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Married To A Prince. Episode 6

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Episode 6

“wow! he looks cute” I muttered and Nita smiled
“I told ya” she said and I couldn’t take my eyes off him

” have you seen him before?
like you’ve seen him with your eyes?” I asked, moving my hands all over the small picture

he looks damn cute
come to think of it, he’s a Prince, a prince of the same town where I lived and I haven’t heard a thing about him

“yeah! I have
he’s our Prince and it isn’t a big deal though I only saw him once in blue moon” she replied and I gasp

” I will die if I see him”I replied jocularly holding my chest dreamily while Nita, kept laughing
“seriously Karen, he’s really cute
same goes to his twin brother but prince kyle is damn cute, too bad he’s a flirt” she said and I pulled the picture. from my chest, staring at it in shock

he’s a flirt?” I asked and she chuckled
“what do you expect of a Prince?
he probably has it all
he’s the king in waiting
he has an automobile company
he has a high school, Kyle’s high. am sure you haven’t heard of it before

he’s the founder and owner of white telecommunications
an story had it that, he’s planning on building a college or something” she said and I stared into the picture again

holy molly!
don’t tell me all she’s saying is true!

how can some this cute possibly leave here, around me and I haven’t heard a word about it

I felt my cheeks wet and I placed my hands on it to discovered I was crying

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geez! I just couldn’t help it
I was beginning to feel the effect of my mums I’ll attitude, towards my interaction with the world

so there’s something like kyles high here, and I never knew

my mum’s really doing a lot of shit to me and I pray she doesn’t have to regret it

“hey! Karen,
what’s wrong?” Nita asked, noticing I was weeping over the picture

“it’s nothing okay!
you can hand it back to me if it’s the reason why your weeping” she said and I wipe my tears immediately

“have fallen for this picture, and whosoever this guy is, is lucky to have won my heart already” I said and Nita tittered
“swears Karen, your funny
i never knew you had this friendly side of yours” she said and I giggled
“neither did I know your this sweet
trust me, your fun to be with.
I won’t mind mum locking me up here with you till am thirty” I said and Nita cracked rushing off yo another couch

“Omg! Karen!
your mum will eventually pass out hearing you say that” she said and I chuckled

” can I ask you a question Nita?” I asked and she smiled
“you just did” she replied and I feign a frown
can I ask you to questions?” I asked and she smirked
“that’s two already” she replied grinning.

“what!!!!!” I yelled throwing her a sofa pillow
“please just answer me right away” I yelled and she snickered
“yeah! go on, before you cry” she said
I was never gonna do that” I defended

“but you just did,
crying over a mere picture” she said and I face palm my self

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“whatever” I replied with an eye roll

“back to your question Karen” she said and I rushed off to seat beside her
“have you dated before?
like so you have a boyfriend?” I asked and she looked kind of surprised

I didn’t see that coming” she said giggling but I kept mute, staring at her expectantly

I do have a boyfriend, why you ask?
I really wasn’t expecting that you know” she said and bend picking my fingers

” yeah!
and am sorry I actually asked, just that I was curious,cause I haven’t experienced it before”I said in a sober state

“hey! it’s okay Karen, don’t take it too personal
I just wanted to know why you had asked
just know am always here for you” she said and i drew her into a warm hug

finally! have eventually find solace in someone

“who could have thought you are this sweet” I said and she face palm herself
looking away shyly

“he often say that to me” she said, her cheeks red already
“who’s that?” I asked and she smiled

“my boyfriend” she replied and I grinned
“didn’t see that coming either” I replied and she giggled

“do you like him?” I asked and she gasp

I love him Karen
he’s my world
he’s my everything
I love him so much” she quoted, staring up at the celling dreamily

you really love him that much
can’t wait to experience that” I said placing my hands on my chin and she nudge me with a pillow

“lets talk about your…” she said stressing the ‘your’

“why do I feel like I know where your heading to?” I asked and she giggled
“thanks for saving me the stress” she said and I stared at the picture again

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“he’s really dreamy.
mind me keeping the picture plss?” I said and she smiled
“yeah! you can, if you like.
lemme go prepare lunch” she said standing up from the sofa

“yeah thanks” I muttered and she left.
I stood up and walked towards the window, staring into the woods

mum’s making my life a mess, I swear

at 22, I don’t know what love is all about
what sort of mum is that?

I looked into the woods, to see a cute looking guy

he was staring at me

this is the first time I will be seeing someone apart from my mum,Nita and the maids

“hi!!” I called but it seems he didn’t heard me, cause he kept staring
I decide to wave at him

holy molly
he waved back
omg! he waved at me….