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Married To A Prince. Episode 10

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Episode 10

“cling cling cling!!” came the lame ass from my alarm
I rolled over on the bed using the pillows to cover up my ears but the alarm kept indulging into my privacy

I yawn and stood up in anger,walking towards the dumb ass clock

“what’s your problem huh?
are you gonna disturb me all day huh?
are you gonna add to my worries like mum always do, huh?
are you gonna wake me up from my sweet dreams into my boring life huh?” I yelled hitting the alarm clock, dealing it so many punches
but the annoying wretch kept on ringing nonstop

I gave it a mighty kick in anger and it fell off my lamp stand

omg! I broke my alarm clock!
I felt years welling up in my eyes
mum’s really gonna get mad at me
I stood up,squatting to the size of the lamp stand,trying to fix the mess I had made of it

my room door flung open and mum rushed in

shit! am busted

“Karen” mum called
“yeah mum
good morning” I greeted itching my head and I could tell mum was twitched
it’s been ages since I last greeted her, isn’t it enough to get twitchy?

“Karen you greeted” mum said with surprise and excitement written all over her

“is that suppose to be a question or a statement?” I asked and she smiled out her cute dimples

“both” she said and I chuckled

she gasp placing her hands on her mouth, then the other on her killer hips

you smiled Karen!
like you just chuckled” mum said with wide eyes
“cit it out mum!
stop making it look like am not human or something, I smile and chuckled often and you know it, so stop acting weird, trying to make a mull out of it” I said rolling my eyes at her.

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“we don’t see that every day you know”mum said gigging and I had a frown on my face

“so why are you here?” I asked and she smiled again
“I and Nita wanna go out
I have an important meeting to attend, and would be taking a flight down to Manila today
am gonna be back tomorrow so please take care of yourself” mum said and I felt my eyes wet

don’t tell me am crying, cause I really don’t want to
never will I let this woman see my tears again
and have broken that already cause she had seen it already

can’t believe am crying

“c-mon Karen, am not gonna be gone for a life time
just some business stuff and am done
I promise am gonna be here early before you wake up
so cheer up and stop acting like a baby” she said and I felt my head spinning

“acting like a baby for real?
mum am acting like a baby?
why won’t I, when your locking me up every perfect day like a baby for good fifteen years mum, you’ve got no conscience at all” I said giving her a disdainful stare

“what Karen?
you really aren’t choosing your dad over me
are you?” mum asked
“what if I do?” I asked and her eyes widened
“you seriously can’t do that Karen!
not after the mess he put us in” mum rasp holding tight to my door knob, Like she knew I was really gonna shove her off my room any moment soon

“I will choose him over you, cause the both of you kept Me in the dark.
and yours is even worst cause it’s the silly reason why am being locked in here like a pile of vegetables” I yelled

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“Karen don’t you think I have a reason for doing that?” mum asked and I seize her up
“yeah you do, so please leave my room” I yelled folding my hands under my boobs

Karen you wanna walk your mother outta your room?” mum asked in shock

“there’s nothing wrong in a daughter shoving an intruder outta her room.
so get going mum” I yelled shoving her off

I lean my backbone the door with my head on my hands

can’t believe I said that to mum!
I love my mum
I love her so much
can’t believe she’s making me hate her
she’s shoving me away from her

I walker into my bathroom and began brushing my tooth, I sat inside the bathtub, scrubbing my body with my eyes closed
today’s gonna be super boring
I walked out of the kitchen,cleaning my hands with a kitchen towel

“are you filled already?” one of the maids asked with a slight bow
and I snub her,walking to the sitting room window

such a boring fellow
they are all bunch of nonentity
they can’t even sit with me,not to talk of sharing words together

I miss Nita,
just pray she comes on time

“hey” I heard someone called and looked up to see my new friend

I don’t even know his name or where he lives
each time I wanna ask him,it often seems too heavy for me to voice out

he looks super cute this morning
I couldn’t help drooling
he looks so dreamy
what planet is he from?

I looked down but couldn’t find him
where’s he?

“hey!” I heard is soft voice and i screamed

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“omg! you scared me” I said and he laughed

gosh! how did he get in here
he’s sitting on my window pane

how the hell did he get in here?
this is a two storey buildung,how come he landed here?

“how did you get in here?” I asked
my lips were shuttering in fear,excitement and surprise
and he smile out dimples

how can someone be this cute?
he looks so ethereal
are you sure he’s even human?

“lets just say am a magician” he said and chuckled
does magic exist?” I asked and he smiled again

is he addicted to smile?

“yeah!” he replied looking away like he’s worried or something

“hey! what’s wrong?
you don’t look cheerful
mind sharing it with me?” I asked feeling concern that my only friend is unhappy
though he acts weird

“promise you aren’t gonna freak out if I tell you?” he said and I smiled
“I promise I won’t” I said and he signed deeply

“be my girlfriend” he said and my heart skipped