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Vamp Love. Chapter 5

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????Vamp ????

By Authoress Kelly.L????

????Chapter 5????

????Luna’s POV ????

The party was great and Luka was surprisingly caring and kind but I knew it would only last today and tomorrow he would be back to his jerk face self

The party was over Crystal and Dante went to go home and Luka escorted them,I wanted some fresh air so Hunyer suggested we go to the roof top

I must say the view here is breathtaking, I actually wish Hunter told me about this place a long time ago

I was pulled out of my thoughts when Hunter called

“Earth to Luna…LUNA!”he called waving his hand in my face

“Huh!” I jerked

“I have been calling you for the past 10 minutes are you ok”

“Yah ok”

“You know your a terrible lier” he smiled

“What am not lying” I tried covering my tracks but that was of no use Hunter knows me to well

He laughs and I stare at him confused of course

“What’s so funny”

“Nothing..just how cute you look when you lie” he smirk and I looked away trying to hide my blush

“Oh the all fearless princess blushing” he said with a grin

“Whatever” I hit his arm playfully

“Ouch that hurts” he pouted his lips like a child

I couldn’t help but laugh

“Hey it’s not funny you really hurt me”

“Oh am sorry do you want me to give you a kiss it” I said with sarcasm

“Yes I do then I will forgive you”

“What you actually want me to kiss it”

“Yes” he said with a wicked grin

“Ok fine” I leaned to kiss it but in a split second I hit it harder

“Luna what the hell” I laughed

“Its not funny Luna that hurt” he said and pouted his lips

“Wow the Prince is crying” I mocked

“Whatever revenge will be sweet” he stood up and made to leave but I stopped him

“What do you mean Revenge”

“Oh nothing”

“HUNTER” I screamed his name and to my surprise he did the same

“Ok am sorry” I said but more in a whisper

“Excuse me” he leaned in

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“Am really sorry Hunter”

“Better” I turned to face him and that’s when I realized our faces were really close

We kept staring into each other’s eyes and for a moment I got lost in his silver colored eyes

We started leaning in for a..kiss,he held my chin lifting my face

And he slammed his lips on mine,I really dont know why but I kissed him back

The kiss went from gentle to rough it’s like his been waiting for it,I cupped his cheek and pulled him closer

The kiss was so long that we stopped to catch our breath

Hunter kept staring at me and I was to shy to look in his direction

I got up and made to leave but not before I bide him goodbye

“I..ha..have to..go” I was so damn nervous for some reason

Hunter didnt even stop,he got up

“Yah yah see you tomorrow”

“Bye Luna”

He jumped of the roof and the minute he hit the ground he morphed into a wolf and left

I kept staring at him until he was really gone,I ran to my room and covered my face with my pillow

OH…MY..GOD Hunter and I kissed and I kissed him back for some reason I dont even know why but did I really want the kiss

Of course not Hunyer is my friend,his my best friend so why did I give him my first kiss OH GOSH

Just as I was about to go take a long long bath my door flew open and it was MOM!??

“Mom what are you doing here”

“So are you going to keep playing dumb or are you going to tell me how it went”

“Um..what are you talking about mom”

“Dont play dumb with me I know You and Hunter kisses” and my jaw flew open and what she said

“ did you find out”

“I had a vision” she said and sat beside me on the bed

Well one thing I forgot to mention is that since mom and I have the same power of controlling electricity when ever we touch someone or we touch something valuable that belongs to a particular person we are able to see their past,present and future

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It’s an awesome power but its becomes a bad one when mom has visions about you like this one

“Soo how was your first kiss,I know you kissed him back”

“Mom..Gross stay out of my life”

“Oh hush now..I wont leave until you tell me”

“Ok be honest it was good but Hunter acted like it never happened and I wish it didn’t”


“Because Hunyer has been my friend since we were toddlers and its weird to see myself dating him”

“Mm you have a good point but are you sure”

I looked at my mom and smiled

“Yes I just want us to stay friends,I love him like my brother”

“Ok but what about the kiss”

I sigh and look away with a frown

“I just wanna forget about it,Hunter is my best friend and I want it to stay that way”

“Ok honey but remember when ever you have boy issues am here”

I can’t help but laugh

“Sure thing mom,now can I please go and take a bath now” I said heading for the bath room

“Ok honey” she said and left

I look at my reflection in the mirror and smile

“I hope am making the right choice”


I woke up and had a quick shower

I applied my lotion and put on my uniform,Today is Monday so I have to go to school

I went to the kitchen and bumped into Max

“Hi Max”

“Morning your majesty” he said with a bow

“Should I prepare breakfast for you,your brother has already eaten”

“No thanks am not hungry”

“Luna are you coming or not” Luka yelled from the lounge

“If you dont I will leave you”

Urg! His back to his jerk self again damn..I wish everyday was my birthday maybe we would be nicer


“Yha yha am coming” I said flatly

“Took you long enough” he said as we approached his car

“Whatever” I paid no attention to him I need to talk to Hunter

We finally arrived at school,Luka left to go meet up with Crystal and Dante

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I looked for Hunyer every where but couldn’t find him

I went to the garden,I sat on the bench and sighed Damn I really need to talk to him

“Looking for someone” I heard a familiar voice say I looked back and it was Hunter

He sat next to and stared at the flowers in front of us

I wanted to talk but all I could do was stare at him I took a deep breath and made to talk

“I actually wanted to..”we both said at the same time causing us to laugh

“You go first” he said

“Well about yesterday Hunter…the kiss
I actually want us to forget about it ”

“What you want us to forget about it”

“Hunter it’s just that u want us to stay friends..your my best friend Hunter I love you like my brother..I dont wanna ruin our bond” I said hoping he will understand


“What did you just say”

“I get it Luna I have been your friend since we were babies,we have a strong bond I wouldn’t wanna lose it to”

He stood up and stretched his hand,I reached out for it and hugged him

“Thanks for understanding”

“Of course now let’s go before we are late for class”

We held hands and left for class

The rest of the day was great I couldn’t wait to get home I was exhausted

I got home had a long shower,put on my PJs and left my room

I was about to head for the kitchen when I heard mom and dad in the Council room

“There will be a Mask a raid ball Tomorrow night”

“Yes I know but you need to tell Luna the news”

“No she isn’t ready yet”

“Vald she deserves to know”

“She is not coming to that ball Leila”

“I know you are doing this to protect her but she needs to live her life”

“And I refuse am only protecting her from…”

“From what” I cut him off and he stared at with shock and anger I looked over to mom and she had a serious look

“From what Father”