January 19, 2022

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Married To A Prince. Episode 11

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I open the room door and walked into the room, this really isn’t my room though.

let’s just say it’s my bitch room,where I make out or perhaps calling it my s*x room won’t be a bad idea though.

“my prince ” she called grinning from ear to ear.
she really look good though, with her big b**bs and butty butts.

” I don’t need to tell you to strip before you do that?” I asked glaring at her coldly

“c-mon Kyle a little smile won’t hurt” she said and I frowned.

“no one calls me by my name, I won’t forgive you for the second time” I said in anger and walked towards the bar in the room,I pick up a bottle of wine and decanted the liquid into a glass cup before taking a glance at her.

she still lay on the bed with her clothes on, is she dumb or something.

“are you gonna strip off or make me do it myself” I yelled smashing the glass cup with my hands.

“woah! that’s sounds romantic it will be an honour having the prince hands slid down my panties” she said giggling and I clench my teeth.
I f**king hate stubborn girls and it seems this whore wanna see the monster in me.

“strip off before the count of four….. 1” I counted and she stood up smirking.
I took my glance back to the bar and got hold of another wine glass, I decanted the drink into the it,slipping it slowly.

I heard the blaring sound of music and turned back only to see the silly bitch dancing.

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“what! the hell?
does this place looks like a club house?
don’t you know what i wanna pay you for?
do i need to teach you your job”I yelled going berserk.

“your smile alone will pull off my clothes, and I wanna watch you do that”she said putting off the song with her hands on her hips.

what the hell?
did she escape from the rehab or something.

“where are you from?” I asked between gritted teeth

“from new York, am a professional stripper and am good at what i do” she said boastfully and I smiled.

“it seems you don’t know me then,cause if you do, you would have been crawling towards my di*k “I said and she huffed

what the hell!
I think I really need to show her what am really made up.

“this is the height of it”I yelled getting a hold of her long hair,I tighten my grip on it shoving her to the bed.

“bring it on baby”she said smiling widely, i lean her against the wall with my eyes, and her clothes kept pulling off her body on it’s own.

“what are you doing?”she asked obviously in fear trying to move but couldn’t.
I smiled walking towards the drawer in the room.

“you will never forget this adventure by the time am done”I said opening the drawer

“let go of me”she yelled

“I aren’t holding you”I smirked

“what are you doing, tell them to get their hands off me”she cried

“who? I asked giggling

“am sorry”she pleaded

“shove her into the bed” i commanded and she found herself landing on the bed with an heavy thud.

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“you told me to bring it on, so here am I” I smirked bringing out a vibrator and a dildo from the drawer, and she gasp on seeing them.

“be my girlfriend” he said and my heart skipped

have never thought of that before
I mean,we are just friends right?
we met few weeks back and I know nothing about him,though he kinda know a lot about me

“so what do you have to say about it?” he asked and I gulped in nervously
“hmm nothing!” I replied and his eyes widen in shock

“seriously Karen!” he called and I turttered backwards in surprise

how the hell did he come about my name?
cause I never told him my name
he’s beginning to act creepy,like some crazy weirdo

first he said he’s a magician
secondly he knew my name without me telling him
isn’t that weird?

“am just speechless magician, I just don’t…”I was saying when he interpolated

“don’t call me that he said”
what do I call you then?” I asked and he smile out dimple

“never mind!
I just wanna know the reason why you don’t wanna accept my proposal?
I love you Karen,I really do” he said and I felt confused

what do I do now?
I just don’t know how to reply him
I just don’t know what to say

“give me some time to thing about it
am gonna reply you when next you visit” I said and he looked away worried

“maybe am never gonna visit again” he said and I gasp
your the only friend I have here” I said and he smiled
“my time is limited.
and don’t forget I once loved you” he said jumping off the window pane

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how did he got up here all of a sudden?
everything about him is just weird

“can you at least tell me your name?”I yelled as he dash into the woods

“call me S…….” he said dashing into the woods and I couldn’t hear him….