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Married To A Prince. Episode 1

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” here we go again mum, am fed up” I yelled slumping on a double sitter

she’s making me angry
she’s making me hate her

what sort of mother will lock up her daughter every single perfect
morning huh!

” c-mon Karen, am not in the mood for this okay!
it’s Monday and I need to get to work early enough
I have a meeting to attend in three hours remember?
so please don’t make this hard for me” mum said and I felt anger and hate wash into my system

” what are you talking about mum?
that am making all this hard for you?
do you have the faintest idea how hard it has been for me?
I sit my ass down here all day and you think am okay with it?
for heaven sake mum am 22, i aren’t a kid and you know it so stop treating me like one” I rasp in anger and mum sigh deeply

“you just don’t get it Karen! am tryna protect you” mum said and I felt like blowing off
” mum” I yelled in shock and she stared at me with wide eyes

” you called that protection!
what sort of protection is that huh?
that your fond of locking me up in the house like am some sort of kid or something
for heavens sake mum! I don’t even know the colours of the streets” I sank into the couch again

” you don’t need to know the colours of the streets Karen, it isn’t important
what’s important is for you to know I have a reason for keeping you save”she blurt out carrying her hand bag

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” you know what!
I actually wonder if you are my mum, if not for the slight resemblance
who knows, you might be my aunt” I said and she gasp covering her mouth with her hands

she hate it when I say that but that’s kind of her weak point

i love my mum
I love her so much cause I had grown up single handedly under her watch
she was the perfect description of a good mother, we had both been getting along well until I clocked seven

that was when she began locking me up in the large house
each time I asked her the reason behind this act, she will say in aren’t old enough to understand

can you imagine that?

” Karen, am your mother and you must give me the respect I deserve

I didn’t bought you from any lame ass orphanage neither did I borrowed you from a friend.
I cried and push you out of my womb in pains, so I won’t have you talk to me like am your god damn maid” mum yelled, years flying off her eyes

she’s crying
all she ends up doing is crying and crying, when am suppose to be the one doing that

” is it that painful huh?
if it’s painful than what I feel , then open the f**king door mad lemme bolt out of it
am tired of being locked up every day, like am some sort of prisoner
feel my pains mum
feel it” i cried

I couldn’t even help it, I have no friends,
no memories

the seven years memories are lame
memories of playing beside the sea, building sand castles and all that

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it’s pretty lame, isn’t it?

I just don’t know anything about life or love
if not for the story books mum had usually got for me on her way back from work and my home lesson teacher,
who unfortunately had resigned
and mum is still in search of another

haven’t been to the walls of a school before, but am learned more than a kid who had been a student all her life” I snivelled, wiping the tears off my face and mum brought out a mirror from her bag, obviously checking if her little tears had ruined her makeup

what an egoistic fellow!

she picked up her bag and made to walk out through the door

” what the hell!
mum are you really leaving me behind” I called moving ahead of her to the door
“yeah Karen, so stop asking me like you don’t know” she said and I scoffed
your kidding mum
your really kidding
can you tell me the brain behind this mum?
the main reason why you choose to lock me home like some domestic animal” I rasp in anger

” why don’t you go ask your father” mum said moving towards the door

” and that same man is your husband, mum!
when are you gonna stop saying shit about him?” I yelled

” well, I don’t see my self doing that until I get off the mess he shove me in and rub off on my daughter” she rasp

I knew it
I knew my dad was kinda related to all this
too bad, he died long before I could remember

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I cleaned my tear stained face and held unto the door knob, preventing mum from going out

“what’s the meaning of this Karen,?” mum asked seeing me holding the door knob

“you aren’t going out through this door without me, and if your hell bent on going through it without me, then your gonna go through me first” I rasp and mum took in a deep tiring breath

at times I feel for her but I really need to do this, I really need to be strong least am gonna be stuck in here forever

“Nita!!” my mum called and my personal made came running down the stairs

“take care of my daughter and don’t forget my rule!
don’t let her out” she said and turned towards me

” don’t let me do this the hard way Karen” she cooed
“do your worst mum” she shoved me off the door, clicking the keys from outside, like she has always done and I found myself crying