January 17, 2022

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Married To A Prince. Episode 36

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“Nita!!” I yelled and her face shone on seeing
“Karen!!” she called

omg! she’s the one
omg! she’s here in Egypt all this while?

“Nita!” I called again Still in shock
“Nita how’s my mum?
where is she?
what happened to her? Nita please talk to me?”I rasp and she looked up at me

“your cabby is waiting “she said staring at the cabby who had been silent all this while

“you can leave “I relied shoving twice the fare into his palm

“and tell no one you saw me” I added and he bowed slightly before hoping into his cab and drove off

“you can’t go with me Karen!
you are a queen and shouldn’t be seen outside without the royal convey”she said and I shove my hands into my bag and brought out a face mask and wore it on my face

“let’s go”I said and she tittered

“woah! I didn’t see that coming” she said and I giggled as we walked through the market
“Nita were are we heading to?”I asked and she smiled
“you will know when we get there”she said taking her eyes all over my body

“Karen you looked more beautiful
seems Prince kyle is taking good care of you”she said and my mood changed on remembering him

“Karen!!!”Nita called and I jerk out of my thought

“what’s wrong Karen you don’t look okay?”Nita asked and I found myself crying

“Nita” I called and she looked worried
oh! good gracious will kyle ever forgive me for this?
am I doing the right thing?
perhaps this is what I have to risk cause of love, my life!

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I can’t for this
am scared!
I just don’t know what to do!

“it’s okay Karen,if you really don’t wanna talk about it
I perfectly understand”Nita said

“no Nita! telling it to someone will help me ease my ……uhh”I couldn’t complete my statement as I suddenly felt like puking

oh! God what’s wrong with me?
my legs felt so heavy that I couldn’t even move

“Karen!!” Nita called in alarm

“lemme flag a cabby, so we can get there in a jiffy”she offered
“nope! Nita …..let’s get going”I said trying to sound as convincing as I can

“don’t tell me that Karen!
you look pale and sick”she said and flag down a can
we got in immediately and the cabby drove off in full speed.

I lay my head on the car headrest my mind is damn troubled
first am falling sick!
secondly kyle is in a deep sleep
sky is busy planning another scheme since there’s already a remedy to kyles deep sleep
will kyle ever forgive me?

I love him like crazy
his voice,his grumpiness,his smile,his touches
omg! am going crazy!

am missing him
am missing every f**king thing about him.
the cabby came to a stop and we alighted from it and I paid the cabby then he drove off

we got into a small compound, it has no gate and a small garage with two cars parked inside.
the house was more like a duplex and it looks really beautiful
but what’s mum doing here?
is this her new house?

“this is my boyfriends house” she said like she read my thoughts

“woah! it’s beautiful, is he the one you told me about?”i asked and she nodded blushing real hard
“do you live here? alongside my mum?”I asked and she smiled

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“yeah! your mum couldn’t concentrate on her business cause of you and everything began going down the drain,I tried helping but couldn’t cause clause had no idea of a business
she got duped and everything got lost,not until my boyfriend took it upon himself to cater for us and we all moved in here”she said and i forced a smile and walked in

“mum!” i called on sighting her lay on a couch

omg! my baby”mum cried and I rushed into her arms

“omg! I miss you mum!
your still I’m Egypt and couldn’t bother to look for me mum!”I cried and she cried too

“Karen it isn’t what you think, there isn’t a day I don’t think of you Karen,there isn’t!”she cried more

omg! she looks emaciated what happened to her?

“mum!”I called and she stared at me,her eyes filled with happiness and love

“what happened to you?
you look sick”I said and she gave me a wry smile

“all thanks to Nita, I would have been long dead”she said and I gasp
“thoughts off you was what filled my heart and I think am beginning to regain myself”mum said and I smile out tears
“how about kyle
how’s he?
I couldn’t attend your wedding cause my health restrained me
hope he’s taking care of you?”she said and it only brought tears to my eyes

the condition of Prince kyle was hidden from the public,right now I don’t know if I should tell mum
she’s my mum and deserved to know right?

I narrated everything to her and she kept shut

“and you think eloping his the best idea?”she asked
“am confused mum!
I love Kyle mum, I just don’t know how to express it, am forsaking him
am neglecting him mum!
he loves me, kyle loves me mum!”I cried and Nita consoled me

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“in as much as I won’t like to say this Karen,
go back to him Karen,he’s your husband
go back and let love lead you”mum said and I couldn’t help the tears

“what if I die mum! or what if he dies!
we can’t bare to lose each other”I cried again
“then the both of you died for love”mum said and I cried the more

“mum! what does dad has to do with me being betrothed to kyle?”I asked and she frowned

“your father was damn greedy,that is greed led him into committing treason against the king and he was sentence to death,he tried escaping but died in a plane crash,as such his punishment was transfered to you.
then I was pregnant with you
the lot that was cast showed that if the baby happens to be a son,he will be hanged to death
but if the baby is a girl,she will get married to the king first son,who’s suppose to make you suffer
but it seems destiny changed and you guys ended up falling in love
am really surprised”she said and I gasp sitting on a sofa

“that means…. uhh!”that feeling came again and I stood up,one hand on my tummy and the other on my mouth

“this way”Nita cooed taking me to the rest room
“Karen!!”mum called in surprise

what’s wrong me?