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Married To A Prince. Episode 16

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Episode 16


The car drove into a big gate,after a long ride. one if the guards upended the car door for me,giving me a slight bow and my eyes dazzled at the beauty in front of me

omg! have never seen such a beauty before, not even in movies.

I kept on admiring the mansion with my eyes when the king walked up to me and gave me a tap,I came back from my world of merriment to face the harsh reality before me

“am sorry with the way it all looked over there,and am sorry you had to leave your mother,but I assure you,your gonna be safe here” he said and left even before I could reply.

I took my eyes upward admiring the beauty before me,when I caught a glimpse of an ocean blue pair of eyes boring into mine
geez! he was super hot
like my kyle

wait a minute!
don’t tell me he’s my Kyle!
the one have been dying for!

is he the one am betrothed to?
omg! I can’t believe this
it looks too good to be real,like am in some sort of dream or something
omg! I can’t believe it’s happening to me
like, me!
Karen? of all the ladies out there
omg! so he’s my fiancé?

“can’t wait to have his soft lips on mine” I said smiling shyly.

I looked up at the window but he had closed it already. but I had the feeling he’s still staring at me behind the closed window

I kept looking around the big building with my eyes
gosh! it’s too big to be a house,I doubt if people actually do live here,or perhaps it’s a palace?

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I thought but shoved it off
it can’t be.

ROYAL PALACE was scribbled boldly on the mansion
I doubt if it even has an end
it’s damn too big

“let’s go ma’am
the royal lady will be waiting”one of the guards said with a bow

what’s wrong with this people?
do they have to bow all the time? or is that how they behave over here?

“okay!” I replied and one if the guards rolled out a carpet on the floor

it was so beautiful and shiny with silver flowers all over it

am I suppose to walk on it?I thought

“what difference does it makes though” i said taking a step forward
ignoring the beautiful carpet,spread out for me

“the royal lady instructed us to do this” one of the guards said and I hurriedly step on it.

I don’t wanna be in her bad books
I don’t wanna send a wrong message to the Queen or the royal house hold

I walked on the rug and got into the large sitting room

holy molly!!
it’s damn cozy and I tried balancing myself so I don’t miss my steps

my eyes ran over the large sitting room and my mouth opened in shock.
the whole place looked shiny and well kept
the couch where heavenly made
the white designs on the wall with blue stripes on it,where to die for!
the middle table was made of gold,
wow! pure gold!!!

from all my growing up days,I haven’t seen something as beautiful like the sight before me right now.
I doubt if paradise won’t look like this.
though my room back at home is beautiful,but it’s nothing near what am seeing right now

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everywhere seems to be made if glass and the stair case and lift looked like it has just been washed.

maids with same uniforms kept moving to and fro,the large sitting room,obviously doing their jobs

I just pray everything go well like have thought of.

the idea of bringing me here wasn’t bad after all.

I caught a sight of a slender lady,on one of the couch
she looked so beautiful and richly dressed
“perhaps she’s the Queen” I thought

I face was buried into a fashion magazine she didn’t seems to have noticed my presence
“greetings my queen”the guards greeted and she looked up on seeing me, she gasp covering her mouth with her palm

“what a beauty!
you are an Angel
kyle would be lucky to have you”she rasp pulling off her spec and flung the magazine she was reading,across across the large room.

A maid who had stood behind all this while,walked towards the magazine picking it up before resuming her position behind the queen.
seems she’s doing her job as the queens personal maid

“thank you ma” I replied shyly.
she stood up and gave me a hug

“can’t wait to see your Tummy bulging with my grandchild in there,cause kyle won’t spare you when he sees you” she said pulling off the hug

geez! everything still look like a long dream to me.

first,is sneaked out of the house
secondly, mum got a hold of me reprimanding me seriously and boom!
I found myself here.

sounds too good to be true
am feeling scared

“why don’t you go freshen up sweetheart”the queen said and I suddenly realised I was in my pyjamis and my hair was ruffle

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what a mess!

she signalled to a maid
“take her to Prince kyles room” she ordered and the Maud nodded

“hi mum”I heard a voice and turned to see a cute looking guy pecking the queen

“hey sky!
meet your brothers bride karen,
Karen meet my youngest son sky”she said and I froze on seeing him while he just smiled

“hi beautiful” he called and i smiled
“hey!..hi..hey!” I said nervously and walked out with the maid

omg! what’s he doing here?
is he a prince and disguise to me like a friend?
do he know am betrothed to his brother?
that’s why he’s forcing me to be his girlfriend?

omg! am confused

“here is his room ma”the maid bowed and left

I opened the door and slowly got inti the large room

what sort of beauty is this?

it’s damn beautiful

I made to seat on one of the couch when I began hearing funny sounds

that looks like a moan!

I walked to the bathroom where the sound is coming from and froze on spot on seeing my suppose Prince Kyle making out with a bitch,right there in the bathroom

holy crap!

hold on!
is this the same guy am gonna get married to?
hell noo!!!