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The Golden Boys. Episode 36

6 min read

An American Romance Series

Written by me: Authoress succy


Season 2
Episode 36

what’s he doing here?

perhaps he has come to quite the house and car he gave to me the day I accepted his proposal

“hey!” he called and I turned speechless
I couldn’t say a word
I felt my whole body melting at the sight of him

why is he here?

he kept shut staring at me without saying a word
my eyes fell on his pink lips
oh! gracious!
it brought the memories i had, had of him
it brought out the spark i had felt on my tummy whenever he kissed me
a part of me felt like screaming, yelled at him, sending punches into his cute face but another part of me felt like pulling him closer, plug my lips into his, wrapping my legs around him

“what the hell Samantha!!
you have a boyfriend!!” I cautioned myself

“can I come in?” he asked and I frowned
“no you can’t!” I said and he sighed shoving his hands into his pocket
the door flung open and molly rushed out

“brain!!” she screamed in excitement

“woah! molly!
look at you!!” brain called his eyes dilated in shock and surprise
he carried her and spin her round like a baby

“come in, come in!!”she motioned to him and they walked in leaving brains guards outside while I stood staring at them like a stature

“Brain your looking super cute” she squeak and I could see sadness mixed with confusion on his face

“yeah yeah!
and you look cool and plump” he said and molly hit his hand playfully

” where had you been brain?
you neither called nor text!” she said placing her hands on her waist

“hmm..em.. am sorry Molly!
have been busy lately” he said taking a glance at me while I looked away in anger

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“yeah you should be!
but what are you doing here?
she said you traveled out of the country and won’t be back soon
so how come your here?” she asked looking from brain to me

“she told you that?” brain asked stealing another glance at me

“yeah! she said that a while ago” she said and brain sighed running his hands through his hair

“hmm.. can I speak with her?”he asked
“privately!” he added and molly rolled her eyes at me

“hold on, are the both of you having an issue?” she asked with a confuse look on her face

I bang the door which was still open and took the stairs up to my room
luckily for me, grandma isn’t aware brain is here least it would have been worst for me

“well, you said you wanna speak with her?
in private right?” molly as
asked brain and am sure he nodded cause I didn’t hear his reply

“alright then!
follow her up to her room cause am not ready to leave here” she said and picked up the TV remote and sat comfortably on the couch

why the hell will she say that to him?

I shot her a hard stare and she gave me a wink

silly brat

I took the stairs up to my room while Mr popular trailed behind me
I got into my room and he did same banging the door gently

I leaned on my dressing table with my hands fold under my boobs while he leaned on my room door and i could tell he’s staring at me

“spill whatever you wanna say brain!
you shouldn’t been seen in my room,
for heavens sake, I have a doting boyfriend” I said not giving him a glare

“and I have a girlfriend” he said and I felt fire works exploded in my head

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“fine then!
go to her and shut my door on your way out” I said and he scoffed

“I came to see my girlfriend” he said and I smirked

“you don’t have a girlfriend here!
you broke up with me remember?
you f**king told me to my face that it’s over” I rant in anger

” it never came out of my heart Samantha, I swear” he said and I took my eyes to him

oh! my
God his heavenly cute.
he had a black jeans trouser on, which had fancy tearing on it.
he had a gold stone belt and a white sleeves top on.

the first three buttons where opened slightly revealing his chest.
he had a tattoo on his neck written on it was BS, his hair was dyed black and he had a white boot on.

he sagged his trousers a little, he look so f**king hot,

omg am I checking him out?
“snap out of your thought Samantha you have a boyfriend” I cautioned myself and took my eyes from him, placing my eyes on my hips.

” so what exactly are you doing here” I asked and he began walking towards me.

hold on!
what’s he doing?
he walked closer to me and I could feel his breath fan my face.

oh! heavens I thought I had gotten over this guy, but now I know it’s still there, the feelings and everything that were hidden suddenly came up and his looks alone send shivers in my spin.

” I came for you Samantha” he said and I frowned

“I have a boyfriend brain!
one who loves me to a fault” I said and he scoffed
“I don’t care Samantha!
I don’t f**king care” he said and placed his hands on my cheeks
I shivered under his touch

“I love you Samantha!
have always do” he said and my breath twitch when I felt his lips on mine

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what’s he doing

he thrust his tongue into mine and I opened up kissing him slowly

omg! I missed him!
I missed him badly

a part of me wants him to stop and another part wants him to kiss me all day

I felt him place me on my bed and slowly crawled over me and laid on me

I pulled the duvet off me and there he lay!
sleeping on my bed

holy motherf**ker!
don’t tell me we did it?
like we made out??

am so dead!!

how could I be so dumb to allow him into my legs

oh! God! my Richard!
I have always deny him of having me and here I am, throwing myself on a heart breaker!
someone who couldn’t respect the fact that I gave him my innocence
someone who called me an asshole

how did it happened?
why couldn’t I overcome his charm!!

why do I always have to fall into his traps?
what if Richard had visited and saw us sleeping on the bed?

we didn’t f**king lock the door

I slip into a free gown and ran out of my room,leaving sleeping brain behind

I really need to see Richard!
to be sure my relationship isn’t in the air

I felt so scared
oh! my Richard!
lord am so sorry and stupid

I hop into my car and my driver drove off

we got to Richards mansion and I ran out of the car immediately like I was going mad.

i climbed the stairs up to his room
i rushed into his room and froze on the sight in front of me

my own Richard in bed with a lady

“Richard!!” I called in tears and he shrink on seeing me