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The Golden Boys. Episode 11

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Episode 11


I dab my wet face with a face towel and sat down on my dressing chair applying lotion on my body

kelvin kept barking and running round the chair
he stretched out his hands trying to touch my kneels

“stop that Kelvin, it hurts” i scolded as his sharp fingers brush into my kneels

he kept running round the dressing chair
soon he got tired and fell on my feet
that’s how he often act when he’s hungry

I hurry to my closet bringing out a red velvet top and matching trousers
I slip my body into it and fix a black band into my hair
before wearing three simple rings
I picked up my phone and kelvin before walking into the sitting room

I really didn’t regret leaving home
it’s something am forever grateful for
I wanna live a simple life
one free from annoying paparazzi and crazy obsessed fans

I want to live a normal life, one different from celebrity life
I don’t wanna move out with armed guards like am some wide animal or something
I wanna be free as the air
I wanna be myself
I wanna lead a simple life

I placed Kelvin on the sofa and poured out chilled milk on a bowl for him along side some biscuit

I slump into another couch patiently waiting for the strawberry pizza I had ordered for

I feel so damn bored
staying all alone with no talk mate
worst still it’s night already and it’s too early for me to go to bed

there’s no club here, no fun pack, nothing amusing at all
well what do you expect of an in conducive area

i heard a knock on the door and opened up to see the delivery agent

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“good evening sir” she greeted handing the deliveries to me
“please sign here Sir” she requested and I did before banging the door


“grandma dinner is ready” I yelled from the kitchen and grandma walked it
“do you have to yell that loud?” she queried getting a hold of the meal

“yeah I had to” I replied picking up the bowl of beef and scurried behind her as we got to the sitting room

“go get molly to come down for dinner” grandma ordered and I walked into our room

“c-mon Molly it’s time first dinner” I called but she kept mute, her head buried in her books

“Molly!” I called again and she pop up her head at me

“am not stepping an inch out of here till am done with this assignment” she said her face still buried in the notebook she was working on

“should I bring your meal here then?” I asked
“yeah please do” she replied and I made to walk out

“you won’t believe that Stupid Susan of a girl actually booed at me cause I failed one sum and she got hers right” Molly said and I kept shut

she talks too much
I won’t get out of here if i reply her

“she actually thinks she’s smart!
let her watch and see how I will get all the sums right tomorrow” she muttered and I walked out immediately before she could say something else

“you took the whole day in there” grandma fussed immediately she caught sight of me

“am sorry grandma” I replied and we both ate in silence

she left for her room immediately we were done eating while I took the dishes into the kitchen, I took Molly’s dinner to our room before slumping on the sofa feeling bored
perhaps a little conversation with brain won’t hurt right?
we’ve become real good friends now
I opened the door and scurried outside

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“hey!” I called in excitement on catching sight of brain
I kinda like him cause he’s intelligent and fun to be with

“hey!” he called were he sat on his apartment pavement with his cute dog

“just felt like coming out to watch the stars” I said and his eyes shone
that’s exactly what I was doing before you came out” he said and I gasp
“you watch the stars too?”I asked and he nodded

“that’s what I like doing each time am bored, besides it’s fun and cool sitting under the moonlight
you know!” he said and I took a seat on our own pavement and we both started a conversation

“you know, I really didn’t like you at first, the day I knocked you down with my bicycle, the day i found out your our new neighbor next Door
I just didn’t like you” I said and he tittered

“yeah! that’s the same way I had felt too
I thought your some oaf clumsy nerd” he replied and I furrowed my brows
“and I took you for a proud arrogant jerk” I said and he let out that pretty smile of his

“I really didn’t mean to act rude to you that day, I was actually on my way from home
my mum had requested to see me and my dad just showed up and totally ruined my mood” he said staring into space

“mind telling me what exactly your dad did that got you pissed oof?” I asked and he face Palmed himself

“maybe some other time Samantha” he said and I shrugged my shoulders

“okay! it’s fine if you aren’t in the mood to say it” I said and he kept mute

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a little silence ensued and I broke it with a question

“why don’t you live with your parents?” I asked and he pop his head at me hurriedly like he’s been stung by a bee or something

“why do you wanna know?”he asked keeping a smiling face but I could tell he’s forcing them out

“it isn’t proper to reply a question with a question” I said and he took in a deep sigh

“I just wanna taste life on my own” he said and I wasn’t satisfied

“don’t you think your way too young to live alone all by yourself?” I asked
why don’t you come live with me then!” he cracked and I giggled

“I will mess up your kitchen and pull off your roof before you know it” I said and he laughed

“I aren’t too young to live all by myself
am gonna be twenty years old in four months time” he said and I smirked
“still you aren’t old enough to live alone” I cracked and he kept mute

“what are you gonna do if you find yourself where your decisions aren’t consider and you follow decisions which had been laid down for you?”he asked and I shut my eyes in a thinking mood

“well, I will accept the decisions if it’s good for me” I said and he scoffed
“that’s why you can never understand” he blurted