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The Golden Boys. Episode 43

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an America Romance Series

Written by me : Authoress succy


season 2
Episode 43


” and what’s wrong with you?” Janet asked seizing me up with beady eyes.
” how am I suppose to know” I asked giving are an eye roll

“seriously? you ought to know Samantha, this is the second time you’ve dash into that bathroom to puke, and you are asking me how your suppose to know” Janet asked folding her hands under her boobs

” now are you gonna stop acting like your my grandma ?” I asked and she tittered and lay on my bed.

“admission is soon gonna be on, collages have start giving out entry forms ” she said wrapping a towel around my waist.

“and who asked you to do that ” I asked jocosely pulling the towel off my waist revealing a bum short I had on.

“oops! sorry ma, am only trying to be caring” she said and I tittered sitting on my bed and Janet did same

I couldn’t help the worried look on my face, I felt extremely tired and my face was pale like I was sick.
I need no one yo tell me what was going on,
that’s exactly what happen when I wanna fall sick,
those are the exact symptoms.

“don’t tell me you aren’t going for your normal practice” she said and I frowned

“am beginning to get tired of this competition shit,
it’s been almost two months since I was sigh into that f**king competition and we haven’t even had an intense training,
all they do is fire any tutor they hire in less than a week.
it’s pretty obvious that we are gonna lose out” I said picking out a shirt from my closet and put it on.
“see you when am back, please take care of molly ” I said and she frowned

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“your indirectly asking me to be your nanny for a day huh? she feign a frown
“oh! yeah! that’s gonna serve as a sort of pay, for having a sleep over in my house last night” I said and she frowned

“what ever! mind me come along with your driver to come pick you up” she said a smile.
“as what ? my new driver?” I asked and age frowned

“oh! cut it out Samantha, can’t you be sweet for once, I just wanna caught a view of the ABC girls please” she pouted
“don’t tell me you haven’t seen them before?” I said and she frowned.

“don’t that I haven’t, I have but I just wanna view them from a close range ” she said and I sigh

those rude brats!!

“yeah you can, and help me greet grandma good morning for me” I said slipping my feet into a sneakers
“have a nice day, and go see a doctor on your way going” she said and I rush out of the room in haste I shouldn’t get there late

those rude brats will stuff my ears with terrible words if I dare get there late.

“all right ladies” our new dance tutor called, and i rose up my head at her.
“your break is over” she said and I felt like sinking into the ground

what the hell!
am still tired !!!
but o couldn’t protest

I stood up reluctantly alongside the ABC girls who shove their phones and bags away and we all stood up on the dance floor

“you know the competition is only three months away and its gonna be tough and that’s the reason you guys were given a long time to practice” she blabbed and I frowned feeling a sharp pain on my lower abdomen

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“oh! please we clearly know that, so save us your sermon and do your job”Annie yelled and for the first time in ages, I supported her

for heaven sake am tired!!

“all right then, you guys should space yourself cause the next dance steps requires space out ” she said and we relunctantly did the spacing
“now I want you guys to know that this is a different dance step entirely so you guys should…” she kept on saying nonstop

“I don’t think there’s need for all this your saying , save our time and go straight to business”Betty cooed and the lady sigh
“you guys don’t seems to understand that this dance step we wanna go into is quite important.
in the early 90s the dance won premium dance competition and from ancient Britain
this dance actually originated from it
the historical….” she was saying when Annie shut her up with a hard glare

“you sulk at your job miss” she said and the ladies smiling face turned into an heavy frown and I held myself from bursting out

“I don’t wanna see your shadow around” she added and walked out with her friend
it was almost time for our normal closure.

I walked with steady steps and took the lift down from our patience ground to the reception hall
I walked out and caught sight of my car

silly Janet!
she came earlier than she ought to have arrive

“Samantha!” she waved happily unfortunately for her, the ABC girls aren’t out yet

“Janet” I called in all smiles
I felt a sharp pain on my lower abdomen and my movement seized.
my eyes became blur and fear clouded and heart

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what’s wrong with me?

everything began rotating and I saw Janet walking towards me and she was actually three

I saw three Janet, three of my cars and when I took my eyes to my legs, they were actually nine

i held my tummy in pains and my eyes began rotating

“Samantha!” I heard Janet called, but her voice sounds distant, then it turned into echo and I suddenly blanked out
engulf in the world of darkness



Samantha!” I called in fear as she slumped on the floor

I immediately got her into the car alongside the driver before we would attract stares.
i know something isn’t right with her,
I know she wasn’t okay when I had saw her this morning.
I pray it shouldn’t be what am thinking.

I can’t let her go through so much pains again, they’ve cause her so much pains already.
I can’t bear to see her cry again

A tear roll down my cheeks as I stare at her face where she lay on my thighs

faster please!!”