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The Golden Boys. Episode 40

6 min read

An American Romance series

Written by me: Authoress succy


Season 2
Episode 40

I opened yet another bottle of wine from the bar and decanted some into a wine glass

“seriously brain, I still don’t get you!
for the past two days all you’ve been doing is empty the bar and ordering for more wines
what exactly is wrong with you” David cooed trying to take the wine from me but I was smart to sense it and shove it far from his reach.

“you can’t understand brain
you sure can’t” I murmured gulping the drink heavily

“do you think it’s a good idea to get yourself drunk all the time?” he cooed and I smirked and lick my lips

“what do you expect me to do David huh?” I asked almost in a whisper
“I expect you to stand on your feet and tackle your problems
that’s what real men do” he added and I scoffed

“I aren’t a man dav!
so how do you expect me to stand like a man huh?
I just clock 20!!” I rasp pouring myself some wine

“and that’s what makes you a man brain!
for heavens sake, you just don’t want her to hear you out!
who knows she must have been waiting for you to open up and tell her all she needs to know” he said and I frowned

“she doesn’t want to see me David
she hates me now!
she f**king hate me” I rasp as hot tears run down my cheeks

why do I have to cry all the time huh?
is this what love has turn me into?
I can’t seems to get Samantha off my mind
my brain can’t just stop thinking of her
my heart won’t f**king stop beating for her
my thoughts seems to be based on her
she’s everything I need

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she made me who I am
she made me realise I was made for music
and here I am, stabbing her on her heart with my words
why was I dumb not to know am only hurting her more?

mum is the cause of everything happening to me
she caused it all
if he hadn’t been overcome by greed and jealousy she won’t have abducted Samantha and planned on eliminating her for her selfish reason

am gonna make mum see hell
am gonna make her wish for death
she better prays I don’t lose Samantha
cause if I do!
she won’t live to tell the story
I rushed up the stairs to my bedroom to get hold of my business phone which I had left in my room, I needed it urgently.
can’t afford to miss the call I was expecting

just when I was almost walking pass mum’s room I heard Samantha’s name being mentioned
I was curious to know what mum is up to

I tiptoed slowly and peeped into her room and there she was,
speaking harshly on the phone

#that Samantha of a girl isn’t aware of what I can do to her# she spoke harshly into the phone

#lets just relax and lie low before thinking of a way to clear her out # a masculine voice boomed out from the phone

it sounded so familiar but I couldn’t place where have heard the voice

#she has gone against my threats
she came to see brain today
that little bitch is trying to steal my sons love for me
she’s trying to make my son distance himself from me
brain had never been fond of females
my hatred for her multiplied when I got to know she’s the secret behind brains agreement to his fathers proposal.
A proposal that almost tore this family apart.
for three whole years brain refused to look into it and just when we had lost hope on him, he suddenly surfaced and accepted his father’s proposal just because of a mere girl # she spoke harshly into the phone

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#this time around Hugh, you are going to kill her
I don’t care if Brain will run mad cause of it
f**king kill her# she added into the phone and I felt weak

the voice sounded familiar now
that was the same voice that spoke to me to go get Samantha, back then in the club, in 30 minutes time
yes! he’s the one!
and think am gonna let go of her after taking her innocence….gosh!
what’s she gonna think?
she will get hurt if I break up with her
and she’s gonna break down the more and probably hates me if I tell her my mum was responsible for her kidnap

mum doesn’t even care what’s gonna happen to me if I lose her
she doesn’t care!

I staggered to my room and lay on the bed

please! this should be a dream!

you mean your mum was actually behind it?” David asked in shock immediately I narrated everything to him

“wait till you hear it all” I said and gulped down the glass of wine

am going mad!
am going mad for love!
am going mad for Samantha!!
oh! good gracious!
“good day boss” Tron greeted and I smiled
any news so far?” I asked with my eyes fixed on my phone

“a lot Sir” he said and I smiled
“am listening” I said and he began talking

“according ton the job you assigned me sir,
I researched and did a lot of investigation on Mr Sigmund, he had two daughters Molly and Samantha
and from what I discovered, he’s an high way robber
his kids aren’t aware, but his wife Mrs meg Sigmund was fully aware” he said and I took my eyes off my phone

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a criminal!

“are you sure of what your saying?” I asked staring keenly at him

“yeah sir”he replied
“alright then, go on”

“Mr Sigmund and his crew went for an operation and they unfortunately ran into the cops, who had been led by your dad Mr Scott Pete, back then when he was still in the police force” he said and I shrink, listening with rapt attention.

“there was an open fire between the cops and the robbers
and your dad shot at Mr Sigmund, who died on the spot
he was searched frantically but nothing incriminating was found on him
and some passersby actually testified in the court that Mr Sigmund was a victim of ill luck, which was actually false” he said and I gasp

sweat had broke on my forehead

“my father?”I asked in shock and he nodded showing me a video clip of the gun fight which had happened long ago

“where did you get this from?” I asked in shock
“the internet Sir
some passersby had recorded it”he said and I had almost collapse in shock and fear

how’s Samantha gonna take this news?

that isn’t your dads fault neither
he’s a cop and only did what was expected of him”David rasp and I pulled my weak body up

“I need to go see Samantha!
I need to go explain things to her” I said and he sighed

“am going with you!” he proffered and I muttered a ‘thank you’ before throwing the car keys to him