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Vamp Love. Chapter 8

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By Authoress Kelly.L????

(When two worlds collide)

????Chapter 8????

????Margaret’s POV????

Jeremy left to go only God knows where,when will that boy ever be in a stable relationship

I got a call from the office so I left the house

After I was done with my work,I left to go home when my eye caught with a girl,the driver splashed mud on her

“Stop the car”

The driver stopped and I went out,she was wearing full black

“Am so sorry”

I looked up and I must say she is gorgeous and her golden eyes I have never seen such beauty

“Hey are you ok”

“Yah yah am fine” I smiled and she smiled back and she look more beautiful what is she a Goddess

“What your name”

“Am Luna”

“Well Luna am sorry for the mud on your clothing”

“Its ok” she made to leave but I stopped her

“Hey let me give you a ride home,I mean it’s the least u can do”

“Actually that wont be necessary,coz I dont have a home”

“What…you dont have a place to stay”

She shakes her head negatively and a sad cloud fills my heart

I cant just leave her here it’s not save for a girl
I will tie her home and think about there

“Well you can live with me”

She looked shocked and confused

“Why would you want to help me you dont even know me”

“Its not a crime to be a good person right”

She smiled and stepped closer

“Are you sure Ma’am”


I took her hand and we both entered the car,I told the driver to leave

The drive was silent,she kept looking out the window,I could tell she wasn’t from here she looked foriegn and had a cute accent

“Hey Luna”

“Yes Ma’am”

“Where are you from”

“Am from Russia” I looked at her in shock and all she did was smile

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“How did you end up here in America”

Her expression immediately changed and her body became tense

“I really dont like talking about it if you dont mind”

“Oh no its ok”

We arrived home and she was quite the whole time,she stepped out of the and looked around the house

“You live here”


We went to one of the guestrooms and I told her to go shower I will get her clean clothes

She nodded and went to the bathroom

????Luna’s POV????

The lady that helped me left and I went to the bathroom to take a shower

I took a long one and I saw that lady in the
room,Gosh was I that long

“Am sorry but I dont know your size so you will wear this”

She gave me a shirt a big one…its a boy’s shirt

“I’m sorry Ma’am but do you have a son”

“Yes I do and this is his shirt am sure he wont mind”

I took the short and put it on it looked so good on me,I fell in love with it already

“You look beautiful”

“Thank you Ma’am”

“Well I have to go and prepare some things for you”

“Thanks again your a real angle”

“No problem sweetie”

She left…mm she’s human which means its possible she doesn’t know that my kind out Luxens exist so I have to hide my powers from her

I got really bored so I decided to explore the house a bit

Gosh this house is big not as big as the Palace but I knew the Palace left,right and center but this house I know nothing

I became a bit lost,I got to a room and it was huge and well organized

Mm..let me just take a quick look I mean it wont hurt

I went over to the desk and took a picture it’s a boy and a handsome one…wow

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“Hey what are you doing in my room and why are you wearing my shirt” I looked up and saw the same boy oh no…this is his room

“Hey I asked a question” he snapped
Ok why the hell is he mad..I didn’t do anything wrong

????Jeremy’s POV????

After the lame party I left to go home damn that party was boring the only fun thing about it was screwing all those b*tches

I got home and entered my room only to find a girl in it

She had long red hair that reached below her huge ass,curves,straight legs, and golden eyes with freckles

What the hell…is she a Goddess or what how can a girl be this beautiful

I noticed she was wearing my shirt..ok that’s it

“Hey what are you doing in my room and why are you wearing my shirt” she popped her head up and stared at me

“Hey I asked a question” I snapped at her but she looked like she did nothing wrong

“Am Luna”

“I don’t care about your name what are you doing in my room and in my shirt”

“I didn’t know that this was your room”

She made to leave but I stopped her

“My shirt” he eyes widened is shock


“Take off my shirt”

“Sorry but I cant do that”

“And why not”

“I have my reasons ok am not taking of this shirt”

That’s it I don’t know who she is and I dont vare am kicking her out of here

I held her by her wrist and dragged her out my room,I continued dragging her until she stopped me

“Where the hell are you taking me”

“Out of my house”

She laughed and i looked at her already pissed

“What’s funny”

“How much was it”

“Excuse me”

“The house,how much was it..I mean you did say it’s your house right”

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“What the hell”

“Look Mr Pompous it’s not your house it’s your parents just live in it….its not under your name so not your house”

What the hell ok this girl has guts to talk to me like that I mean does she know who I am

“Excuse me do you know who I am”

“Your a Arrogant,Rude,Proud,Spoiled Jerk”

Ok what the hell

“Am Jeremy Coleman”

She looks at me and smirks

“Ohh am so scared,please dont hurt me Mr Coleman”she said with sarcasm

I wanted to slap her but she held my hand back

“Mr Pompous didn’t your mom ever teach you it’s wrong to hit a woman I mean you can go to jail” she said with the her hand on mine

“You know what”


“I will…”

I was cut off by mom


So mom knows this girl

????Margaret’s POV????

I was back and I couldn’t find Luna
Oh God where has she gone

I looked everywhere for her but couldn’t find her until I heard her voice coming from the Jeremy’s door

And Jeremy they were arguing
Lord have mercy….what


I called and Jeremy looked at me with shock and anger

????Luna’s POV????

The lady called us and we turned our attention to her

“Mom what the hell who is she”

“Oh Luna are you ok” she ignored the boy..I mean Jeremy

“Yah am fine”

“Ok am I now invisible”

“Son this is Luna” I smiled as she introduced me

“I don’t care what is she doing here”

“Well it’s a long story,but I brought her here”

“Ok..why did you do that”

“Mm…well..” the lady hesitated and looked at me


She breath in and out

“She will be living with us from now on”