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Saved By The Demon. Chapter 7

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Written by: Authoress Cisca ✍️

“ I hated Demons… But when I saw him… Everything changed… ”

☘️ Chapter 7 ☘️

???? Lora ????

I was in Lucas room. Actually not really his bedroom, it was a place he spent most of his time.

It was colder than outside, or it could be just my own instinctive fear that made me shiver all over.

I glanced around in panic, the windows were tightly shut.

Few minutes later, he arrived from nowhere which got me terried the more.

My chest hurts at his words. What does it mean we need to talk?

If he wants me to tell him anything, I really don’t want to, perhaps I’ve got nine to talk about.

“A-About?” I asked digging my nails in my thighs.

He halfway smiled, “Nothing bad. I just want to let you know that I’d be leaving-”

” Leaving?! ” I cut him short.

” Yes, tonight. It’s a week trip. I decided to let you know in case you never see me around. ”

Leaving? Why would he be leaving? Why now?

Sadness over clouded me. I don’t know why but I was hurt inside.

We weren’t that close to each other yet,,, I felt I was loosing something. That I was gonna lose something for a week.

“Why are you leaving?” My voice already shaky.

“Lora, I… I have to.” His dark voice became calm. ” I have a meeting with Lucifer.”

I noticed tears clouding my eyes. I sniffed blinking continuously, pushing the tears back but it fell instead.

I nodded even when I wasn’t happy hearing he was leaving…

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For a week trip?!

“Okay. Okay, I understand. I really… do.”

“No you don’t, Lora. ”

I chuckled to avoid myself from crying noticeably at his front.

“Of course I do understand. You know, you have to go. I don’t wanna keep you waiting.”

I couldn’t hold it anymore so I had to stand up and leave.

At first, I thought he’d do nothing but to sit and watch as I walk away but, it wasn’t as I thought.

I was halfway to the door when he grabbed my arm. Tears had already made it’s way down to my cheeks.

I stood still, my face at the door, my eyes continuously blinking fighting back those remaining tears from staining my face.

“Lora, look at me.” He said and I saw myself obeying.

His eyes piercing into my wet eyes, and causing a force of weakness into me.

I wasn’t having any feelings for him, was I?

Am I really in love with him??

“I have to go. Lora, I don’t want to see you cry. I don’t want you to miss me. I just want you to wait for me. Can you do that? ”

I found an atom of relieve in his words. I sniffed again, trying to catch my breath.

I shut my eyes close for some seconds before opening it again. I nodded..

“I can. I will.”

“I’ve told Elena what to do. Shell always be there for you. Whatever you need, she’ll be there to give it to you. ”

I nodded again, and again.

He pulled me gently towards him that I was buried in his arms.

A cold electrifying feeling traveling from his skin to mine. I could feel it, just as I could also sense it.

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In his arms there was refuge, freedom and more I can’t mention. In a second, I was free.

My tears, my pains, my hurt feelings, all were gone in somehow I really don’t know how.

It was like eternity. And I wanted to be just like this for the rest of my life.

???? ???? ???? ????

“Lora, you have to eat your food.”

“Elena, look… I’m not hungry, okay? I just want to be like this. ”

She sighed, sitting an inch away from me. ” Starving yourself isn’t the best option. You can’t keep yourself away from eating through out the whole day. ”

” I know. ” I said less concerned.

” Then try eating something. ”

“I can’t!” I sighed, ” I can’t eat anything. Eating isn’t the problem, Elena. I just can’t. ”

” Then what’s the problem? ”

” I enjoy eating when I’m happy because it gives me something inside. But now I’m not happy, I just can’t eat. Don’t worry about me. I can survive being like this. ”

” You’re not happy, it’s because of Lucas, isn’t it? ” She asked and I shoved my hair to the back looking away to the window.

I won’t argue about that. Since he left, I couldn’t do anything.

I lost appetite in doing a thing. Each day, seconds I felt alone without him. And I keep asking myself this same question…

Am I in love?…

Shaking my head, I retorted. ” No. It’s not because of him.”

I watched as she glared at me, “Then what?? Why are you not happy?”

I made no comment…

“It’s because you love him, don’t you?”

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I fell silent as I thought of what to say to that question.

I haven’t given myself that answer, how then can I answer hers.

I can’t explain how difficult it is for me now, thinking over someone who I wasn’t sure was thinking about me.

“ Don’t think like that, Lora… ”

I didn’t want to believe myself either but I just can’t help it when I get frustrated about him.

My heart always beat for him by my side…

Honestly, is this how first love always is?


“No, I don’t love him. I see him as a friend.” I forced myself to smile.


I know, but that is just the truth for now. I don’t love him…

She grabbed my hands into hers, ” Don’t you ever say that, Lora. Sometimes we end up loving the ones we never intend loving. Life isn’t as we program, it programs us. Everything we do. Maybe now, you won’t understand what I’m saying but when the time comes, you will. ” She hugged me tight.

So, tight like there isn’t any tomorrow. I quietly wept while she tapped me at my back like a child.

Even if I truly love him, there’s a big difference between us.

After all, he’s a demon, and I’m just a mere human.