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The Golden Boys. Episode 12

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I walked through the Hall way heading towards my class room, luckily for me I had arrived a little bit early , all thanks to Molly whose classmate had given us a ride in her car
we would have still be struck in the road, moving our shoes up and down in the dust

I made a turn Into our class room and bumped into three girls whose eyes were seriously fixed on their phones

“what the heck!” one of them yelled and I stare at them scornfully

aren’t they they ones who’s suppose to apologise?

“make use of your eyes next time birdie” another of them chipped in with her eyes still fixed on her phone

“I think your the one whose suppose to make use of your eyes!
pluck them out if they aren’t useful” i gawk at them and turned to continue walking with my bag trapped on my back

“did she just say that to me?
I mean us?” the second one who had spoken asked and made to go after me when the last one of them stopped her

“come off it and save our time!
we need to go purchase our tickets as soon as possible
golden boy David is a million times better than that nerd” she said and the girl actually found her excuse appealing

I ignored the few students I came across whose eyes were all fixed on their phones

what’s happening today?

I got into my class room and sat down on my seat
Janet wasn’t in
seems she has gone for her morning assigning of punishment to late comers and offenders

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I opened my locker and placed my bag on it before locking it up

the whole class sat on their desk while some on their seat
some kept whispering and peering into each other phone

what’s going on?

“Samantha!!” I heard someone scream my name and looked up to see Janey running towards me in excitement

okay! I think something is definitely going on!

“Samantha it’s happening this Friday!
I almost collapsed when I saw it on the net this morning ” she screamed in excitement and not even one student pop up their head at us

okay! this is more serious than I thought!

“what’s happening on Friday?” I asked wearing a puzzle look
“don’t tell me you haven’t heard it” she asked almost jumping on me
“I won’t be asking you if have actually seen you” I said giving her an eye roll

“oh! Samantha your missing out!” she said twirling herself around

“will you just spill it out or watch me go ask someone else?” I yelled

that’s Janet for you!
she likes keeping me in suspense before blurting out a simple word of what your anxious about

“Golden boy David is holding a concert this Friday
and guess what?
tomorrow is Friday!!” she burst out and some students smiled at her

“it’s gonna be a blast!
have so miss his concert” a student chipped in and I force out a smile

“have gotten my T-shirt ready Samantha!
am gonna make sure he sign is autograph on it” she said excitedly

“yeah! me too
am gonna purchase a cap after school
I really needs him to sign on it
can’t wait to show it off to my friends” the student chipped in again

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” I really would love to go but…..” I was saying when Janet interpolated
“c-mon Samantha!
this is his first concert since three years
I won’t miss it for anything” Janet said holding her chest dreamily

what a crazy crush she’s having

“well, I can’t afford the tickets and i don’t think grandma will be
happy to squeeze off some money from our little savings just for me to go buy a concert ticket” I rasp and Janet hurriedly reached for her bag

“there’s no need for that Samantha
I bought three tickets on my way here to school” she screamed and I shrink

“your so impatient
couldn’t you have waited for the close of school before going to purchase it huh?” I asked in wonderment

“what the hell are you saying Samantha?
only 3000 tickets were placed on sale and if I hadn’t gone in the morning I won’t have been able to get them”she explained and I suddenly felt excited

am gonna be watching Golden boy David live on stage

“thanks bestie” I said giving her a slight hug
“the concert starts by 3pm and one ticket is yours while the other is for your Mr cute

you bought a ticket for him?” I asked
just felt like” she replied
“your really crazy over Golden boy David” I teased and she laughed
“even more than you think”
I wipe my hands dry with a napkin after doing the dishes before going to join brain in the sitting room.
I had actually invited him in, for lunch

“your much of a good Cook!
your meals captivated my Tummy”he teased and I threw him a playful punch

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“guess what brain?” I asked and he smirked
“your boyfriend broke up with you?” he teased and I gave him an eye roll

you pervert” I retorted
“well then!
I can’t say more than that” he said giggling

“Golden boy David is hosting a welcome concert tomorrow and my friend bought ticket for you and I” I rasp jumping on him in excitement

golden boy David?
am going with you both” Molly said letting go of Kelvin whom she had been playing with

“get outta here and go play with Kelvin your best Buddy
this is adult discussion” I yelled at her

“am not going” Brain replied
his mood suddenly changed drastically

“you won’t dare!” I threatened
“am serious” he said looking away

“c-mon brain, my friend is only being nice by getting you a ticket
how do you think she’s gonna feel when you don’t show up” I said folding my hand

“fine! I will
just for her sake” he said and i frowned
“how about me who did all the pleading?” I asked

for your sake” he said and I squeak happily while molly just looked on feeling sad