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The Golden Boys. Episode 37

6 min read

An American Romance Series

Written by me: Authoress succy


Season 2
Episode 37

“am sorry Samantha
I can explain”Richard called trying to get a hold of me and I slap his hands off me

“let go of me you son of a bitch!” I hot at him before storming out of his room

men are not to be trusted
tears poured out from my eyes as I ran into my waiting car

“get me out of here” I yelled at my driver and he ignite the car engine
“move this f**king car!!” I yelled again and he zoomed out of Richards Mansion

oh! good gracious!
I cried so hard and my driver couldn’t help staring at me through the rare mirror

why must it always be me?
when I was beginning to focus more on Richard
I never trusted him cause I trusted brain and he split my heart I to two
just when everything was going smooth and I was beginning to trust him

how could he stoop so low to make out with a Lady in his house!
perhaps he doesn’t love me, cause if he do, he would have thought of rye consequences before spreading that bitch’s leg on his goddamn bed

why can’t I just find simple love huh?
some one simple, who will love me back for who I am , unlike some bunch of wealthy heart breakers

I placed my face on my palm and cried so hard that my cheek hurt,my eyes hurt and my head ache
I feared I might fall sick
the pains I was feeling was too much for me to bare
my heart seems too heavy

how could brain do this to me!
how could Richard do this to me!
men and their deceitful ways
I thought Richard was sent to heal my broken heart,I never knew he’s hell bent on opening an already healed injury
he drove q knife into it and right now I feel like running far, faraway, away from their sight
to a place filled with happiness
why do I always fall prey to men and their lies
I remember vividly the day Richard asked me to be his girlfriend , I told him everything he needs to know
I drive it deep into his head that I want a sex free relationship and he succumb promising he was going to wait for me and there he is!
making out with a bitch who doesn’t look different from a road side slut
how could Richard be so cheap!!

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thought of what happened between brain and I, is something I least expected
why can’t i follow my heart?
I never wanted to get close to him not to talk of entering into my room and here he was stuck in between my legs few hours ago

it’s so painful!
damn painful knowing he hurt me
he was my first, I gave my innocence to him

he’s my first and right now he’s the same guy to ever cross my legs again
why do I feel too soft with him?
why do I melt under his touch?

I will never have believed brain would ever broke up with me
but he did!
he f**king said it to my face that it’s over
I couldn’t help the tears that fell off my face as I stare out of the car window

why can’t my love life be like that of Romeo and Juliet?
I think I have to say good bye to love for now

I got up from my bed and walked to the bar in my room, I picked up a bottle of wine and pop it open before decanting some of it into a glass cup

I gulp in
t down in a rush and toss the glass on the wall, it fell to the floor and got chattered to pieces

more tears fell off my eyes as I drank directly from the bottle, my eyes still fixed on the chattered glass

oh! God!
so this is how I had torn her heart apart?
just like the piece of glass

can I be able to fix what have done?
can I be able to win her heart and love back?

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she’s different from every other girl
Samantha is the best and she deserved only the best
how could I be so dumb to let her go!

my heart seems to rip apart and I think that’s how she’s feeling right now

I woke up on her bed to discovered she had left, probably to go see her cute boyfriend
how can she ever gain my trust when i took her innocence?
she gave me her everything
she gave me more than she could afford
she gave me her pride without a second thought

she loved and cherished me
how could I be so dumb to lose her love for me?

I couldn’t help it, I was scared she’s gonna leave me if I tell what’s making me scared
I can’t bare her being mad at me, that was why I had snub and broke up with her
it isn’t easy to do that to someone you loved
I couldn’t believe I chartered her
I left her more broken than she had ever felt and now she’s in pains
in pains cause of me
I couldn’t bare to tell her I was scared to lose her

she’s so hot and pretty
her looks alone sent pleasures on my body
she’s the only Lady who had made me feel what have never felt in a lady
she’s the only girl I had met Still a v**gin at 18!!
she’s a rare gem

oh lord!
I need to pay for my sins
I need to feel the same pains am making her go through

I picked up a piece of glass and pierced it into my skin countless number of times
the pains were excruiting but I could swear they are not up to the pains she’s going through right now
I will never forgive myself if I lose her

I couldn’t resist her on seeing her
I couldn’t forget how I had felt the day I had laid her on my bed and deflowered her
i can’t forget her tears
her screams and her moans
I love her so f**king much
I snub her out of fear
I broke up with her out of fear

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how could I possibly tell the girl I loved that my father had been the one who pulled the trigger that killed her dad?

how can I bring myself to tell her my mother had been the one behind her kidnap?

how can I possibly tell her all this without her hating me?
how’s she gonna take this news without breaking up with me?
my own father killed her father
my own mother attempted to kill her
isn’t that too much to bare?

tears rolled down my cheeks and I scurried to play my piano with blood dripping from the cut I had on my hand, messing up my clothes but I don’t care
music is all I need now least I run mad