January 17, 2022

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Vamp Blood. Chapter 1

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By Authoress Kelly.L????

????Luna’s POV????

I groan as my alarm went off I really dont wanna wake up and besides am not going to school anyway

I stretch my arm to reach and turn it off but it was of no use so I levitated it and smashed it against the wall and it broke into little pieces

I was about to go back to sleep when I remembered what day it is today I jumped out of my bed and went over to my calendar to make sure and I was correct today is my birthday!!!

I went to my bathroom and took a quick shower and wore only a lace bra and pant,I took my headphones and played my favorite song (Ariana Grande-Positions) I danced and sang along

I went out of my room to my brother’s room,I opened the door and smiled widely as it was empty I went over to his wardrobe and searched for his favorite neon hoodie making a mess ofcourse

Oh wait lemme introduce my self am Luna Hail Vampire Princess and master of fire and electricity, My parents King Vald Hail master of fire and Queen Elena master of electricity are the most respected here in Russia and ofcourse my annoying twin brother Luka hail master of fire is a huge pain in the ass

I finally found it and I quickly put it on and looked at myself in the mirror

“Beautiful as always “I said to myself

I was actually born with undefined beauty with red hair,freckles, golden eyes, and pink full lips am everything I girl wishes they could be

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I got out of Luka’s room and bumped into Maximums our butler but I call him Max

“Morning Max” I said smiling

“Morning your Majesty, you look beautiful as always” he said with a bow

“Thank you” I said blushing

He was about to leave when I stopped him

“Max have you seen Father anywhere”

“Actually, He is in the throne room with his personal assistant,Ginger,”

“Ok thank you Max”

“Anytime your Majesty” he said and with that he left

Max has actually been here since I was a little baby his practically part of the family now

I walked to the throne room and there he was on the throne now time to face my fears

“Hi Dad”

“Luna!” He said looking happy to see him
He came over and hugged me

“Leave us” he said to Ginger and with that she left

My dad is the most feared in Russia no one dares to deny his orders no one even dares to look at him directly in the eyes

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY ” he shouted bringing out a box and in it was the most beautiful Necklace I have ever seen

“OMG Dad is this for me” I asked even thou I knew the answer

“Happy 19th Birthday Honey” he said and kissed me on the cheek

My body became tense and I started sweating, I became very nervous asking him this question

“Luna what’s wrong”he asked obviously seeing how nervous I am

“So Dad there is actually a concert tonight and I was hoping that I could go” I said and saw that the happiness in his eyes faded and morphed into anger

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“No” he simply said and anger flowed through my body if there is one thing me and my dad are known for is our short anger and every time am anger my eyes turn from gold to blood red

“And why not am old enough to make my own decision DAD!” I said calmly trying hard not to show my anger

He quickly turned to me and his eyes were blood red like mine indicating that his mad like real mad

“I said no Luna and that’s final”he said and made to walk away but I held his wrist and stopped him dead in his tracks,he looked at me with boiling anger

“Ever since I became a hybrid u have taken full control of my life am not allowed to go outside the Chastel without 5 guards with me even when am getting fresh air” I said and tears streamed down my cheeks,he looked at me

“What am doing if for your own good Luna am protecting u from…”he trails off

“From what dad just let me live my life”I yelled at him

“This conversation is over”he simply said

“No” I said and he looked at me with anger and shock

“Excuse me”he said in anger

“I said NO” I yelled in anger as tears continued flowing

“I am your father and king,So u will do as I say” he yelled back

“And for how long it’s been three years now Dad,for how long will you continue this” I said in tears

“For as long as I live”he said and with that he left

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Tears kept flowing and as much as I wiped them off they didn’t stop,I fled to my room using my powers

I jumped on the bed and hug my huge pillow tightly crying my eyes out

“Sometimes I wish I never became a hybrid”