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Billionaire’s Doctor. Episode 26

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????The Billionaire’s
(He hates women????)

Written ✍???? by Eunice Nwodu ????

Episode 26

This episode is dedicated to Faith Lucky????

???? Kira’s pov ????
I was fuming with anger towards Mr Adam. How can he keep hurting Brandon’s feelings when he knows he has a terrible health condition and has a short time to live?

There’s no doubt he’s selfish and heartless.

Brandon stirred on the bed and woke up batting his lashes. His eyeballs were red cause he had been crying and very moody.

“Can I please get some yoghurt, auntie?” He asked and I nodded.

“Yeah…give me a minute” I replied and got off the bed.

I walked out of the room and went to the kitchen downstairs. I took the first bottle of yoghurt and surprisingly, it was from one of Mr Adam’s numerous companies.

I smiled and took Brandon’s ‘personal’ cup before heading out.

I walked into Mr Adam on the way and his hair shimmered in the light. I guess he’s just stepping out from the shower.

I squeezed my face and tried to walk past him.

“Kira” He called and I paused.
He held my wrist standing very close to me.

“You seem mad at me…did I do something wrong?” He asked and I squeezed my face more.
He cracked and I felt him draw nearer.

“I don’t want to have anything to do with a heartless beast like you.
You yelled at Brandon like he did something unforgivable. How could you crush his little spirit??” I blurted and threw my face away.

“Geez. I was so furious this morning and he came at the wrong time. Am sorry Kira” He stated and I scoffed.

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“Do I look like Brandon to you?!!! He’s the one you should set things right with and if you don’t, then I’ll never talk to you again” I threatened and he sighed leaving my wrist.

“What makes you think I’ll be affected by that?” He snorted with a scoff.

I grunted under my breath and walked out on him going up the stairs.
I knew it!
He doesn’t love me at all.

He’s just pretending cause he might feel bad after he deflowered me.

I quickly wiped the drops of tears that gathered around my eyes as I stepped into Brandon’s room.
He sat up on his bed looking more despondent and doleful.

How’s he going to cheer up now?

I sat beside him and poured the yoghurt into the cup before handing it to him.
He stared down at it as his cheeks got wet by his tears all over again.

“Hey auntie Kira, do you know why this drink is named ‘Bonda yoghurt?” He asked and I arched my brows.


“Actually, it’s a combo of dad’s name and mine. Brandon and Adam” he revealed and I smiled.

“That’s sweet Brandon” I said and he sniffed.

“Can you…do me a favor auntie Kira?” He asked and I nodded.
“Next time I have a seizure, can you just do nothing about it and let me die from there?”.

“What?!” I asked wide-eyed.

“Yeah…I’d rather stay with my mom in heaven” He muttered and I noticed my eyes were already filled with tears.

“I will never let you die Brandon..” I said and the door opened making me keep shut.

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Mr Adam walked in and I looked down remembering his cold words earlier.
He doesn’t care.

“Brandon, how are you feeling?” He asked as he stood before him.

“Am fine daddy” He replied and a sniff followed.

“Am sorry for yelling at you Brandon. daddy was just angry and didn’t mean to hurt you. Am really sorry son” He said and we stared at him – awestruck.

“Am I forgiven guys? I can’t have you both mad at me at once, that’s too much” He said as his cheeks turned red and Brandon and I cracked.

“You’re forgiven dad!” Brandon said and he dropped the yoghurt hugging his father tightly.

“I have something for you Brandon” He said and uncovered his fist.

A…Car key!

“What’s that dad?” Brandon asked cluelessly.

“Let’s go downstairs so you’ll see, huh?” He said and carried him up into his arms.


I stood up and followed them out of the room. We walked out of the house to stand before a blue and black Ferrari car.

Oh God!

Believe me when I say it’s damn hot!!!

“It’s yours Brandon” Mr Adam said and I smiled out tears.

Brandon got down from his arms.
“It’s mine?”.

He didn’t need an answer as Mr Adam handed him the car key.

Brandon pressed a button and the car sound was heard.

I watched them feeling so speechless.

“Let’s go out and play at the amusement park, huh?” Mr Adam said looking at me and Brandon got into the car.

I looked away shyly.
He walked to me and held my hand.

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“Aren’t you coming along?” He asked and I shook my head.

“No, I think I need some rest” I lied and he let go off my hand.

“Alright. we won’t take long” He said and walked to the car. He got in at the driver’s seat.

“It’s my car dad, can’t I ride it?” Brandon asked and Mr Adam sighed.

“I’ll make out time to teach you, okay?” He stated and Brandon nodded excitedly.

I watched them drive out of the mansion and I went back into the house.

I think it’s best if I let the father and son stay alone without me always being there to interrupt them but God!
He bought him a car????????????

This billionaire is something else.

I got to my room and walked in. I laid on the bed for some minutes thinking about that night with Adam.

The whole experience I had is still a fresh memory and it nuzzles me most time .

I closed my eyes to take a nap when I heard a faint footstep.

Who could that be?

The door of the room opened and a masked man walked in.
I flinched.
Who’s he? ????????????

He raised his hand andand pointed at Me.
In a a split second, he pulled the trigger and I felt a rip and sharp cut at my lower Tummy

he ran out of the room leaving me in deep pains. I held onto the place he had shot me and it began bleeding instantly.

I began whimpering and cried out for help.