January 17, 2022

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The Golden Boss. Episode 4

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the class chanted noisily as the teacher left the class room

“it’s remaining one subject before lunch” Janet said going through the class roaster our form mistress had placed in her care

“hey! what subject is next?” she asked with her eyes still fixed on the roaster she was going through

“it’s further maths” I said rolling my eyes
I so much hate this goddamn subject!

“help me watch the roaster, lemme go call in the teacher” she said pulling off her spec

“oh! please!” I remarked rolling my eyes
“chill Samantha,
your never gonna like the subject if you keep giving it the hate and less attention
free your heart towards it and I bet you will love it” she said and I sigh

“fine!” I replied and she smiled
“that’s my girl !
and don’t forget today is our joint reading” she said and I yawn
“yeah I know
today is quite boring” I said and she chuckled
“for you, not for me!
the news of David’s return lighten it already
I pray some bitchy bitch shouldn’t snatch him before he sees me” she said and I snickered

her phone rang and she shove her hands into her Cardigan pocket to pull it out

she’s damn obsessed with Golden boy David, I pray he ends up with her though it’s almost impossible
she used his picture as her phone wall paper
she used his name as her phone passwords
then she used one of his flying song as her phone ringing tone

she refused to get a boyfriend cause she’s busy crushing on Golden boy David, she kept rejecting guys and continued loving Golden boy David in her heart

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I had actually gotten a boyfriend before but I broke our two months relationship cause he cheated on me and when I accused him of it, he didn’t deny it but told me point black that he’s tired of me cause I refuse his request to have s*x with me and right now I wanna focus more on my dreams to be a dancer
maybe when i get to college I will get myself a boyfriend but right now all I needed to think of his my books and nothing more

#oh yes sir!
I will pass the message immediately #
Janet spoke into the phone and hang up

“who was that?” I asked seeing the smile on her face
“it’s Golden boy David!
he just asked me out” she whispered into my eyes

Golden boy David?
where’s he?” the girls behind us yelled obviously she had heard her
the whole class pop up their head immediately, staring at us in shock and disbelief

“C-mon girls! in was only kidding” she said and the girls scoffed and returned back to what they have been doing

“so much for being a liar” a girl yelled and the class chuckled
the laughter died down and I turned towards Janet

“that’s one heck of a lie
you shouldn’t have said that” I said and she rolled her eyes

“yeah! I just wanted to play a trick on you
never had an idea that chubby cheek girl was eaves dropping” she said and i snickered

“who had called then?” I asked and she sighed tiredly driving her eyes on the class roaster

“it’s Sir Samuel
he said he won’t be chance to take us further maths today
that the principal had sent him and some teachers on an invigilating stuff
he said we should expect a test tomorrow and he wants me to convey the message to the class” she blurted

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so much for being the class captain

“fine then!
lemme help you convey the message to them” I said and she smiled

“are you being serious?” she asked and I nodded, walking to the front of the class to convey the message
“geez!” school was damn stressful” I slumped in a sofa while Molly handed me a glass of water
I gulped it all and returned the glass back to her

“thanks ” I muttered as she kept the cup and helped me in pulling off my shoes

“you came quite early from school today!” I said and she took her lips into her mouth

“that because I took a bus home” she said and I smirked
” and have been checking all over the goddamn school for you” I yelled and she grinned

“I had a running stomach so I had to leave early” she said and I relaxed

“where’s grandma?” I asked looking around
“she had gone to the hospital for her weekly treatment” she said
and I nodded

my tummy grumbled and I suddenly realised how hungry I am

“did you make anything for lunch?
am famished” I asked and Molly made a face at me
“I should be the one telling you that
am the youngest and it’s your responsibility to take care of me” she said making a baby face

“but I spoke up first” I argued
“it doesn’t matter” she said and I pout my lips

“fine then!
lemme go pull off my uniform and prepare lunch” I said and she smiled

I stood up from the couch and I heard the sound of a dog barking
i turned towards the door and molly did same

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“oh! a doggy
it looks cute!” she said rushing to grab the white haired dog

it looks cute and expensive
but where did it came from?
I haven’t seen a dog like this in our vicinity
it looks so neat and well fed

I love it
an gonna keep it if it doesn’t have an owner” she said petting the cute looking dog who went calm as she carried it into her hands

“perhaps it belongs to our new neighbor next door” she said
“we’ve got a new neighbor?” I asked in surprise

“yeah! I found out when I came back from school though” she said and we heard a knock on our door

“I will go get it” she replied placing the dog on The floor

please can you help me bring out my dog?
it ran into your house few minutes ago” I heard someone say from the door

“oh! it’s your dog?” molly asked and I walked towards the door to get a view of our new neighbor next door who owns the cute little dog

I stood behind molly taking a glance at our new neighbor and my eyes landed on the same pair of chocolate brown eyes

him again!!