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The Golden Boys. Episode 46

6 min read

An American Romance Serious

written by me: Authoress succy


Season 2
Episode 46


“Samantha!” grandma called immediately we got into my room
“grand ma” I replied nervously staring down at my fingers

ever since brain and I had got in here, she has been giving me different eye signals and I was getting suspicious
not until she stood up from the couch and walked towards the stairs ,that was when I knew my suspicious were right after a perhaps brain told her already

I had avoided her gaze and continued discussing unnecessary issues with Janet while brain played video games with molly
until grandma called me up to my room
I suddenly became nervous and scared
I had never been scared of grandma
perhaps what I did was wrong
isn’t it?

“Samantha!’ she called again and I took a slow step away from her,like she’s gonna hit me or something
I couldn’t find the courage and strength to reply her

“brain told me something few minutes ago” she said and my heart skipped
I knew he told her!.
stupid boy!.

“but I wanna hear from the horse mouth,
is it true?” she suddenly broke the ice and I felt like dying

” are you pregnant for him
Samantha?” she cooed and I took my eyes to hers
I saw pains,anger, love, happiness and fear in them

I couldn’t tell where and how it happened but tears suddenly roll off my eyes

“am sorry grandma” I cooed and placed my palms together

“did he accept the baby?
did he tell you to your face, you guys are gonna keep it?”she asked and I nodded
she sigh deeply
some how relief

“now Samantha I want you to tell me the truth” she said and my heart skipped

which truth is it again?

“is the baby for Richard?” she asked and I gasp
“no grandma!
it’s for brain!” I replied nervously

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“the baby is really his?
flesh and blood?” she asked concernly

“yes grandma!
I never made out with Richard!
nor even for once” I said and I saw her eyes brighten

some one should tell me she’s happy?

“but don’t you think your too young to be a mother Samantha!
your just 19” she said and I found my self rolling my eyes

“so I thought grandma!
but didn’t they say age is only but a number?
besides I lovey baby’s daddy and he loves me.
we’ve got all it takes to take care of the baby, so it’s no big deal grandma!” I said and she smiled

“that was the exact thing he had said!
did you guys composed it or something? ” she cracked and I smiled wiping the f**king tear off my face

“how about your dreams Samantha!
how about the competition?
you can possibly dance still with the baby right?
it’s some sort of exercise right?” she asked sitting on my dressing table

“yeah! but brain kicked against it
saying he won’t sit and watch me dance with his baby” he said and grandma smiled

“he’s caring after all”she said
“how about molly is she aware of it?”I asked and she laughed

” she got to know even before me”she said and I gasp

brain just wanna show all and sundry that he’s going to be a father
such a l
blabber mouth
I will lash him when I get downstairs

“can’t still get over the fact that am gonna be a great grand mother soon” she said and I snickered

“starts getting use to it”I added and all she did was smile

Finally am at peace with myself
Brain(next day)

“seems someone is happy” I heard Davids voice out and I turned towards him where he lean on the door and ordered him to come sit near me

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“you know, you shouldn’t be ordering me to come sit close to you”David teased pouring himself some wine off the bottle I had in front of me.

“why shouldn’t I ?” am a father after all, so get that deep into your head” I blurtted and she chuckled

“see who’s being a father here, if I hadn’t been the one consoling you, perhaps you would have been dead by now and I would have taken up the position of being your baby’s father” he said jocosely but I really wasn’t finding it funny.

“one more word about my wify and baby, and I will throw you off this balcony” I cracked and his eyes widened

“whatever! I had better go look for my bride” he said with sad eyes.
“chill man, am only kidding” I said trying to cheer him up and it worked

“it’s not about that Brain, am old enough to get a girlfriend, look at you, your becoming a father ” he said and I smiled sheepishly

“are you ready to go through all the pains, heart ache and tears I had gone through mister man?” I asked sounding like a police detective.

” am more ready” he said and I smiled.
all I could see in his eyes was pure love, well he isn’t a flirt after all, congrats to the lucky lady she will perfectly appreciate David.
when he loves, he loves to the fullest,
just like me right?

“so do you have any lady in mind?” I asked sipping from my wine glass
“not really, let’s just say Janet and Dawny, they are the only responsible lady i had in mind” he said and I put on a serious look.

“why don’t you go for dawny, everyone knows she had a huge crush in you” I said and he frowned

“and his that suppose to be love? who knows, she must be after my money” he said and I smiled

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“how about Janet, do you think she is after your money too?” I asked and he sigh looking confused

“I don’t know dude!
as confuse as hell”he said and I tittered

“how about we do something, the first among the ladies you set your eyes on today will be your bride” I said and he frowned

“you and I knows dawny comes visiting all the time” he rolled his eyes at me

let’s see who natures chooses for you” I said

“Amen!” he replied and my heart skipped

“I never thought you knew God” I teased and he chuckled

The gates flung open and a car drove in

Dawny is here”he yelled in anger seems he preferred Janet to her

“relax man!
let’s see the visitor first” I said as he made to walk inside the house

the door of the car flung open and Janet rushed put looking wide

“Janet!” David called in shock and she looked up to see us on the balcony
she looked worried

“she’s your bride!” I said and he nodded

just then another car drove in and dawny came out of it looking happy

“Dawny is here” I said and David smiled

“there’s no need for that !
my bride is here”he said and I smiled and waved at Janet

Samantha got kidnapped on our way to the mall!!”she said and my heart skipped

“what the hell!!
call the cops!!” I yelled to no one in particular and David rushed in to get my phone

“how did it happened Janet?
how?!!”I cooed and she burst into tears while Dawny kept watching us like we are acting a movie

my baby!

“David!!”I yelled and he rushed out with my phone