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Married To A Prince. Episode 4

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Episode 4
” what are you having for breakfast today my lady” Nita asked with her head slightly bowed

Nita, I thought we’ve talked about this my lady stuff?” I asked with an eye roll

Nita had been my nanny right from when I was a baby,
and she’s my best friend ever since mum won’t let me go out into the world and make real friends

yeah! real friends who will seat close to me all day, telling me about their families, crush, friends who can share their feelings with me

unlike Nita she’s only a talk mate kind if friend, cause we don’t talk about any specific thing

she don’t tell me her secrets and I don’t tell her mine cause I have none

yeah! I have none
what do you expect of a 22 year old girl who doesn’t know the colour of the streets or what it looks like
left for the lame ass pictures mum often take on her way back from work

mum’s just trying to make me bored, like forever

I don’t know what having friends looks like, getting a boyfriend, watching movies with friends, attending birthday parties and all that

mum is a fun killer
not just a fun killer but a joy killer cause she had killed every single joy that’s left in me

Every morning I watch mum leave for work, at times Nita goes out too, to get some stocks in the kitchen and they shut the door, the very moment their feet descend the little stairs which led outside

our house wasn’t fenced and it stood in the middle of shrubs
beautiful garden around it and it and seems our house is in the middle of the garden, with our glittering flowers which served as some sort of fence or something

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there’s a little lake behind our house and its view is just inline with my window
I can see every length and breadth of it, but unfortunately I can’t get to touch it, just the sight of it

I long for the day I will get my bright foot outside and get slapped by the cold natures breeze and the warmth of the sun on my skin
the touch of the water on my skim, while I dip my self deep into the water

I blinked my eyes, still staring at Nita, who was yet to give me a suitable answer to my question

” hey!” I signalled to her and she raised up her head slowly

“well, I really don’t feel it’s proper for me to address you by your name my Lady, cause your my boss and I…” she was saying when I interpolated abrasively

” am not your boss Nita, my mum is” I replied and she signed deeply
” my…..” she was saying when I interpolated again
” listen Nita, your quite older than me with 3 years but I can address you by your name, that’s to show you it’s not much of a big deal, can’t you just get it !!

seriously Nita, your ruining my mood” I replied and she shrink

” nope Karen, I didn’t mean to ruin your day, I just wanna be on the safer side, so I don’t lose my job, your mum might not take it lightly with me if she finds out” she replied gulping in nervously

” and what makes you think so?” I asked and she kept shut, keeping her head bowed

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“c-mon Nita, talk to me
your the only one I can talk to here, the other maids are supper boring and lame
your the prettiest and smartest among them Nita,
you’ve been my nanny almost all my life, but you still don’t get along with me
why?” I asked. tears threatening to fall off my eyes

this people don’t even know what their doing to me
they wanna turn me into an introvert, but I won’t let it.

for 15 whole years have been locked in here, having to view the world from my mind, imaginations, stories and from the comfort of my room window
isn’t that much damage already?

” your mum actually asked me to stay away from you, cause she’s scared we are gonna get so close, that I might end up opening the door and let you out someday” she replied

so my mum actually did that to scare her
why’s she doing all this?

” so what are you saying about my proposal?” I asked and she took a deep breath

” fine,! I agree to call you by your name and get along well with you,
i understand your pains” she said and my heart leap

finally have found a good talk mate

” thank you Nita, thank you” I screamed jumping on her and she stuttered backwards a bit

” take it easy Karen” she said and her words alone, sent butterflies in my tummy

” so what are you finally having for breakfast?” she asked and I snickered
” the other maids will take care of that, I don’t want you off my side” I said and we both chuckled

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” tell me a story” I said
” really?
what sort of story?”she asked and I dallied for a while, thinking about one.

” hm…just tell me about here, this town we lived in and what it looks like” I said and she nodded, sitting beside me

“there’s so much to know about this town, it’s cool, natural,beautiful with so many recreation centers, fun packs, water falls

they are different place for sight seeing but my favourite place is the xazu jungle, it’s worth dying for

and we are blessed with two twin princes,Prince kyle and sky.

you need to see them Karen,they look like Greek gods, their skins are smooth and shiny” Nita kept describing and I felt more urge to see them like never before

“oh! I wish I can see them” I said and Nita jumped off the sofa

” I have a picture of prince Kyle, lemme go get it” she said
hurry….” I cooed excitedly