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Married To A Prince. Epilogue.

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Written by me: Authoress succy



“kyle! kyle!!”I called walking towards the roof top and there I saw him sitting on it, with his gaze staring down

“whats wrong dear?” I asked sitting close to him
“sitting here often reminds me of the lovely memories i had with my brother while we were younger” he said and I heard him snivelled

“don’t tell me you still haven’t gotten over him?” I asked in shock
“he’s a traitor, he’s a murderer….he’s a….” I was still saying when he interpolated slowly

“but he’s still my brother
I hated him cause he hated me
I fought him cause he fought me
but deep down, I know I love my brother
we held so many memories and secrets together
not until he began acting jealous
i never knew how dear he was to me till I lost him”he said crying hard

“it’s been months now, you need to get over it” I said placing his head on my shoulder

“if he was still alive I would have given him the throne
I had always wish to rule ever since i was a kid, but all that changed the very moment I realized I love you
I just want him to know I love him from the depth of my heart” he said and I wipe off his tears

“it’s okay baby, your making me wanna cry too” I said and he force out a smile

“Nita and Desmond, sends their appreciation” I said changing the topic
“who’s Nita and Desmond?” he asked and I frowned

“Nita, that friend of mine whose wedding we had attended yesterday” I said and he slam a finger on his forehead

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“am sorry honey, it skipped me” he’s said and I smiled
“why won’t it skip you! when your head is filled with so many things
your company, me, the kingdom, our baby…. so many f**king things” I said and he tittered

“you know, I really don’t want you moving about, stressing your self and key baby
i want him to come out plump like a balloon” he said and I gasp

“do you think child birth Is easy huh?” I rasp
“easy or not easy, my baby mama is strong to push out my baby”he said and I looked away blushing

such a smooth talker
everything about him is unique

“I thought out a name for our baby” I said and he pop his head at me

what’s it?” head asked and I smiled
“how about if we call him KK” I said and he gasp

“what sort of weird name is that huh?” he queried

“it isn’t weird Kyle, it stands for you and I
Kyle and Karen!
or perhaps we can call him KK junior” I said and he frowned

“no child of mine will bare that name!” he rasp
“so what do we call him then?” I asked

“Khalid” he replied almost immediately

nice name
where did you get that from?” i asked and he smiled

“your mum actually told me to call him Khalid” he said and I grinned
“my mum?” I asked
“yeah!” he replied and I blinked my eyes rapidly

and i wasn’t aware?” I asked in all smile

“how would you, when you keep walking around the party nonstop with your bulgy stomach” he said and I touched my stomach
It was indeed bulge and my waist hurt most times

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“in a matter of weeks, I will be in my ninth month” I said and he smiled

“can’t wait to see my little Khalid, baby” he said pulling me closer
“yeah! baby
I really can’t wait” I responded and he slam his lips on mine
kissing me slow, steady, then at a rough and fast pace

I wrap my hands on his neck and he place his around my waist
love is indeed a beautiful thing