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Married To A Prince. Episode 13

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Episode 13


omg! I can’t believe I did it
I did it

I can’t remember the last time I was under the sin rays, mum have really ruined my life.

omg! I can’t believe the sight in front of me,it’s damn beautiful
I felt Like a new born baby

if not for my home teacher, who had taught me before she quit the job, I won’t have had an idea of all the things am seeing right now.

everywhere was covered with trees,no single cab was passing by

gracious lord!
mum didn’t only hide me for fifteen years, she also kept me in a forest

I got so tired of walking, I sat on a little rock

the air Is so clean and fresh
gosh! it’s been long I experience something like this

the sun rays where warm on my skin
I felt excitement overwhelm me.
I felt so many things at a time.

if only I can move my room over here,
if only I can lay on the road and make it my bed, if only I can pick up a stick, using it as a mic and sing so loud for the whole world to hear.
if only I could make friends and live here together with them

sounds lame right?
but that’s what I really want

I felt so alive
I felt like a human again
I felt like an over pampered queen
I felt like screaming

I walked over to a pile of flowers and plucked the petals in it,I placed them on my pocket and continue moving.
each time I get to a spot, I will drop some petals on it, so I can easily trail my way back home
I don’t wanna get lost

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I walked and walked for a long time
my feet where hurting me badly

geez! how can mum be so stupid to have locked me in a house inside a god forsaken forest
what if some wide animals jump off the Bush and pounce on me?
what if I get r*pe or harass by some ass licking gangsters?
what if I get kidnap?
what if have lost my way?

this thoughts didn’t nudge at me at first and right now am super scared

the petals on my pockets had finished and I still haven’t gotten to a place where I can sight humans, not even one

I feel so tired and hungry
I had nothing on me, not even a grain of sand

I suddenly wished I had stayed back home, if only I had obeyed mum
if only i hadn’t leave home,I would have cuddle myself up in my bed.
I will never get out again

gosh! the sun was hot on my feet and I stared at my feet and gasp

holy mother**ker!
I had no shoe on!

I felt my feet burning under the sun

geez! the sun felt warm on me a while ago, why’s it becoming unfriendly and harsh to me?
is this what mum meant when she said I shouldn’t come out?

I felt my eyes heat up like I was gonna cry any moment soon.

suddenly I sighted a truck moving slowly
geez! I would have take this truck if it’s going back to the route leading to my house, but it’s leading out of town.

I waved it down and it slowed down few meters away from me

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“this isn’t a passenger vehicle” he said and made to drive off.

if I miss this opportunity, I will be struck here for the night.
perhaps I can get a good Samaritan, who might help me with a fare back home

“please give me a ride to wherever your going to,I lost my fare” I lied and he hesitated for a while before letting me hop into his goddamn truck

“thanks”I muttered as he drove off

I alighted from the truck and stared in awe at the ineffable sight in front of me.
the whole place look beautiful and busy,people where walking to and fro and it seems they couldn’t see me cause they kept walking past without sharing a greeting or small talks with me,

is this how they are?
I thought they were gonna be friendly?
don’t they knew I was locked up at home for fifteen years?

I huffed, walking aimlessly in anger when I saw a phone fall off a ladies handbag
I was dark already so most passersby couldn’t see it,
though the street lights where glimmering

“hey!” I yelled running towards the pretty Lady

“what is it?” she asked giving me a cold glare
“sorry you actually misplaced this,it fell off your bag” I said and she gasp on seeing her phone with me.
she snatch it from me immediately she caught sight of it

“how did you get a hold of my phone?
you stole it, didn’t you?”she rasp and I shuddered in shock


“I won’t have returned it if I stole it in the first place”I said rolling my eyes

“oh! my bad” the lady exclaimed
“am sorry I didn’t thought of that,am so sorry” she said and I huffed

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my first time of trying to make another female friend after my fifteen years of boring life,and she just ruined everything

“it’s okay” I said and made to leave
“I would have shared sometime with you,perhaps a cup of ice cream won’t hurt,but am actually in a haste to go see my boyfriend” she rasp and I assumed she’s a blabber mouth

“see you some other time,
am kira” she shared a small handshake with me and left even before I could reply

is this how they act here?
but this isn’t how they act in story books!

I had wanted to ask her for fare but she seems rude and pompous.

I turned towards the road.
now am stuck here!

a car light suddenly pierce into my eyes,halting in front of me and the occupant came out of it.