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The Golden Boys. Episode 20

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I and Janet kept on moving round the mall searching for more prettier clothes

brain and the Golden boys are holding a concert together and he had strictly ordered me to attend cause he wanna show me off to his fans and audience as his girlfriend
I felt so scared and anxious same time
the crowd is gonna be much
the whole city is gonna be there when he will flaunt me to the world
the media is gonna watch it the whole world is gonna see it
the whole school is gonna hear it and my name is gonna be posted in the school group chat

omg! I feel so scared!!

“hey!” Janet cooed snapping her fingers on my face

“snap out of your thought girlfriend and tell me whose colour is gonna suit me” Janet said brandishing three beautiful gowns in front of me

“I think the yellow one looks more befitting the blue one looks like an old fashion style while the red one is too revealing”I said and she squeak

“I actually prefer the red one, I want Golden boy David to go wide on seeing me in it”she said jocosely and I laughed

“she picked the yellow one I had choose for her, placing it into the cart one of the mall workers had been rolling for us

we moved from the clothe section down to the shoes section and my eyes caught sight if a pretty red turban in the male section of the clothe rank

“c-mon Janet! let’s go check up the male clothing” I said and she frowned

“are you okay?
what do females clothing gonna be doing in the male clothing huh?
let’s go to the shoes section Samantha, we’ve less than three hours seven minutes left
I don’t wanna keep Golden boy David waiting” she said and I chuckled

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“you just said all that in a rush!
I think you need to join brain, perhaps your gonna be a celebrity rapper”I teased and she smiled

“fine! you’ve got me with your sweet words!
what are we gonna be doing there?”she asked and I smiled

“I wanna get that red turban for brain and maybe a red sash too”I said and she gasp
“yeah! he’s gonna love it!
what a romantic girlfriend you are!” she teased and I laughed

“if there’s anybody who’s gonna win an award for being romantic, then it’s definitely gonna be Brain, he’s Mr romantic himself” I said and Janet face palmed herself

“awwn…..so sweet!
if only Golden boy David will say that to me,I will lock myself in my room and jump up all day” she said and I giggled as we walked towards the male section

“seems am gonna get something for Golden boy David
lemme get him a gift or something cause he gave me one the day you,your boyfriend and I had attended his welcome concert” she said and I smiled

“we weren’t dating then!” I argued picking up the red turban
it looks really expensive, my brain deserves more

“who cares if you guys aren’t dating then!
it doesn’t change anything, does it?
what matters now is that you and Golden boy brain, are officially dating” she rasp and I gave her an eye roll

“back to you and Golden boy David, who are we gonna say is more romantic?” is asked picking up a gold coloured sash
I kept it back
I need a red sash not a gold coloured one

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“let’s just say it’s Golden boy David, cause he actually gave me a gift first, so he’s more romantic!” she said and we giggled as we continued our endless shopping
“geez! you look hot” I complimented Janet as she walked out of the bathroom
“and if there’s anyone who looks hot here, it’s you” she said and i fixed an earring into my hair then a bangle and a little anklet

i polished my face with the help of Janet
she helped me comb my long hair, packing it into a bum and we both looked super gorgeous

“let’s go” Janet signalled to me and my phone suddenly ringed

“that’s your hubby I guess!”Janet said and I nodded

#hey! babe!
I and the boys have arrived the concert hall but I can’t find you anywhere!”he rasp and I smiled

#just a minute babe!
I and my bestie would soon be there# I spoke into the phone and he hung up

“c-mon let’s go!” Janet nudge at me and we walked out taking a cab to the concert cause my grandma went with my car to the hospital for treatment
in a matter of minutes, the cabby drove off
I and Janet sat on around table and I tried reaching brain to tell him we had arrived

I felt a drop on my panties and fear gripped me
my monthly cramp has started!!

I totally forgot!
and my clothe is gonna be in a mess if I keep sitting my ass down here
Brian his gonna introduce me to the audience today so I can’t look messed up!
I can’t!!

I told Janet about it and she urge me to run back home and take care of it

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“don’t stay long!” she added and I nodded
just then brains call came in and I picked up, explaining things to him
he asked me to meet him up at the back of the stage which I did

I handed him the turban and sash I for him and he was grateful

“chill babe!
not like am gonna be gone forever!
I just wanna go take care of this, I won’t stay long I promise”I said and held his cheeks playfully

“fine! but please don’t stay long, today is my day, our day!
and I want you beside me”he pouted and I smiled
“yeah!” i replied

“I will send my driver to drive you home to and fro” he said and I nodded
he gave me a long kiss before letting me off his sight

I walked out in haste and just when I had looked out of the gate, a big beautiful car stopped in front of me

“Sir Brian asked me to drop you off” the man on the wheel said and I hop into the car without a second thought

I really need to get this done with
I can’t possibly disappoint my God sent boyfriend on a day like this
a day when he wanna show me off to the world!

just then the car screech to a stop and the suppose driver turned towards me

“okay! what’s going on?
and why did you stopped the…”I was still saying when I felt a sedative cloth over my nose and I passed out