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Married To A Prince. Episode 32

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Season 2
Episode 32


I felt a cold breeze blow out of the window and the atmosphere felt super cool,I opened my eyes slowly and tried sitting up on the bed

the pains I felt in between my legs,reminded me of last night

it was so….I just couldn’t fund the perfect word to describe it with

I opened the duvet slightly, staring at my thighs which hurt Like mad
the bed sheet was in a mess with my blood on it,looking like Japan flag.
I placed my head on my open palm

geez! I can’t believe am no longer a v*rgin
it isn’t bad right?
after all am married and he’s my husband
isn’t he?

“hey!” I heard his voice and I pop up my head to see him staring at me

holy shit!
has he been here all this while?
staring at me?
is he gonna go back to his old ways?
is he gonna continue flirting?
did he meant all he said last night?
what if I get pregnant?
the thoughts kept nudging into my head and I felt helpless and confused

“hey…hi” i replied looking away shyly and a little smile parted his lips
“does it still hurt?” he asked and my cheeks turned red
“a little bit” I replied between twitched breath

“are you always like that?” he asked and I shrink
“like what?” I asked and he smiled
“do you always feel shy around me all the time?”he asked and I blushed

I couldn’t find a suitable word to reply him with
“come let’s go take a bath,we are leaving in 2hours time” he said and I flinched

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bath together?
I can’t do that ,I will blush to death

“hey!” he motioned to me and I nod my head negatively
“what’s wrong?” he asked on seeing I was proving stubborn

“I can’t bath with you” I said face palming myself shyly
“are you being serious?
when I was lying in between your legs last night were you putting on a garment?” he rasp naughtily and I gasp

oh! please!
he’s teasing me!

“come here” he cooed carrying me off the bed and I face palm myself ,feeling shy

he placed me on the bathtub and my cheeks flushed when he picked up a sponge and began scrubbing my body.

I never knew he had this sweet side of him
I pray he shouldn’t change not after treating me nice
can’t bare to lose him
we took the stairs down from his private flight ,immediately it landed on the airport
the guards and maids we took along with us,trailer behind Kyle and I as we climb down the plane

the flight was cool and Kyle was all over me
and I must admit ‘i love it’

the maids and guards quickly joined the palace convey that had been sent to bring us back home,

my long silver coloured gown swept the floor while my heels made funny sounds as we both walked towards
the waiting palace ride
I and Kyle got into the reserved for us while the others took another car ahead of us

“finally we are home!” kyle voiced out and I opened my eyes to meet the shiny gaze of the palace.

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still as beautiful as before,
I noticed slight changes

“do they have to do all this cause of us?” I thought
“tomorrow is the ita festival” he replied and I flinched

did I say that loud?
that explains why the palace is being decorated in a festive mood
seems our arrival had more glamour to it or something

I slump into a sofa in the sitting room,trying to pull off my heels when the Queens voice, stopped me half way

“oh! my prince is back!
my baby is back!!” she screamed with one of her hand spread in an
embrace while the other hand held her long queenly gown up to her kneels to prevent her from stepping on it and crash to the floor

“mum!” Kyle called
taking his hands off mine for the first time since we came in

“I miss you son” she whimpered and kyle chuckled
seems he’s her favourite

“Karen!” she called and drew me into an embrace
planting kisses all over my face

Kyle slipped his hands into mine and the Queens eyes fell on our locked hands

it seems you guys are getting along already” she said and I looked away shyly
“yeah! mum!
as a matter of fact, our honeymooning was a blast” he replied and I blushed

“that’s so sweet in the ears” she said and I smiled
“where’s father?” he asked

“he’s busy with the council of elders, tomorrow is the ita festival
so he’s damn busy”she replied and kyle nodded while we walked to the stairs leading to our room

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“since you guys are………you know!, should I be expecting a baby?”she asked and I gasp while kyle chuckled

“yeah mum!” he replied

what the hell!!
did he just say ‘yes’??


#leave no stone unturn Rana,seems we are gonna take plan B and strike during the festival, am more desperate than you can think# I spoken into the phone

#yeah! am working on that, hope it’s not gonna hurt him?
you promise to make him mine # she spoke from the phone and I scoffed

desperate bitch!

#yeah! yeah!
i won ‘t him okay!
so do as I say, play your part very well and make sure you distract him, so I can strike
my brother is quite sensitive, but if you distract him like we’ve planned, he won’t be able to get access to his powers at the moment, then I will strike #
I rasp and she accepted then I hung up,shoving my phone into my pocket

they are all so dumb not to see how desperate i am, have been waiting for this like forever
let’s see who gets to win this time around