January 27, 2022

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The Golden Boys. Episode 28

5 min read

An American Romance Series

Written by me Authoress succy


Season 2
Episode 28

school today was hectic and brains behaviour seems to increase the banging headache am having right now.

brain was never like this
I mean he never stay a day without me
he never yell at me or skip my calls
he has never used hurtful words on me, then why’s he behaving this way?

I sat on my seat staring into space
I have no friends here
the rich kids here are so spoilt ,proud and pompous so I have to keep off their league
though I doesn’t look poor to them
i aren’t poor am I?
I own a car and a house, I live decently and elaborately but the fact that I had gotten into the school through scholarships, is the main reason why the girls felt i aren’t in their class
I pack my books and writing materials into my desk locker immediately the teacher had left the class

I picked up my back pack and scurried to the girls hostel
the school actually had an hostel though it’s a day school
the school is adequately furnished and the sight itself will drum into a thick skull that it’s a school meant only for the rich

I got into my bunk and lay on it tiredly
everything looks so hard to believe
I still can’t comprehend the fact that brain asked me to stay away from him
was I stressing him that much?
am I being a burden to him?
what’s going on?

this was exactly what my first boyfriend did when I caught him cheating
could brain be cheating on me?

hell no! he won’t do such or perhaps he’s getting tired of me

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is his popularity and attention. he’s receiving from numerous fans obviously gotten into his head?
no..that isn’t it
brain had all the popularity and attention he needed long before he became a celebrity

his parents are one of the richest families here in Australia
so I see no reason why his wealth will get into his head
or is he doing all this cause we’ve make out?

that’s idea has never occurred to me, I feel so scared now

that happen to be the reason behind it,he might assume am loose
but am I?

he’s my first and the only guy who has gone there, so why is he acting weird?

what’s grandma gonna say if she heard of this?
how’s molly gonna feel?
how about Janet how am I gonna bring myself to tell her?

am feeling scared right now
Like,super scared of losing him and scared of going through the pains of heart break again

am scared for myself, my future, my heart
am scared for every single thing that has to do with brain and I

I placed my head on the pillow,trying hard to shove off the thoughts
they might be wrong you know!

I heard the sound of the school bell and I let out a breath I never knew I was holding

“finally school is over” I picked up my backpack where I had kept it beside me on the bed
luckily I had locked my school locker so there’s obviously no need to walk back to the class room

with that settled, I took a walk towards my waiting ride
my driver held the door for me and got into the drivers seat
I looked out of the window and my eyes caught sight of him,
walking with the golden boys
giggling and chit-chating as they walked towards their ride

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brains eyes were locked in on his phone and he sometimes threw a word at the boys

he looked so happy and am here shrinking bit by bit
a thought pop into my head and I placed a call to him still watching him through the tinted glasses in my car

his phone was obviously ringing, he took his eyes from his phone,then to my car
he obviously couldn’t see me through the tinted glasses,then he liked down on his phone and I discovered he ended the call

holy molly!
I think am going nuts right now

the driver ignited the car and drove off
the guards led me into the large sitting room and I sat down taking my eyes round the house in awe

it’s beautiful but the situation am finding myself right couldn’t make me admire it
I just pray brain shows up

I sat rather uncomfortable in the golden boys mansion as I await the arrival of Mr popular

“what did he say?”I asked the guard who had gone to alert him of my presence .
“I told him he has a visitor and he promised he’s gonna be out in a jiffy”the guard said bowing slightly and left

I feel so nervous and scared same time
I pray he comes down

oh! gracious!
I could hear the sound of my heart beat so loud that I mistook it to be a song

my heart flew into my mouth when I saw him
my Prince charming
climbing down the stairs steadily

his eyes were fixed on the sleeve shirt he had wore as he tried buttoning the wrist of the sleeve

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his hair was wet and fell back,seems he’s coming out from the shower
three simple rings were fixed on his fingers and his feet was adorned with a gold coloured flipflop
he looked damn cute that I could hardly believed he had sex with me
he looked damn hot and sexy

he pop his head up from his sleeve and it fell on me,I took my eyes to the floor immediately a little silence ensued and I raise up my head to see him leaving,going back to his room

“Brain!” I called hysterically and he stood still on the stairs with his back view staring at me

“what do you want?” he asked icly still backing me
“brain what’s going on?
I can’t understand your attitude of recent!”I said almost bursting out and he scoffed

“stay away from me is all I asked!
I aren’t the only guy with an asshole for a girlfriend”he said and I felt a loud thud in my head

did he just said that to me?
like he called me an asshole?

I still don’t get it!

“brain!” I called and saw his retreating figure

omg! he walked out on me!
golden boy brain just walked out on me?
the one I gave my all to
I gave him my pride,my dignity and this is all I got!
being called an asshole!

am losing it!!

I found myself slumping to the floor in tears