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The Golden Boys. Episode 18

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“bye Samantha” molly waved at me with her back pack glued to her back

return on time and don’t keep grandma waiting ” I said to her and she nodded
“send my regards to brain when he returns” she said and jogged off to school

“break fast us ready grandma!” I called out to grandma pulling off the kitchen apron

“your skipping school today Samantha!
let me hear the reason for that!” grandma said and i frowned

“don’t let me believe you have a short memory grandma!
cause molly was even here when I told you I have an outing with brain today” I said setting the table

“oh! yeah
am sorry it skipped me” grandma said spooning green beans into her mouth while I decanted water from the jug into a glass cup

“yeah you ought to be” I replied

“molly actually told me some pretty things about him last night!
but my brain can only grasp a little out of it” she said sipping from the glass of water

“what exactly did you say grandma?” I asked standing behind her as she ate

“well, I couldn’t comprehend much though she said a whole lot of things
she actually said he’s now a celebrity and he’s one of the gold boys” she said and I laughed silently
“she actually meant to say he’s now a Golden boy” I corrected and she smiled

“yeah! that’s exactly what she said
now can you get behind me and let me eat my food in peace?” grandma said and I chuckled and pulled her cheeks slightly

“I will be in my room if you need me grandma” I said to her hearing before walking into our room

I took my bath and hurried out of the bathroom after taking my bath, before brains driver will come pick me Like he said

I was about applying lotion on my body when my phone suddenly rang and I rushed off to my bed to get it

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I punched in the answer button on seeing the caller was Janet

#hello bestie# I spoke into the phone and place it on my dressing table so I will he able to apply lotion on my body

#omg! Samantha is voice is to die for # Janet squeaked from the other end and I need no soothsayer to tell me she’s talking about brain

#yeah!# perfunctorily
I know she’s gonna freak out if I tell her am going on an outing with brain
she’s so unpredictable

#you know! your so Lucky to be close to him
if only he and I had been friends
I would have been with Golden boy David by now”she said in a baby tune and I chuckled

#bye girlfriend!
momma needs my attention # she muttered and hung up even before I could reply

I continued with what I had been doing
then I dried my hair with the hand dryer before sauntering to my closet to get the clothes brain had ordered for me cause of our outing

I wonder what’s the difference in this outing cause this isn’t the first or second time we’ve gone out together

I slipped my slender body into the green body hug gown, then wore my black heels that came along with the gown
I combed my hair making it fall freely down my shoulder
I picked up my purse and walked out of the room to see grandma laying on the couch

“bye grandma!” I gave her a slight peck before moving outside

“extend my greetings to brain” grandma said and I nodded
a smile crept up my face as I saw the driver already waiting
” you never told me you had an ex” brain said after I had told him about my last relationship
“and I never wanna tell you until you asked and pleaded with me to spill it out” I said shoving a strawberry puddy into my mouth
while he sipped from his glass cup

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his driver had drove me here to a restaurant on brains order and I had meant him on entering inside
much to my amusement, we were the only ones here
seems he’s trying to escape paparazzi and crazy fans

“hey! it’s okay!
actually I missed our tongue fight” he said and I chuckled

“have devised away through which your gonna be closer to me all day” he said and my heart flipped
“and what’s that?” I asked and he smiled

geez! he looks so cute and sexy in the white trouser and jacket he had on
he looks dashing and I had to take my eyes off him so he won’t caught me drooling

“my school, B.S Montessori school, though give out scholarships so I fixed you in for one” he said and my breath seized

“you own B.S Montessori high?
i thought it was own by your dad?” I asked in excitement

“yeah! kind of!
my dad used it as a birthday present to me while I was five,
everything about the school was handed over to me when I turned 18
so am in charge” he said and I screamed jumping on him

“omg! brain!
that’s so sweet of you” I said in excitement

this is the very first time your saying that to me” he said smiling

“whatever!” I retorted going back to my seat
“my dad said he wanna see my girlfriend” he said and I feigned a frown
“I am not your girlfriend Mr, get that into your head” I said and he chuckled

“there’s nothing wrong in making you my girlfriend” he said and I blushed looking away

he’s one heck of a crazy dude

“go get yourself a girlfriend and leave me the hell alone am not your type” I rasp even before I could stop myself

“and who the hell said your not my type?” he asked and I saw a spark run through his eyes
I kept mute, unsure of what to say

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“Samantha I won’t be what I have become without you
I had always love singing, fine! but I never dreamt of being a celebrity
it’s not just my thing
I just don’t like attention
the fame and all that, but you changed me” he said and I felt my heart made a loud thud
I felt butterflies in my stomach and one part of me was scared

being a girlfriend of Golden boy Brain!
how will Janet react to it?
grandma and Molly!
what will people say?

omg! will his parents accept me?
I feel so scared

“do me the favour of being my girlfriend Samantha, please”he pleaded and the looks in his eyes says ‘don’t say no’

“yes brain…..I will be your girlfriend”I said stuttering and he drew me into a tight hug

“thank you Samantha I love you” he said and I couldn’t find the courage and strength to reply him

what am I doing?
am dating Golden boy brain now!

oh! Jesus! am scared!
not like I don’t love him, I do but I just keep having this weird feeling like something will go wrong

“hey! what are you doing?” I asked surprised as brain blind fold me

“c-mon baby! don’t be a boring girlfriend” he teased and help me up from my seat

did he just call me baby?

he directed my steps and pulled off the blind fold after a while

okay what’s going on?

“over there!” he pointed and I looked outside
“that’s yours”he said and my eyes caught sight of something

“a car!!
omg! Brain!”I screamed and jump on him
“that’s my little gift baby ” he said and I almost past out

did he just call that ‘little?’

“thanks brain” I said into his chest while he hug me back
“and thanks for accepting me”he replied and I suddenly felt scared of losing him
i want him to myself alone