Damien” I called softly

“Humm” he mumbled in ectasy

“You had me all night am still sore” I said quitely as if I wasn’t enjoying the follow but I was actually enjoying it

“I can’t seem to get enough of you, do you Know how long have waited for this” he Said huskily

I was already feeling his rod poking my a*s

He turned me to face him and slowly took my lips in kissing me roughly fast

My hands just wondered to his smooth back as I moan endlessly in his mouth

He raised my legs up and wrapped it round his waist

“Ahhh” I gasp when I felt his manhood at the entrance of my V”rgina

Without thinking he pushed himself into me and I jerked

Then he slowly started thrust in and out of me and I moaned in ectasy while he groans

We kept doing this for a while before he finally pulled out and we washed up

He Carried me to the room and made sure he was the one who creamed my body

I shiver at his touch as he kept teasing

No one told me I was dating a big time flirt and a prevert

By the time he was done he got me claded in his shirt not that I don’t have mine but he referred to it as romantic

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He switched off our phones and said no work and he doesn’t want disturbance and I I know he was referring to Claire

We decided the whole day was going to be fun

So we both went downstairs to watch a movie with my head placed on his shoulders

One thing is sure that I know of, I am crazy about Damien and am sure he is too