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The Golden Boys. Episode 31

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An American Romance Series

Written by me: Authoress succy


Season 2
Episode 31
*sorry 4 d mistake famz
this is the complete episode

I couldn’t tell how I feel
I couldn’t tell what was wrong with me
I couldn’t tell why I cried so hard cause of him
it hurts
it hurts so much
can’t believe brain will ever do this to me, we had plans for each other
so many plans together for the future but I spoilt it all

if only i had gotten a hold of myself and hadn’t given him my dignity, perhaps I would still have been in his hands by now

what am I gonna do?
what’s grandma going to say
how about molly?
how’s she going to take in the whole thing?

I feel like hurting myself real hard
If I hadn’t been so obsessed with him I won’t have been feeling so hurt

he made me trust him
he made me build my future around him
he made me saw him the way I wasn’t suppose to
I cherished him
I treasured him
I adorned him
I gave him my whole body, I gave him my innocence and all he could do was play dumb with me all this while!

oh! heavens!
I never knew I was fooling myself all this while
I never knew he was trying to use me
I never knew he’s a playboy
i had no idea he has this bad side of him

oh! God!
I felt my world crumbling
I felt myself falling like a pack of cards

what’s gonna happen now that we’ve break up?
his he gonna take the house and car he gave me back?
his he gonna stop giving me the monthly allowance he often gives to me?

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oh! God!
i never knew he’s cheating on me all this while
I never knew he feels nothing for me!
I have no idea he’s just after my body and not my heart

just when I thought have found love
just when everything was going well and smooth
just when I gave him my everything
just when I thought I was lucky

he came out of the blues and all he could do was stare at me in the face, telling me it’s over
who does that?

I couldn’t stare at him on the face
I kept my gaze down on my feet.
I felt my feet drench with water, I thought it was raining only to discovered that am crying so hard that I felt my head ache

I cried so hard that i felt my heart been rip apart.
I hated him, my love for him turn into hatred and his presence made me angry at the same time.

” Samantha” he called and made to hold me but I swiftly dodge, shoving his hands off me

“Samantha” he called again and I felt those care, love and trust laden in his voice, his voice look heavy laden with fear and emotions.
I looked up at him to see his hand was resting on his forehead
” Brain, tell me you are joking” I found my self asking
“am sorry Samantha ” he said and I ran off from where I stood.

“Samantha!!!” he called after me but I ignored him, I need to be alone, I need to cry out my heart, I need to be f**king alone.

his voice soon faded as I ran into the roads, away from the camp.
I need to be far from humans, I need to communicate with my heart

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I squat on the side of the road when I felt I had run far from the school camp site
I placed my head on my open palms as I cried my heart out

a call came Into my phone and I picked it up
it was grandma calling

#Samantha are you okay?
I heard your school bus broke down and..# she was still saying when I kept crying on the phone

#Samantha!!# she called in fear
#he broke up with me grandma!
brain broke up with me# I cried into the phone

#Samantha get a hold of yourself please,
don’t hurt yourself this isn’t the end of the world
he’s definitely gonna come back if he’s meant for you# grandma consoled and I kept crying
#where exactly are you! lemme send your driver to come pick you up#she said and I hung up

I don’t need anybody right now
I want to be alone in the wild
I don’t care what happens to me cause it’s definitely not gonna be as painful as the pain am feeling right now

I sat on the floor and hug my kneels to myself still on the road, the cold breeze blew my hair backwards then it blew it again with so much force, making it fall on my face

I sat on the same spot for a while as I kept rummaging through my thoughts
from the very first day I knocked brain down with my bicycle! the day he had asked me to be his girlfriend!
the day he yelled at me at first, saying he’s busy!
and today when he had burst the bubble, by breaking up with me

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all I feel now is hate
pure hate!
naked hate!!
I snivelled tiredly

just then I heard car horns and looked behind me only to see flashy cars packed behind each other

what’s going on?
who are they?
and what do they want from me?

one of the flashy car door flung open by a guard and a young handsome man alighted from it, walking towards me

I stood up from the floor where I had sat in fear
who’s he?
and what does he wants?

I dusted my butt and moved backwards each time he takes a step forward

“chill lady! I mean no harm”he said and my brain stopped functioning

is that his voice?
it sounded more like it came from an angel

he came closer to me and his face became clear
I gasp on seeing him

Richard winter!!!
I can’t believe am seeing the popular Australia dancer
he looks damn cute like he was in the pictures have seen of him

why do I often come across celebrities?

“young lady are you okay?” he asked and I kept shut

“hop into the car if you don’t mind”he said and got into his car in the middle of the convoy while I reluctantly did same and the driver speed off the car