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The Golden Boys. Episode 15

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“let’s go” I whispered to brain cause we are next on the line and he followed me reluctantly

” where do I sign on?” Golden Boy David asked and I gave him the fave towel, he signed on it and returned it back to me, then fixed his eyes on the guy behind me who happened to be Brian

I walked out of the line immediately Golden Boy David handed me back my face towel

“next” he motioned to brain who walked out of the line
“I came with her” he pointed at me and made to leave

I caught sight of Golden boy David staring at him
Do they know each other?

“Brain!” he called shoving off the table
“hey! David!” Brain called and my eyes shone
they obviously know each other

“Brian!” the advance man called giving brain a playful punch
“c-mon manager Rex, that’s top hard!” he said chuckling and I just looked on like have suddenly saw a ghost

“brain what happened?” he asked and brain itch the back of his neck

“you know what?
you guys should continue with what your doing am gonna call David later” he said and tried walking away but David gave him a guys hug

“c-Mon brain!
you and I know your not gonna pick the calls” Golden boy David said and I felt my feet yell at me
geez! am damn tired

Janet is no where to be found probably she had gone home to show off her special gift from Golden boy David

the remaining fans whose clothes, face caps and handbills haven’t been signed, grumbled while some size me up with their eyes
first goodness sake am not the cause of their problem, am I?

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“so where do you live brain?
I tried contacting you but it wasn’t reachable” Golden boy David said and brain smiled
lemme give you my new number so you can at least contact me with it but please don’t let my mum or dad get to know of it” Brain said handing a card to Golden boy David

“yeah I won’t” Golden boy David promised and I suddenly felt left out and forgotten

“Brain!” I called and the so called manager Rex alongside Golden boy David took a glance at me

just three weeks away from home and you’ve gotten yourself a girlfriend?” manager Rex asked and brain tittered

“c-mon Rex, what made you think she’s my girlfriend” he asked and pretended like I wasn’t hearing their conversation

“well, every one knows you are hardly seen with a girl, everyone knows you love slim girls with straight long legs and considering the way she had called your name, bold and fearless” the manager said and brain kept chuckling

“is she really your girlfriend brain?
spill it out,c-mon am your best buddy”Golden boy David coax and Brain walked closer to him and whispered something into his ears and Golden boy David let out a smile

“Hi” he said to me and I suddenly felt butterflies in my stomach
golden boy David just spoke to me!
I felt like twirling around in excitement

“hello!” I replied and brain whispered into his ears again before giving him a parting hug
he held my wrist and we began moving out of the hall together.

I slap his hands off my wrist immediately we had gotten outside

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“who really are you brain? and what connection do you have with Golden boy David?” I asked as we walked home, eye searching for a cab but none was forth coming

“can we please trash this out when we get home?” he asked and I frowned
“nope! brain
your either gonna tell me here or watch me put an end to our friendship” I threatened and he kept shut taking a deep breath

“actually David my cousin, my mothers nephew, he began living with us right from when I was three cause he lost his parents and had to come live with us” he said and I nudge him to go on

“promise me your not gonna put an end to our friendship or change towards me when I tell you this?” he asked and I smiled

“yeah I promise! provided it won’t hurt me” I said and he nodded

“my dad is the founder and CEO of B.S entertainment” he said and I Burst into laughter
“stop being a jerk and be serious!” I warned and he smirked
“should I stop talking?” he asked and I urged him to go on

“hold on!
did you say your dad actually owned B.S entertainment?” I asked in bewildment and he nodded

and he named it after me
Brain Scott (B.S)entertainment” he said and I gasp as it suddenly dawned on me that am moving with a billionaires son,
the son of the CEO of B.S entertainment!!
what was I thinking when I had knocked him down with my wretch bicycle huh?

“hmm brain!
am sorry about the…” I was still saying when he slowly interpolated
“c-mon Samantha!those are histories okay!” he said and we kept moving

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“but why don’t you live with your parents?” I asked and his mood changed
“my dad is actually forcing me to be a musician,he kept saying I have the perfect voice, features and all that” he said and I gasp

“c-mon brain go for it” I said and his eyes shone
“you feel am good in it? he asked and I frowned
“you aren’t good Brian, you are perfect” I said and he smiled

“I actually loved singing, it’s something I really like doing but I had to turn my dads request down cause he never allowed me make decisions on my own
he never told me I was good in singing like you just did
he keeps telling me he can’t own an entertainment, train so many people to become celebrities yet his son don’t wanna be a Golden boy and all that
i know he wants the best for me but at times he speaks like he isn’t after my interest but after the money I was gonna make” he said and I gasp

what a Golden opportunity he have

“why don’t you want to join the Golden boys irrespective of your dads motive?” I asked

“just not like crowds, paparazzi and securities and all those celebrity stuffs” he said and I gasp
“you know what brain!” I said and he stared at me
“for the sake of our friendship brain, go back home
go to your family and do as your dad wants you to” I said and he gasp