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Married To A Prince. Episode 28

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Season 2
Episode 28


“good morning ” I greeted him ,rubbing my itchy eyes then let out a long yawn

can’t believe he just snub me
isn’t it too early for that?

I took my eyes to his side and saw an earphone over his ears

wow! seems he didn’t snub me then!

he looked dressed up like he wanna go out
my thoughts went over to my new phone and I smiled picking it up from the lamp stand were I had kept it last night

talking about my toe
it’s getting a whole lot better

“hey!” I heard his voice

what happened last night?
did he encounter an angel?
he had never greeted me before and his voice was usually cold,why using a care laden voice for me today?

“hey!”I replied and he smiled

he smiled!
he just smiler at me!!

I think I need to celebrate this!
am gonna dance all day long cause he smiled at me

I could hear the buzzing sounds of butterflies in my stomach

“how was your night?” he asked and I gasp but quickly replaced it with a little smile

“it was fine!” I replied sipping my foot into another flip flop

“how about your ankle does it still hurt?”he asked and I smiled
“nope! it’s getting better” I replied walking towards the bathroom
he nodded abs took his eyes back to his phones after placing the headphone on the sofa next to him

I walked slow and steadily towards the bathroom feeling his eyes on my back view

I felt a sharp pain on my abdomen and I shrink

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“ooouch!” I wince even before I could hold myself

oh! please it shouldn’t be the usual monthly cramp!
cause I can’t see myself going through those pains
it’s something I really wish I could stop

other ladies observe theirs without stress but mine is just like an headache
if only I can advert it
too bad,I can’t cause it’s inevitable

thank goodness my wince wasn’t loud enough to attract Mr pompous attention
though he’s becoming friendly but I can’t see myself being free with him
who knows,he might end up being a chameleon with different colours

I took my lower lips into my mouth and tried standing up from the bending posture I had done earlier on

the pain came back with full force and I found myself screaming with a hand under my tummy while the other held the door knob

“hey! are you okay?” I heard Mr pompous asked and I kept mute trying to go into the bathroom

“Karen!” he called seeing I was still wincing
“am okay”I rasp and turned the door getting into the bathroom on seeing he was staring at me from the couch were he had sat

I lean on the door almost at the verge of bursting into tears
why did this had to happen now?
I don’t like the fact that he saw how helpless I look
it made me feel stupid like I just made a fool of myself
I felt like crying

funny enough, I aren’t even on my flow
then why did this ugly cramp had to surface earlier on

I rolled my eyes anger, wrap a towel on my body before stepping into the bathtub.
“it’s just a two hour meeting, not like it’s gonna take all day”he explained and I rolled my eyes

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can’t believe I would be sitting my ass down for two hours listening to some boring company stuff

“can’t you at least tell them you are still honeymooning?”I asked picking up a serviette while he sipped water from his glass cup

“it’s one of my companies Karen, and I just wanna address the board against something I wanna Bring to their notice”he said and I rolled my eyes

who does that?

“you still have a company here in Cairo?I asked and he frowned
“that isn’t important,
go in there and get those clothes off you in 10minutes” he rasp walking out of the dinette

here we go!
he’s back to his cold and bossy manner
did he realised am his wife?
and who the hell attend meetings during honeymooning?

I got into the room and changed into a long yellow gown which had an opening in the front and V opening at the back
I did a light makeup and packed my hair, pick up my purse after slipping my foot into a heel, to join Mr pompous in the car
i thought Kyle said it’s a two hours meeting?
we’ve been here for like forever and trust me when I say am damn tired

that’s gonna be more marketable to the public and more profitable to us if we could put it into consideration sir” a man on suit said and another stood up

“the contract with Mr Khalid wasn’t accepted sir cause it looked more like a scam scheme” another man who happens to be kyles manager, spoke up

“research more on it Alvin,
if it’s fraud get back to me, am gonna handle it but if it’s not, strike the deal with them
remember I don’t want loss” Kyle spoke and they all nodded

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“I don’t want back stabbers and tattle tales, you know what’s gonna happen if I fish you out” he yelled and they all nodded while I kept mute watching him like he’s acting a movie

“leaking out the companies private information is highly prohibited and you know that!

Alvin is gonna give out the new rules but for now, we need to call it a day”he said and stood up while the workers stood up shaking hands with themselves

the workers where pretty much, I tried eye counting them where we all sat round the large table

he kept whispering to his manager
seems he’s his favourite

“let’s go”he said to me and I stood up relieved when he shoved me gently back onto the chair
” what was that for?” I asked with an eye roll
“you have a stain on your dress”