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The Golden Boys. Episode 41

5 min read

An American Romance Series

Written by me: Authoress succy


Season 2
Episode 41

I rested my head on the window as my driver drove out of the gas station where he had gone to refill the car gas which was almost exhausted

the drive was smooth and cool, I really need to rest cause I really have a hectic day
it’s always been hectic though

the driver pulled close to our gate, just then another came in from the left and halt in front of mine, preventing the driver from pulling the car into the compound

okay what’s going on?

the door to the front seats flung open and Brain rushed out of it alongside golden boy David

why’s he here now?
I thought he left the other day?

“hey!” David cooed, taping on my car window

“hi” I replied perfunctorily and he used his eyes to signal brain to take over

“hmm…Samantha can you please come down for a second?”he pleaded and I huffed, winding up the car windscreen before getting out of it

“okay, so what do you want?” I asked directing my question at brain

David walked back to the car they had came with, screwing his phone while Brain lean on mine, raking his hair with his finger
he looked rough like he’s been drinking yet so cute and sexy as ever
he was putting on a simple outfit, like he was in a hurry or something
was he actually in a hurry?
like, was he eager to see me?

“Samantha!” he called inaudibly more like a whisper
“why are you here?” I asked stealing a glance at my driver who am pretty sure can’t hear our discussion cause the car Windows were wind up

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“Samantha am so sorry!
am so sorry for everything I caused you Samantha
for every pain I made you go through , am so sorry” he said and I kept mute for a while and tears threatened to run down my cheeks but I swiftly batted my lashes to prevent them from rolling down

“brain you think it’s that easy huh?
you think it’s so damn easy to let go of everything you made me go through huh?”I rasp trying hard not to yell at him

“Samantha, I really don’t know what cake over me, have not been myself ever since I left you
my whole life became useless without you” he said and I tried so hard to gulp down the tears, hurt,
and every single thing I could feel in my heart

“am sorry to say this Brian but you came in the wrong time
I can’t let go of the hurt
I can’t forgive you and I can’t take you back
so please leave me the hell alone”I finally yelled at him, so loud that Golden boy David had to steal a glance at us before taking his eyes back to his phone



I felt so scared
I just don’t know what exactly is wrong with me
I just couldn’t find the perfect words to show her how sorry I am,

I ran my fingers into my head restlessly before staring into her cute face
she looks damn beautiful and sexy
I pray I don’t lose her, cause I will die if I do

“Samantha!”I called and made to hold her but she slapped my hands off her wrist

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“let go of me you mother f**ker!!’ she fumed obviously in anger

what the hell!
did she just called me that?
but it wasn’t my fault right?
and it isn’t hers neither, I was stupid not to have stood like a man and fight for her
for our love
for our happiness
but I didn’t
now here am I, pleading for the almost impossible

I can’t bare to see her with someone else
not even that so-called boyfriend of hers
he’s sure gonna lose her to me!
that, I am sure of!

I took my eyes up to her teary eyes
then down to her boobs
then her killer shape

“I think have gat more important things to do than stand here, watching you all day” she said and made to go into her car when I held her arm, pulling her back
she lost balance and fell on me, where I had stood leaning on her car.
her soft boobs hit my chest and I felt a spark in my head
then another in my heart

am going crazy
I f**king miss her body!

I need to tell her what she needs to know
I f**king need to hear her judgement after all
I wanna know her stand in all this i battled with my thought

she pulled off my chest and wore a frightening frown
like, if k
looks could kill!, I would have been long dead and forgotten
her looks is something else

“Samantha! I want you to know I have no intentions to break up with you
I love you so much for words
I never thought this will ever hurt you
I swear!
I thought it was gonna make you stay away from me” I said and she frowned

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“and it worked didn’t it?
I actually stayed away from you didn’t I?”she rasp in anger
tucking some of her hair behind her ears

“you would have been killed if I hadn’t do that Samantha!
I was placed in a tight corner and that was the only thing that came into my head
am sorry”I said and she scoffed

“my mum” I said and she frowned
“she was actually behind your kidnap” I said and she shrink

did…you just said!!…your mum?”she asked in a flaccid tone

I over heard her speaking to one of her goons”I said and she walked slowly to her car and leaned on it

“and my dad was actually the one who that pulled the trigger that killed your dad
am so sorry Samantha, to break it to you this way
I just don’t know how to say it” I said and she gasp holding her head like she was gonna collapse

“the detective I had hired told me how my dad shot your dad who happened to be a criminal in an open fire” I explained and she turned trying to run out on me

“Samantha hold on!”
I shouldn’t have told her

I got a hold of her hand and she turned and landed two slaps on my cheeks
“bastard!”she cussed and ran through the open gate into her compound