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Married To A Prince. Episode 18

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Episode 18

I felt scared as his cold eyes bored into mine, I felt a great wave of fear hit me and I shrink as my lips suddenly went limb

I haven’t felt this way before.
I was suppose to be happy and maybe jumping on him but I couldn’t.
all I feel about him is fear he finally took his eyes off me and scoffed

he stare at me for a pretty long time,I felt scared and same time shy.
I took my eyes to the floor watching him as he sank his hands into his trousers pocket.
next he walked towards me slowly like he was counting his steps.
I shut my eyes in fear and my mind wander off
“why are you scared?”he asked raising up my face with one of His hands while the other was stuck into his pocket

I felt shy,I couldn’t even think at that instant

gosh!.wasn’t he the same person who was making out with a b*tch a while ago?

oh! he probably realised he had a waiting bride!

“are you shy to look into my eyes?” he asked and I frowned,
locking my hands under my b**bs

“do I look shy to you?” I asked rudely and he smiled

“yeah! you look shy,if you aren’t you would have looked me in the face” he said and I grinned

“I think your the one whose suppose to feel shy here,but your not even showing signs of remorse,even after making out in the bathroom with a bitchy b*tech”I yelled and he pulled a surprise look on his face

“how did you got to know about that?” he asked and I scoffed

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“your moans actually told me what was going on in there”I rasp and he rolled his eyes

“am sorry” he said and I huffed and tried walking out on him when he drew me back

“I said am sorry” he said and I signed
“so…? should I go live in the rehab cause your sorry! huh?” I rasped

“nope! I don’t need that” he replied
“what do you need then?
something to perfectly reset your brain right?”I Cooed and he smiled

“nope! I need this” he said and slam his lips on mine,kissing me roughly with his tongue going in and out of my mouth.
the door to the room was shut so loud that I found myself drifting back from my silly imaginations

I can’t believe I was imagining all this while

I felt I was too lame to see the handwriting on the wall,that he’s never gonna see me as his bride

what was I thinking in the first place huh!
that my silly imaginations will ever come true?
he will never find me worthy as a bride
probably he doesn’t seems to like the idea of him getting married to me

I really don’t know much about him, other than him being a flirt
if not for Nita,I won’t have known a thing about him.

I really can’t believe am with my Prince charming
the first guy have ever fell in love with, I can’t believe am gonna be living in the same room with him

am getting married to him,my Prince charming.

I couldn’t tell what was wrong with me,
one part of me is happy and another is unhappy

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I looked out of the window in the large room and discovered it was getting dark already


I walked towards the bathroom to know if the stripper was still there.
who knows, she might even be his girlfriend

a cute guy like him is likely to have a girlfriend unlike me.

I eye searched the first bathroom and found out she isn’t there.
seems she had left long before I came in the second time.

I took a deep breath and grab a towel from its rack and rushed off to the bathroom to take a warm bath.

can’t believe they were damn serious all along ,when I had caught a glimpse of her from the window, I had thought she’s probably any of the maids relative or perhaps a visitor,though she doesn’t look like one.

not until I saw her in my room that was when it dawned on me that she’s my f**king bride to be.

I can’t lose the throne to that jerk of a brother
why did mum and dad made it so difficult for me huh?
it was a good thing she’s beautiful and would be sweet down there but that doesn’t mean,I aren’t gonna make her regret ever meeting me.

I felt so much anger in me each time I realise that I will never get the throne without her.
can’t believe I,the heir apparent has to be tied down with some crazy ass Lady all because of the throne

a mere lady!!

and that’s gonna be the perfect reason why am gonna make her bit her lips in regret,for ever stepping an inch near me

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I will make her to through hell
I will make her scream my name loud in bed every f**king night.
I will hurt her with everything I can hurt her with,that when next she sees me,she will pass out

Good thing she saw what happened today in the bathroom,I could tell she obviously saw it,from the looks in her eyes.
that alone should be a tip of the iceberg.

I scrubbed my body as the water from the shower, flow down my body,washing the soap off me.

I got a hold of the towel and tied it on my chest,before walking into the large room.

luckily for me,the queen had ordered a maid to bring me a nightie.

I got a hold of the towel, holding it on the knot end,ready to pull it off my chest when the door flung open and I turned to see him, leaning on it,
looking as cute as ever

I thought I locked the door?