January 27, 2022

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Married To A Prince. Episode 14

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what’s she dining here?
I thought she Left for Manila? and was suppose to fly in tomorrow?

then why’s she here?
and how did she got to know of my whereabout?

geez! mum would go hard on me
she will flare up on me.
and it’s something I really don’t need at this moment
all I need now is a warm bath and a soft flipflop under my now aching foot

can’t believe I walked bare footed all this while!

mum elated from the car,fear was visible in her eyes
she walked past me and hurried into what looked like a station or something

“mum!” I called and she shrink on seeing me
her fears where suddenly replaced with anger

“mum!”I caller again and she walked towards me while I lean on the car bonnet
she kept staring at me in shock and surprise

“what are you doing here mum?
you left for manila this morning so how come your here?” I asked yawning tiredly

“Karen!” mum called like she say a ghost
“yeah mum it’s me
enough if that drama please, I need to get home before I slump here
my feet hurt badly” I said trying to open the car door

“you came out Karen
you disobeyed me Karen
you disobeyed your mother” mum yelled with tears flying off her eyes
“am sorry mum!
it won’t happen again” I pleaded and she kept on crying

“she got into the drivers seat and I got into the passenger seat beside her

she kept on sobbing while driving and all I could here her mutter was
‘Margaret why?
Margaret why?
you couldn’t save her
you couldn’t save your only daughter”she kept on sobbing

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I really don’t know why she’s sobbing and soliloquizing,calling her name in the process

this woman is keeping me in the dark for too long
for heavens sake am her daughter and needs to know everything that concerns me

“mum am sorry” I said and she kept sobbing,swerving the car into a bend

“there’s nothing to be sorry about Karen!
they are coming for you
they will surely come for you” she said sobbing real hard

I was beginning to hate my self for stepping out of the house

mum is crying cause of me!
the only person have gat in the world!

“how did you got to know I wasn’t in the house?” I asked and she snivelled real hard as she drove through the lonely road I had walked on
I strain my neck to get a glimpse of the petals but found none

geez! can’t believe I would have got lost if mum haven’t showed up at the station

but what’s she doing there anyway

“I was the middle of an important meeting back there in Manila when Nita called to say you weren’t home and the entrance door was opened” mum said still snivelling

“I had to take the next available flight down here,I searched for you but didn’t find you,I was gonna report to the cops when you actually saw me” mum said driving into the woods,I caught sight of our house already
it’s the only house there

“so mum, why do we need to live in here,far away from people, like we are some sort of wild animals mum”I said and she scoffed

“Roderigo brought this on us,if not for your fathers mess we won’t have been here,probably you would have been in college”mum said pulling the car into the parking lot

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“I don’t understand mum!
what’s the mess all about?” I asked and she frowned

it’s been long I saw mum this angry
she looks really hurt by my actions
I just don’t understand

“listen to me Karen!
am suppose to be mad at you,but I aren’t cause I feel it’s all my fault,if I had seat my ass down here and didn’t attend the meeting, you won’t have gotten the nerves,the temerity to step an inch outside” mum yelled and I shrink in fear

“do you wanna make me leave my whole life here?
married to the house?” I asked and she scoffed

“am your mother and I know what’s best for you
I was only trying to fix things up and relocate far away from here alongside my job,once you clock 23,but you spoilt it all already” mum rasp

I never knew she had such idea
“mum” I called and she frowned

“no more word,from you go in there and pack up your bags
we are getting out of here first thing tomorrow morning” mum yelled and walked into the house
leaving me stranded

what’s wrong with mum?



“dad you sent for me” that bastard of a brother came in looking super cute as always

“yeah! I did,sit”dad said motioning to the chair in front if me while I sat beside him,with mum beside Kyle

like mother like son
“the monk haven’t really gotten a track of your bride,so I think you should get another bride”dad said and he flared up in anger

“if that’s why you called me dad,then am sorry to say am busy with something else” he said and stood up

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“there’s nothing busier than you becoming king and having the kingdom on your shoulders
get another bride or lose the throne to your brother” dad yelled and I smiled

you can’t do that dad!
you know how much i crave for the throne” he yelled and mum slammed her hands on her forehead obviously tired of our our little brawl

“then watch me do it!
get a bride before 72 hours or forget about succeeding me” dad said and he gasp

“72 hours!
that’s 3days dad
how am I gonna go about that”he yelled

“probably Rana will suit him” I said mockingly
and his eyes grew red

“stay out of my business” he yelled and I felt a tight hold on my throat

he used his powers on me

“let go of me” I yelled almost choking
“let go of him Kyle,do you wanna kill your brother” dad yelled and he let go of his powers on me

I fell to the ground with a heavy thud

“the next time you intrude into my privacy,I will make sure I fry your brains” he threatened and made to leave when a guard came in

“my lord the monk is here” he said and my eyes shone

“let him in” dad said and the monk came in moments later

“welcome noble one!
what do you have for us” dad asked and the monk sat on the floor speaking gibberish

“my lord!
I have finally found her foot print” he said and I jumped off my seat