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Married To A Prince. Episode 15

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“good morning ma” the maids kept greeting as I hurried out if my room
I couldn’t even respond to their greetings

am damn worried
I need to get out of here before they get here

I can’t let them get her
I can’t !!

Roderigo put me into this mess and I pray I come out clean from it

“where’s Karen,is she done packing?” I asked one of the maids

“I haven’t seen her since morning ma” she replied and I nodded walking down the stairs

she had better not make this difficult for me
I need to get out of here before the kings entourage come here to get her

I can’t let them get her

I walked into the sitting room but couldn’t get a glimpse of her.
seems she isn’t done packing her stuffs

“hey” I signalled a maid and she rushed towards me with her head bowed

“yes ma” she replied
“go assist my daughter pack up her stuffs!
hurry up I don’t have all day” I said and she nodded obsequiously,taking the stairs up to my daughters room

I picked up my phone,pulling a call across to someone
the phone kept ringing and at the last ring he picked it up

#hello Mrs Roderigo # is voice boomed out of the receiver and I rolled my eyes on hearing that monsters name

#yeah! how’s it going?# I asked picking the pictures of I and Karen,which where in the TV shelf and flung them into an open bag

#it’s going really fine!
few more minutes and it’s ready# he replied and I scoffed

#don’t disappoint me!
you know I count on you” I said and hung up

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hope that daughter if mine I’d ready?

I took the stairs up to my room,got a hold of my box and bags and began rolling them down the stairs

“where’s she?” I asked the maid I had sent to her room earlier on

“she’s still sleeping ma” she said and I felt fireworks exploring inside my head

holy crap!

“tell Mr your joking ” i yelled and she jumped back in fright

“am sorry ma, but am saying the truth ma”she said and I blinked my eyes in surprise

I let go of my bags, making them fall off the stairs but I don’t care.
I found myself racing towards her room in anger and fear

I barge into her room and she opened her eyes slowly

“good morning mum” she greeted and covered her face with the pillow going back to sleep

you haven’t start packing your stuff?” is asked with wide eyes

“mum I thought you were joking”she said itching her eyes

what the hell !!!

“Karen are you playing games with me?
like,are you kidding?”I asked and she kept itching her eyes

“I slept off late, mum!
so please lemme get some rest am still tired and my feet still hurt from yesterday’s crazy adventure

shut the door when your leaving and please, tell a maid to get me a glass of milk”she rasp and i felt my head spin

“get that crazy ass of yours off that bed now!!” I yelled and she jumped off in fright

why can’t this lady just understand me for once?

“mum” she called ad I sent her a cold glare
“fine!, lemme start packing”she said standing up from the bed
“nope! there’s no need for that” I said and she gulped in

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“fine! lemme go take my bath”
“there’s no need for that,
let’s go!!” I yelled and she flinched

“mum! can I at least brush my tooth?”she asked and I barked at her in anger

get your ass into the car now!!”I yelled and she jumped off the bed

The maids had packed my bags into the car booth and I ignite the car engine, driving off

“where are we relocating to, mum?” Karen asked
“to south Korea” I replied and she gasp

“what!! mum!!
what are we gonna be doing there?” she rasp

“no more word from you” I yelled and she kept shut with an angry look on her face.

I drove into the Woods and some cars blocked the front of mine

what’s going on?
who are they?

I gasp on seeing the palace guards, got off one of the cars

“bursted!!!” I yelled slamming my hands on the car stereo in anger

what am I gonna do?

“mum what’s going on?” I asked In wonderment as mum got hold of my hands immediately we came out of the car


“oouch!” I screamed as she held my hands,dashing off into the woods

“get her!!!!!” I heard a deep authoritative voice as we ran off

the guards kept on running an ad soon caught up with us

“let go off her, please take me instead” mum pleaded and the guard scoffed,pulling me roughly with him,while mum fell on her kneels in tears

omg! what’s going on?
who are this men?

“how could you do this meg” the cure old man called

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he seems to know my mum cause only her close associates call her ‘meg’

“am sorry my lord” mum said and I gasp on realising he was the king

omg! the king of this vast kingdom!

“you aren’t sorry meg!
if you were, you would have known what she meant to me” he said gesturing at me

“am sorry my lord!,
I just don’t want her to be far from me,
she’s my responsibility”mum rasp still in tears

“without her my son is never gonna seat on that throne
without her my throne is gonna be vacant for many generations.
without her this kingdom seems not to exist and you say your sorry”the king spoke gently

“am sorry my lord, I only wanted to protect her”mum cried

“take her in” the king ordered and the guards shoved me into the car

“omg! Karen don’t go!
don’t leave me please!!” mum pleaded as the cars began driving out slowly

I watched helplessly as mum kept crying.
I felt my eyes heat up with tears streaming down my eyes
it’s all my fault
am sorry mum…..