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The Golden Boys. Episode 35

5 min read

An American Romance series

Written by me: Authoress succy


Season 2
Episode 35

I lean on the car headrest as my driver drove the car through the road

phew…. today was damn hectic, can’t wait to get home am super tired

I he bed a sigh of relief when my driver drove the car through the gate and parked the car in the parking lot
I got hold of the car door and alighted from the car carrying my hand bag
I walked towards the door, turned the door knob and got into the sitting room

“Samantha!!” I heard a loud voice
almost like a scream
I took my eyes to the stairs where it had come from, only to see molly running down the stairs

I actually forgot she’s coming back from school today

“oh! my baby!” I cooed as she jumped on me, I lost my balance and we both fell on a couch

“Samantha you’ve grown so big”she said giggling

omg! I missed her so much

“see who we have here!
your the one who have grown so big”I said and she giggled face palming herself

such a crazy kid

“come on Molly, tell me what they are feeding you with
your growing big” I said and she stood up from my thighs and sat on the couch beside me
I laughed as she did that

“I need no body to tell me your indirectly saying I have weight”she said f
holding her hands under her big b**bs

“holy heavens!
molly you went to highschool as tiny as a stick, and here you are having all those big boobs and butty butts” I said and she frowned furrowing her brows at me

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“and is that suppose to be a compliment or something?”she asked and I giggled

“wait till grandma set her eyes on them, she’s gonna tell you herself if it’s a compliment or not” I said and she hugged me from behind

” I missed you Samantha!”she pouted searching through my bag

“I miss you too and am glad your back” I said watching her as she kept on rummaging my bag

“okay miss can you stop acting like a thief in your house and tell me what your looking for?”I asked and she frowned

“candies!”she yelled

“you didn’t buy any for me on your way home, you know how much I love them” she said and I giggled

“Where’s grandma?” I asked sizing her up with my eyes
“she’s sleeping in her room” she said and I stared at her with Beady eyes

“are you being serious?” I asked and she nodded

did she saw you clearly?
Like she saw all this butty butts of yours?”I teased and she loomed offended

“hey am only kidding” I said an stood up from the couch

“lemme go shower
there are chocolates and cookies in the refrigerator, make do with them if you feel like”I said and she frowned

” have exhausted them already”she pouted and I frowned

“does this house looks like your school, huh molly?” I asked and he kept on smiling

“your going back to school tomorrow, you are a threat to the food stocks” I said and she giggled

“we are on holidays” she yelled
“I don’t care!”I yelled climbing the stairs upwards to my room

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molly and her troubles
I wiped my mouth with a serviette and molly did same while grandma was trying hard to force the food down her throat

“will you get off the couch you scallywag”grandma yelled Molly who was jumping happily on the couch cause I agreed to play video games with her

“come on grandma!
that’s not a nice thing to say to me
I just got in here and boom!! you’ve start throwing insults at me
that only means you didn’t miss me” molly said sitting beside me while I kept chuckling

“I never missed you!
can’t wait for your holidays to get over, least I kick your ass off this house”grandma rasp and I held my laughter

“that’s too harsh grandma!
well, I never missed you too” molly said sticking out her tongue at grandma

“you this silly gir….”grandma was still saying when she choke on her lunch

Molly and I burst into laughter and grandma kept shut, concentrating on her meal

“I saw your video dance with seon yun” Molly said and I chuckled
she actually feat me into one of her dance video” I said and molly kept on smiling

“I never knew you could dance so well” she said and I smiled
all thanks to Richard”I said and she size me up disdainfully

” and who’s Richard?” she asked suspiciously

“come on molly!
he’s just my friend
he’s dance king Richard winter”I said and her eyes shone

Richard winter is your friend?”she asked and I nodded

“my friend back then in school, kept talking about him and I love his dance steps
he’s unique” she and I smiled

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“how about brain, is he aware am back?”she asked and I itch the back of my neck

he’s out of the country” I lied and she smiled

“is he gonna be back soon?” she added
“yeah!” I said and she kept mute

“back to the dance video I had with seon yun did you like it?”I asked and she smiled

just that she almost got naked on stage with her dresses
she dances like a pro and I don’t like it” she said and I smiled

“that’s dance for you”I said
“and you also sign in for dancing Queens competition?”she asked and I nodded

my sister sis now a star!!”she yelled and grandma shot her a hard stare

“not yet baby!, but I will soon be” I said

“now molly, back to school
how do you find highschool life?”I asked and she smiled

it’s cool
competitive and filled with rude annoying jerks”she said and I tittered
“do you have a boyfriend?” I asked and she gasp

“hell no!! Samantha!”she yelled

“but i have a crush and so many admirers” she said and I snickered
just then we heard the sound of cars driving into the compound

“are you expecting a visitor?” I asked molly
“I should be asking you that” she fired

we heard the sound of the door bell and I rushed to get it

what if it’s Richard?

I opened the door and shrink on seeing him looking dashing
what’s he doing here again???