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Vamp Blood. Chapter 2

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By Authoress Kelly.L ????

????Chapter 2????

????Luna’s POV????

I kept crying my eyes our regretting that day I became a hybrid

The night Hunter had bitten me,Well you must be wondering who Hunter is,Well he is my best friend and Prinve of the Luxens

Like Vampires other creatures exist to they are were-People but we call them Luxens,they have the ability to turn into huge werewolves

Luxens and Vampires have a set of powers
To separate us Royals from Commoners,we Royals have special powers that others dont have

(Luxens-Normal Powers)-able to turn into wolves,super strength, super hearing,Levitation

(Luxens-Royals Powers)-able to turn into wolves,super strength,super hearing ,Levitation,invisibility,able to read minds

(Vampires-Normal Powers)-super strength,super speed,Levitation

(Vampires-Royals Powers)-super strength,super speed,Levitation,control fire and electricity,read minds

(Me-Hybrid)-super strength,super speed,Levitation,control fire and electricity,invisibility,Healing,read minds,super hearing

So that our powers and back to Hunter Black
His the Prince of Luxens with this siblings Dante Black and Crystal Black,They ate triples and their super fun

Crystal is my girl besties and funny enough she is dating my brother Luka and Dante his the Shy one,Crystal is the Funny one and Hunter is the Troublemaker

At school we are the most popular,and Hotest we are all musicians we love singing and dancing its part of us that’s what we love

I was pulled out of my thoughts when I realized the pillow I was crying on was soaking wet,Gosh was I still crying

I wiped away my tears and went over to the balcony and let the cold snowy wind blow through me

Sometimes I wonder if Hunter never had bitten me,was my life gonna be different

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Hunter and I were in the woods we just came from a race and we were super tired

“Ha I win I told you that I was faster” i said with a huge smile plastered on my face

“Yah Yah I just went easy on you” he said pannting hard as he leaned against a tree

“Then why are you so exhausted MMM” I said with a smirk as I raise one of my eyebrows at him

“Whatever”he scoffed,and I laughed in his face

“Ha Ha ha,now let’s go before our parents kill us for coming home Late”he said and I jerked

“Oh no,I totally forgot about that”i said

“C’mon let’s take a short cut it will be faster”he said and held me by my wrist dragging me but I stopped him

“Are you sure about this,I mean let’s take our usual route” I said obviously feeling like this is a bad idea

“C’mon Luna are you scared” he said with a smirk

“Ofcourse not I just have a bad feeling about this”

“C’mon I will protect you Luna am right here take my hand”he said and stretched out his hand

I reached for it and and took his hand into mine

“Good girl” he said and I giggled

We were close to the Palace when suddenly Hunter pulled me to him and held me tight

“Hunter what is it” I asked in shock

“Luna stay close to dont move a muscle” he said and I look at him and he was serious

“Hunter what’s wr…..”

“Shh” he cuts me off and just then three shadows came to light,they were Luxens and I could tell that they were evil

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“Well look at what we have here brothers” one of them said

“Yea it’s the Prince and Princess”the other said with a wicked grin

“Dont you two think you’re to far from home” the last one said

“Hey Luna lets show them what these two kids can really do” he said with a smirk

“Yes please”

They surrounded us and my eyes immediately turned blood red and my body caucaught on fire,Hunter took off his shirt and morphed into a wolf

“GRRR” he roared

“Let’s have some fun”

We faught them hard Hunter killed on of them and two were left,Hunter was still fighting the other and on my hand I was fighting the other one

“Time to end this”he said and suddenly he was in front of me and he stabbed me with a silver knife (Silver is a Vampire’s only weakness) he stabbed me hard pushing it deep into me

“AAHHH” I screamed in pain,Hunter heard me and made to finish the guy he was fighting

With my remaining strength I held him by the wrist and burned him

“NOOO!!”he screamed and turned to ash,Hunter killed the other one

I made to fall but Hunter caught me and I felt my heart beat going down,

I was dying

“Luna am so sorry I should’ve listened I failed to protect you” he said and tears streamed brown my eyes

“You didn’t fail me Hunter this is not your fault “I said flatly with a smile

“Luna No” he said with a sad voice and a tear fell from his eyes

It’s the first time I see him cry

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“Hunter” I said and every thing went black

“LUNA NOO!!!!” was the last thing I heard before I felt a hand on my neck and the next thing I know I feel sharp pain so my neck and my eyes flew open

What the hell is happening,What is this PAIN!!