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Saved By The Demon. Chapter 10

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Written by: Authoress Cisca ✍️

“ Love me… Or hate me… ”

☘️ Chapter 10 ☘️

???? Lora ????

I felt something fluttering in my heart, scaring me and fluttering me at the same time.

It seemed as if this week was passing fast just to make Friday get faster, as if the universe kind of knew I wanted it to come.

Knowing Lucas was returning back today was something amazing and I couldn’t get it off of my mind.

I lost the mind of having anything and Elena knew there isn’t any progress convincing me this time.

My happiness was in no limit but I didn’t let anyone know the source of my happiness, I wouldn’t mind Elena knowing either.

The day ran faster than the blink of an eye, and I knew time was only doing me a favour.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [THAT NIGHT]

Nightfall came, I got a little worried why there wasn’t any sigh if Lucas showing up.

Oh! I forgot, demons does their things at night.

Maybe, I just have to wait a little more longer for him to show up.

I smiled involuntarily, knowing it was getting late and I would have to end up the day with nature’s call.

My eyes were growing heavy, and I knew I would be far gone in any second from now.

I dozed off…

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [MORNING]

Yarning, I stretched myself as the morning sun made it’s way into my room.

I felt a slight headache and I guess it had to be the cause of overthinking the previous day.

I didn’t even notice Elena was with me until she spoke… “Good morning.”

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“Good morning,” I greeted back, stretching again.

” How was your night?”

“Thoughtful, I guess.”

She looked at me, ” Thoughtful? ” She repeated, chuckling.

I realized myself and what I had said, “Uhmm.. I meant, stressful.”

She smiled. ” Don’t worry, I understand.”

No she don’t…

That came out as a mistake, okay? Maybe I was just a little bit happy about something.

I got down from the bed walking towards the bathroom.

I sat on the bathtub letting the warm water fall on me. My hair rested flat on my skin as to let the water make it’s way more easily.

I shut my eyes thinking over nothing but Acacia.

Not just now, Lora…

I know…

But sometimes, I think I just have to. Forgetting Acacia might be easy but not Dad, Mom and Tina.

Everything about them has just taken over my mind right now and I can’t push it off so easily.

Tina, my baby sister… Why her?! Why her?!! Why not me?!!!

Stepping out of the shower with one towel tied around my waist and the another vigorously making it’s way around my dark brown hair.

At that moment Elena had gone to get my breakfast, I guess.

I opened my wardrobe searching for the perfect dress for the day. And there it is, hung at the middle of other dresses.

I pulled myself into it, staring at myself at the mirror. I wore a light make-up, dressing my hair in the best way it can ever be.

Soon, Elena made her way in with a tray in her hand. From the mirror, I watched her drop it on the table.

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“Breakfast is ready.” She informed me.

I smiled, ” what do we have?”

“Pancakes. You like them?”

I nodded. “Sure.” I sat on the chair next to the table.

Something else about me, I so much love pancakes. As in, Pancakes…

“What time do you actually get up from bed?”

“6:00. Why?”

“Because your face is always the first thing I do see each morning I wake up. ” I took a bit of the pancake.

Oh! I forgot too, she was only doing me the favour of being happy.



She laughed, her voice sounding like an Alto hymn. I felt embarrassed for liking it.

“You know, one day I’m gonna make myself be the first thing you’d ever see. ” I said causing her to laugh again, ” Do you use an alarm. ”

She shook her head…

I hummed…

” Lora, it’s time you stop seeing me as a human. We demons prefer doing things in the dark, it’s a lot much easier for us. ”

” You know I can’t. ” I retorted, dropping my fork on the plate. ” Even if I try to, it difficult for me to accept that fact. You are no demon to me, Elena. You’re my friend. And that’s the only fact I can accept, believe me. ”

She stared eagerly at me. And I could see inside of her how happy she felt at what I had said.

Even if they were demons, they only need one thing,, to be loved. And that’s what I’m gonna prove to her.

That I don’t fucking care who or what she is,, all I do care about is that I love her…


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Not all demons wants to be scared of, some just wants our love.. To be loved.

Especially by those they seem to love..

I’m pretty sure some us know what I’m talking about…