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His High School Crush. Episode 2

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???? MR C.E.O ????

????His highschool crush ????

✍️Writen by Lois ✍️

???? Episode 2 ????

????Kimberly ????

I waved the negative thought away and play cool till the handing over was over

As soon as it was done I went to high my former boss though he was strict but he did made a great impact in my life and acted like a father to me

The rest of the workers greeted him as well but most of them especially the ladies were attracted to Damien

And that brought a frown to my face because Damien was also smiling at them and the Damien I know is shy of ladies so him smiling at them signify something’s change

In about an hour later the whole thing was over and everyone had gone back to their respective office

I decided to go see damien in his office and have a little chit chat

I walked into his office smiling widely as I saw him sat comfortably like the chair was made for him originally

He had a frown on his face which I ignored and entered I didn’t even decide to knock I just barge in

“Don’t you knock” he asked harshly but I scoffed

“Drop the bossy act dam” I said still grinning as I sat on his desk

“Get off” he said coldly

“Huh” pretending not to hear him

“I said get off” he said and bang the table and I flinched

Okay what’s with attitude


“It’s Mr Scott to you miss or is that how you do with your boss” he said angrily and I looked at him in shock

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Okay something is wrong with Damien I only came to greet him after five years of separation


“If you don’t have anything to do here kindly leave my office”


I just composed myself and walked out banging the door angrily behind me

I was burning in fury as I went to my office and every staff that passes me by got a taste of it

I had barely cool off after the not so good greetings when Jenny the company’s secretary cane in

“Hey Kim seen the new CEO”

“Yeah so”

“He’s so fúckin hot” she squealed and that brought anger in me

I don’t really like Jenny since I started this job and I guess the feeling was mutual though we didn’t greet and chat when necessary between both are the closest to the CEO

I just feel she’s to fake and bîtchy

“His eyes, walking steps and all smells of sexinéss” she said dreamily

“He looks ugly” I said trying not let the anger in me show through my voice

“Well your loss because I’d make sure the boss look at my side and make him mine” she said with all seriousness before going out and I just scoff

“Is she seriously talking about my damien the one I have been crushing on for the past eight years

If yes she’s joking” I thought inwardly

So that is all she came to say to me I guess she finds my beauty intimidating

???? Damien ????

Shock will be an understatement to what I felt when I saw Kim earlier

She’s more beautiful and more curvy than she was

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Though nothing has changed in her behavior she’s still clumsy and annoying as always.

It took everything in me not to devour her lips hungrily when I saw her

And to make matter worse she came to my office

Seeing her sit on my desk caused me to swallow real hard

I had to send her out when I feel my little man growing downwards

And her plump pink lips was just calling on to Me

It isn’t that I didn’t want to talk and familiarize with her but I have my reasons and it’s for her sake as well

As soon as she left a lady came in dressed seductively and bîtchy obviously she is at the aim of seducing me

But my heart belongs to one person which is Kim

I look at her disgustingly as she dropped the files she introduced herself as the secretary

And I just asked her to leave

“If you don’t want to get fired don’t dress like that to the office again” I said to her harshly and she nodded scurrying off

???? Jenny ????

I just didn’t stop blushing because the boss just spoke to me

His voice sounds cool complimenting his looks

I just can’t let him slide my palms I’d make sure I have him as mine alone

It seems Kim has eyes on him too but am more beautiful Than her so I have a better luck with him than her

???? Kimberly ????

I got home pretty exhausted because SOMEONE was sending me unnecessary works his secretary can do

I hissed when I saw Sandra’s car outside my house and I knew she’s here again

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Sandra is my second friend and also the third wheel in my friendship with Damien

Back in highschool it was Sandra Damien and I

“Welcome Barbie” she beamed

“What the fúck are you doing here tonight” I said tiredly

“Am sleeping over”

“What do you want” I growled because I know she only sleeps over when she wants something

“Can’t I sleep over anymore”

“No it’s rare for you to come willingly”

“Whatever……ehn I heard the new CEO of your company is quite hot” she grinned

“I knew it…I knew that is the reason you want to sleep over”

“Just tell me” she pouted

“Okay fine”

“What’s the name of your CEO”

“Damien Scott” I said tiredly

“Oh my the same Damien” she asked wide eyes and i nodded

“Finally your love story will end rightfully” she giggled and I glare at her

“You know you two are cute together back then” she cooed and I hit her playfully

“Remember the time you bathe him in noodle soup all because he told you he was crushing on a girl” she asked and I laughed

“Oh my goodness that was hilarious…. He sulk in that for weeks ”

“So how was seeing him today feels like” she asked and anger flashed through me when I remembered what he did to me

“Cat caught your tongue”

“I’d rather not talk about it” I said standing up

“Oh you’re gonna talk about this right now” she said also standing up to with me

In no time we were chasing each other round the room